Thursday, July 9, 2015

The negroes are coming to your town!

HUD is putting out new rules to make housing discrimination illegal, and releasing a framework to help towns avoid having segregated neighborhoods. This feeds into Freepers' paranoid racial fantasies, and this might actually effect them. So they freak right out.

M Kehoe's tyrants ain't what they used to be.
The Obama administration on Wednesday will announce new rules requiring cities to look for racial bias in housing practices in order to promote racially integrated neighborhoods,

The dictate of a tyrant.
LibWhacker brings the secret race war BS:
Cool! So Barry’s sons can play the knockout game on every corner in America!
x1stcav just wants to kill kill kill:
Gotta start weeding these b*st*rds out.
uncitizen knows this regulation means thought police:
So we will have community organizers in EVERY neighborhood. Wonder what they will have to promise to do in order to get one of the coveted apartments in the good neighborhoods. Spying on the neighbors...? Getting elected to the school board to push Common Core? Push more and more property restrictions at HOA meetings?
Teacher317 brings up the paradise of Zimbabwe:
Zimbabwe transferred the white farms to the black friends of the leadership, and they went from being called "the breadbasket of sub-Saharan Africa" to hyper-inflation within 4 years.

Gee, I wonder how well the redistribution scheme will go here! SMH
E. Pluribus Unum is sure this is a plot by Obama to prevent revolution:
This is about keeping the peasants from forming strong bonds with one another.

They might get uppity ideas about watering the tree of liberty.
brownsfan knows integration leads to racial tensions:
Alternate title: Obama tries new strategy to stoke racial tensions.
faithhopecharity knows Obama controls the entire world:
Insane. Except of course to further stir up obsma’s racial conflicts in America to weaken USA even more. Insane but clever. Diabolical, in fact. Treating American citizens like cattle while most forcing thrm into violent confrontations within their own borders. Just like he does to Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya and other foreign nations.
kaila is gonna screw with the census lol!!
A rumor occurred in my family that we may have black ancestors. I immediately identified with my new found racial background. Just like Rachel Dolezal. On the last census I checked African American. If any Freeper has a minority racial background, use that racial category on your census form. The census is being used against us, time to use it against them.
Screw you, Taxman got his!
People break out of poverty by exercising their God given talents, drive and ambition to live better lives! They get an education and work hard to succeed.

Those areas of poverty in the USA are there because the folks who live there are lazy!
TxAg1981 is sure banks will start hating rich white people:
Older whites will pay cash for the house. The only ones who can get loans are "sons of MaoBama". The "rich white folks" see their investment lose value quickly.
Olog-hai hates how blacks are given all the best housing these days:
The Obama administration on Wednesday will announce new rules requiring cities to look for racial bias in housing practices in order to promote racially integrated neighborhoods…

That is the last thing Obama wants. Never mind never looking for “racial bias” in certain directions, e.g. against whites.
Is INVAR's use of pogrom a typo or not? He's too crazy to tell!
I’m surprised no one has considered that this is a test pogrom intended to get White Americans into Ghettos.

Instead of being sent by train and boxcar into ghettos, Obama will set the ghettos up where whites now exist in majority in areas that Obama has declared ‘hostile’.

Genocidal Marxist despots always reorganize where their populations are allowed to live for easier control.

Do we not see what the intent of this really is?
delchiante with the sick hispanic burn on Obama:
I don’t call him ‘Barrio’ Obama for nothing.

That fits his goals to destroy neighborhoods( Barrio in spanish)he doesn’t live in.
Your daily reminder that cuban leaf moved to bumfuck expecting an apocalypse, and is getting impatient...
This is why I moved, after 45 years, from the Seattle area to my small farm in Central KY. It doesn't take much imagination to see where things were headed.

There is, on average, a quarter mile between neighbors here.
Like many with racial theories, kevkrom has some trouble understanding correlation vs. causation.
Just remember that segregation, racism, and income inequality are all at their highest in solidly-Democrat areas of the country where they’ve been in total control (or near total) for decades.

Can’t imagine that this same gang of losers who created these problems have a clue as to how to actually fix them.
For a change of pace, Mastador1 hates Asians and Hispanics!
My neighborhood has been desegregating for the last ten years, Samoans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hispanics (two of the houses have a dozen gardners living in each with their families. The minorities? Anglos! And I have been not only relieved of job lock but also of staying in this cauldron of desegregation. I am almost happy to be leaving the third world culture that is evolving in the neighborhood.
Gargantua does her dialect thing:
Riiight. Prezzadint Bofay wants to spread da ghetto all obah da ci-TAYYY yo! What a great idea!

And some people think he hates White America... can you imagine?!

This pigment-challenged retard is supposedly the smartest guy in any room? At least he's not fooling anyone any more. The entire WORLD knows what a pathetic jape he is.
hal ogen knows it's ferals vs. humans:
Even if they pay the ferals to live in neighborhoods with humans, the ferals will crap up those neighborhoods. The problem isn’t discriminaltion against the ferals...the problem is the ferals and their malignant culture. However, we have a feral government headed by the Chief Feral...Clown Prince nobama (and his feral appointees).
Hulka hates the thumpa thump cars:
ANY neighborhood the ferals move into will become cesspools of noise, thumpa-thunps cars, drugs, violence, trashy with nightly police calls.
from occupied ga would like to add some additional concerns he has with blacks section 8:
You'll love having section 8 housing neighbors. I understand that they're really into partying at 170 dB at 3:00AM, and or course since they don't work, they can come and share your stuff during the day when you're at work. And of course some of them are animal lovers - usually a couple of mean pit bulls that they let run loose day or night. And just because they don't work doesn't mean that they aren't engaged in commerce - usually small packages of dried herbs or white powders.

BO (before 0bama) You could have some certainty that if you picked a neighborhood based on values and prices that your neighbors wouldn't be at the far end of the cultural scale from you, but now, using your own tax dollars to buy property that the underachievers would never be able to afford (and have zero interest in maintaining) thanks to thee government you can have the thrill of living in da hood without ever having to move.
Yeah, enabling bigotry like that last paragraph is now against the law. We all weep for you.

Of course, Democrats are the real racists.


  1. Ozy - "Like many with racial theories, kevkrom has some trouble understanding correlation vs. causation."

    Correlation does not imply causation. It also does not forbid it. Usually it is the former mistake that is made. The latter also happens.

    1. causation is one type of correlation. coincidence is the other. the rest are freeper meth dreams.

  2. There is no racial housing discrimination today. If a black family has money they can move into any neighbor hood they want.

    The only discrimination there is today is class related.


      Under current issues.

      Because the broad brush Freeper types who assume all blacks are section 8 stereotypes rent and sell houses too.

    2. That's hilarious, anon1. Spoken like a true ignorant, racist jack wagon.

    3. Bullshit..I have been in hundreds of white majority neighborhoods blacks have purchased homes in.

      Credit score, cash in hand is all that matters today.

      Black feral thugs don't get into white areas because they have no job and no cash..same as the comparable white thugs

    4. You're a racist piece of human garbage, anon1.

    5. Is that all you have? Talk with any credible real estate agent or appraiser and they will agree with my comments.

    6. "Feral"?

      Go back to freep.