Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trump was right

Trump, followed by FOX News and the rest of the right-wing media, are making a huge deal of a woman killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco. San Fran is a sanctuary city, so they don't report the release of illegal criminals from jail to ICE.

This tragedy seems to be the fruits of that policy (though the policy probably prevents more crime than it causes). And the right has decided to use this as a platform for more general anti-immigrant populist ranting (illegal tends to fall by the wayside).

And no one does anti-immigrant ranting like Freepers! This hostility is the constant, the base from which much of the rest of their crazy arises. And they do love a martyr (if it's for their cause). So they swing for the hateful fences:

JLAGRAYFOX can always be counted on to bring the "!!!"
Obama, California, San Francisco.......murderers!!! Donald Trump is 100% correct!!! We have all kinds of magnificent, loyal, hard working, Hispanic citizens here in the USA, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, etc. and a good number of illegals that are also productive, loyal, glad to be here people!!!

But....with Obama (the American hater) & his Obamabot Democrats, we have all kinds of illegal felons, thugs, druggies, murderers, rapists, criminals, among us, which is exactly what Obama craves....the destruction of this great country!!! The blood of this innocent, beautiful, young woman, who was full of life, is now gone....and her blood runs from the hands of Obama and the Democrat Party!!!

Wake up, America!!! Trump tell us the it is!!!
I want the USA back knows liberals just allow murders:
The leftist bleeding heart bastards who let them in are responsible: they KNEW that the illegals would commit more crime than the people already here, so they are responsible.

Politicians willingly sacrificing innocent people on the altar of political correctness.
healy61 wants to revisit the sins of the father:
His family needs to be found and run out of America post haste.
chris37 writes entirely in fallacies:
Well, you see, she can’t vote anymore, because she’s dead, but he can so...

You know, if a fence can save even one life, isn’t a fence worth it?

Could a fence have saved her life?

Our politicians are the dirtiest whores who ever whored.
Lurker goes into a revenge fantasy:
We’re that my wife I’d hunt every one of these people down and.....
The Toll is sure this is part of a well thought out Democratic plan:
These incidents are just minor setbacks along the way towards Democrat super majorities and the replacement of the American workforce. If you’re going to make an omelette blah blah blah.
Senator_Blutarski is sure there's a coverup of illegal alien murders, though he has to reach back a ways to find one:
A few years ago a college student in western Wisconsin was murdered by an illegal from Guatemala. The local authorities (police/courts) and the local news organizations hid the fact the murderer was here illegally.

The media, our federal government and the local authorities are hiding a lot of information that would shock the average American. That shock would move many voters to the right, so it cannot be allowed. Truth and transparency are in short supply.
ChocChipCookie blames Obama for forcing him to replace reality crazy speculation:
I’m starting to wonder how whitewashed news stories are that involve illegal immigrants and crime. It is very likely that certain “officials” occupying certain white “houses” have let media outlets know what details can be included and which cannot.
masadaman is sure those rich guys in La Raza are going to get this guy acquitted:
Had he shot and killed a sea lion, a protected species in San Francisco Bay, he would be in much more trouble. He is now lawyered up courtesy of the City and County of San Francisco. He will have the best money can buy including financial help from La Raza.
Alberta's Child has clearly never been to California:
Let's face it, folks ... California is part of Mexico now. The perpetrator in this case was living in his home country, and the victim in this case was like a visitor in a zoo with a bunch of wild animals on the loose.
headstamp 2 thinks more nativist mau-mauing will strike electoral gold:
This is THE meme that needs to be pushed this election cycle.

These son of a bitch politicians need to be held accountable for putting illegal aliens ahead of US citizens.
Leaning Right checked those liberals on Yahoo News and they also don't like murder!
I've been following comments about this tragedy on some leftie sites (Yahoo News, etc.).

Most folks (well over 90%) are blaming the city of San Fransisco and/or the open-border policies. That really surprised me. Very few people are trying to excuse this thing away. People - left, center, and right - are angry.

Everyone except the power elites in DC, of course.
Enterprise - Trump is the right side of history!
I would caution the Republicans who are joining the liberals in criticizing Trump that they are already on the wrong side of the debate, and they might want to reconsider their stance, very SOON!

This is a case where the crowd in moving in a certain direction, so other Republicans are going to have to move quickly to make it appear that they are leading the debate, instead of having to catch up to it.


  1. Trump hammers away at Obama's citizenship question
    Trump goes after Obama on US citizenship, says citizenship questions remain unanswered

    1. And furthermore, if you happened to miss the White House Correspondence Dinner at which the President made fun of the birthers, including the Donald,

  2. Guess what ..he is still posting and the gay photo is still there. On a latest post he has written out a liberal kid of his out of the will...what an a-hole


    WHY? Why in the world did you post this sickening photo? We all know they are depraved, but why post this? I’m now actually nauseous. If the moderators don’t take this down, I’m leaving this forum forever!

    42 posted on 07/02/2015 8:53:20 AM PDT by A Navy Vet (An Oath is Forever)
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  3. Not sure if fwdude is a repressed, self hating closeted gay guy or a religious nut job like in the movie Contact

    I attended Baylor my first year of college. It was full of pagans, even back in the early 80’s. I was surprised because you basically had to submit a convincing Christian testimony on your application. My dorm roommate was a virtual devil.

    And all this was tolerated.

    48 posted on 7/8/2015, 11:48:13 AM by fwdude (The last time the GOP ran an "extremist," Reagan won 44 states.)
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  4. Wow, I got a book of Forever stamps at the Post Office today. I am so excited. Now I can SAVE AMERICA in true Freeper style by sticking them on the envelopes UPSIDE DOWN!!! That'll show the libtards! That'll show the Kenyan Usurper!

    Look at me putting my American Flag stamps upside down! I am Freeper, hear me ROAR!

    1. LOL...oh my gosh. I thought the same thing when I had to mail some letters!!

  5. I, for one, welcome Donald Trump's participation in the Pub nomination process.
    1) He will keep the other candidates preoccupied with the same petty shit that he spouts off about.
    2) No matter how much Cruz and the other candidates show support for Trump, eventually Trump will turn on them in the same snotty way he turns on anybody who has ever gotten in his way.

    Trump's biggest problem is that he has surrounded him self with yes men and sycophants for decades, and thinks everyone in the world will treat him the same way those suck-ups do.

    1. Either that, or he's secretly having a huge laugh at their expense playing this schtick, because it really doesn't matter to him whether he's president or not.

    2. I think that Trump is playing them all. Not sure about the endorsements pulling out. Maybe it's an unexpected consequence but the whole thing seems too cartoonish. Freepers and Conservatives are making themselves look like fools defending what he said.

    3. They frequently make fools of themselves defending someone or something, until it blows up on them. Then they develop amnesia.

  6. "The blood of this innocent, beautiful, young woman, who was full of life, is now gone....and her blood runs from the hands of Obama and the Democrat Party!!!"

    "Politicians willingly sacrificing innocent people on the altar of political correctness."

    freepers will never understand just how finger-lickin' lip-smackin' melt-in-your-mouth scrumdillyicious the blood of innocent christians is (especially if they die screaming).

    if they ever found out they'd all become demonrats in a heartbeat.