Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

boxlunch's daughter makes a suggestion:
My 16 year old daughter said that we should turn July 4 into the new Memorial Day. Heartbreaking!
I’m definitely not flying the U.S. flag any more, I haven’t decided what flag we’ll fly here yet.
Norm Lenhart continues with the blood-libel-esque anti-Islam rumors:
Anything that destroys non-islam is permitted by islam.

See “Anal Jihad” for details.
z taxman is not doing a great job hiding his antisemitism:
Horowitz huh? Sounds like a neocon.
greene66's loud and repetitive hatred of America doesn't mean he'll leave:
Leave the country? Ha! I’m too much looking forward to the day I get the satisfaction of feeling beneath my fingernails the warm blood of the scumbags who turned my country into such a deviant sewer!
ought-six anthropomorphizes the American Flag, and finds it's a Freeper!
Well, I tell you: The Stars and Stripes now lies over a fascist nation. I believe strongly that Old Glory is ashamed of what America has become, and in all probability she does not want to be associated with it. Old Glory would take herself down and take to the hills if she could.
hinckley buzzard is talking about gays, but I see another group this applies to...
For a bunch of histrionic narcissists, becoming "normal" is a fate worse than death. They live only to be seen as special, and if that means adopting the victim role, so much the better.
DiogenesLamp does that trick where it's urgent to sink to the level of his strawman:
Conservatives should have long ago bought at least one network, and FIRED everyone who was NOT Registered as a Republican and identified themselves as a conservative.

If you think that would not be tolerated, then explain how the opposite is the currently the default existing condition.
lavaroise has an odd choice for a new Freeper hero:
Maybe Teump should become a media motul of his own, our Berlusconi!
Cranky nutjob Yosemitest is still quoting the Old Testament to get around the whole Jesus love crap:
It's time we followed Biblical JUSTICE and make them die in the same manner that they killed their victims
so that they will learn to
br/> "hear my words,
that they may learn to fear me all the days that they shall live upon the earth,
and that they may teach their children."
Uncle Miltie wants mob justice, and who cares about innocent deaths!
My respect for the police and the judiciary is at such a nadir that I think mob justice would be roughly equivalent. Nearly arbitrary. I have no trust in the system at all. Nonetheless, insofar as we're to have our civilization for a few more moments, I'll take capital punishment with its warts. When capital punishment too is completely undermined by the uniparty juiciarchy police state, we may as well foment armed revolt.
mosesdapoet is another using the black war on white canard to rationalize the Charleston Church killings:
The regime began with the Zimmerman case which led to a series of assults by black youths on completely innocent whites,”hispanics”, and asians who were either targeted or wandered near or through black gang infested areas. The perpetators excuse; The reported “cold blood killing of Treyvon Martin because he was black”

It led to a score or more deaths and serious injuries. And it was met with silence while this was happening. Neither the locqatious POTUS or his political opposition uttered as much as a “Now!,Now! or a “tsk!,tsk!”

Those killings were referenced by the Charleston Church massacre perpetrator in his crazed manifesto.
“Well we can’t let that out. Oh ! His face book has him holding a Confederate battle flag that must be his excuse “The Confederates made him do this horrible act ! Let’s get them !”
These days Viennacon is driven entirely by spite:
If Cruz is knocked out, I may have to vote Trump just to pi** off my Mexican neighbors! Imagine the look on their stupid faces when I show up at their door with a Trump sign and yell at them “Get ready to pay for the fence, virus bearers!”
LouAvul thinks kids are being gay to fit in:
When I was a "kid", hippies were cool. So, those of us who just wanted to look "cool" grew our hair long (as long a dad would let me, which wasn't very long) and went around barefoot. Long hair was a hassle and barefoot was painful, but it was cool. We belonged.

I think faggism isn't totally unlike the above. Dikes too ugly to find a guy. Guys too dorky to find a broad. Maybe.
hosepipe has an analogy for why Civil War II is a great idea:
Sheep are surrounded by wolves... and many of the sheep are bleating "EAT ME LAST"... jockeying to get in the middle of the "FLOCK"... like sheep "DO"....

The sheep have One chance and ONE chance Only.. for salvation from sure carnage...

.....STAMPEDE....... i.e. Civil War II
ThomasMore keeps perspective:
I am not expecting any issues in the near future. And I WON’T be performing ANY gay marriages.
Yaelle has an analogy for why all immigration must stop if even one is a criminal:
I just thought of another way to look at this. Say you’re having a big wedding party at your home. You want to invite the Smith Family. But one in their party is a rapist and one sells meth, a real low life. The other four members of the family are perfectly lovely, and you can’t invite just those, they come as a group. Do you let them all into your own home, because a majority is good?

Close the borders.
Jesus, USS Alaska, bletch!
Palin has a vagina and Carly has a vagina, hildabutchbitch has a dark hole, dry as the Saraha, stanky as a french sewer, crawling with demonRATs as big as T-Rex, covered with pus sores, smelling like an out house without lime, and as beautiful as as she is.

The bitch is as rank as a bag of bloody puke after a night of drinking and bar fighting. I cannot hate her any more than I do now.

I'm ready for hillary, I have diarrhea.


  1. "Anal Jihad" sounds like a great name for a grindcore band.

  2. USS Alaska ... raising freeper intellect to great new levels.

  3. Uncle Miltie has invented a new branch of government: the "juiciarchy."

  4. Ozy, I think you put the notes for Yaelle on ThomasMore.

    1. Fixt.

      That musta been a bit confusing!

    2. Just a little, but I figured it out. :)

  5. Those killings were referenced by the Charleston Church massacre perpetrator in his crazed manifesto.
    “Well we can’t let that out.

    OK, if I've got this scenario straight...Dylann Roof's "crazed manifesto" corroborates the version of reality presented by mosesdapoet.

    Roof's manifesto has therefore been suppressed by the MSM, as evidenced by the fact that mosesdapoet read it online like everyone else. The MSM are suppressing it because they would rather demonize the confederate flag, which of course they couldn't possibly do by connecting the dots between the "crazed manifesto" of a murderer and his confederacy fetish, because shut up, that's why.

    Thanks to this conspiracy, the American sheeple will believe Roof was driven by the confederate flag to murder blacks, instead of understanding that he was driven to this crime by his victims, who didn't actually do anything violent to him or anyone else, but so what because niggers amirite? So quit blaming the confederate flag, which remains unsullied by any association with vulgar racism, despite the efforts of the diabolical MSM to hide the racist manifesto of Dylann Roof, which by the way is Science Fact, as the CCC will be happy to tell you.

    This must be some of that ironclad conservative logic I keep hearing about.

    1. Yeah, it's a good thing nothing ever makes them emotional. Like flags 'n' shit.