Friday, July 10, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Georgia Girl 2

There's being a happy warrior, and then there's calling for Civil War 2 followed by :-). That's Georgia Girl 2, who is as partisan as any Freeper, maybe more so - she's anti fluoride. In her case of the Southern Lost Cause type. She has the noted twist of loving her some Trump.

She's so ready to secede:
They should just go ahead and vote the southern states out of the union. We’ll go peacefully and take our statues and flags with us.

You are playing my song. I am so ready to go. :-)
Or maybe something more violent...
Well I agree voting is a waste of time. But what we need is not a third party. That entails more voting. We can come up with a better idea than that. Wait how about the 1776 solution? :-)
Revolt is coming:
We didn’t have this level of vitriol before the Civil War. Its worse now. Our country is so divided that I see no way to heal. The South needs to secede and this time make it stick.
The shooting will start any day now:
“There is still the chance that a Convention of States can bring the government under control.”

Uh no there isn’t. A convention of AR’s maybe. :-)
"People are openly talking about Civil War in the grocery store"
People are openly talking about Civil War in the grocery store. Everybody is gunning up. 92 million people are out of work and we have a president who says its not a bad thing because now they will have a chance to enjoy their life more. Our debt is out of control. A silent communist coup is taking place before our eyes. I predict if Barack Obama is not removed from office we will be in a civil conflict within the next 2 years.
2016 at the latest:
If Hillary Clinton gets elected or basically any Democrat we will certainly see the Counter Revolution or CWII or whatever you want to call it because they will come after the guns and that’s the final line in the sand for half of America.

The other reason is because this country is in the middle of a culture war and its split fairly near half and half. It cannot go on that way. Somebody has to prevail.

Frankly I believe Ted Cruz is right that the next 20 months will be Lord of The Flies. It will be a miracle if something does not light the CWII candle in the next 20 months.
Confederate Pride:
I am a 60-something Caucasian Yankee, born and raised in Michigan. My mother was British. My father was the first in his Canadian-immigrant family born in the USA.

This is the reason you do not understand Confederate pride or anything else about the Southern culture. You are not Southern. Nobody in your family fought and/or died in the Civil War trying to protect their home. Go back to Michigan and STFU.
Flying the Confederate Flag to spite blacks:
I love flying that flag because it just twists the progressive twits who have invaded our state into knots like no other act or spoken word can do. The blacks who are the perpetuually outraged anyway just froth at the mouth. :-)
The apocalypse will target liberals:
This totally supports my theory that when the grid goes down the Leftard loons will be in the first die off. For the most part they are a bunch of Godless haters who have no clue of the coming worldwide economic collapse and revolution.
Tyrant Obama :-)
Or he could just declare martial law suspend elections and he can stay in office and not have to even run again. :-)
Southerner Holocaust :-)
Next they will want to round up all southerners and put us in reeducation camps. :=)
Secret Democrat McCain's whole candidacy was a sham:
McCain took a dive. He deliberately threw that election. No he is an Obama hand puppet.
Niki Haley: also impure.
Yeh good old Nicki who endorsed Mitt Romney in the SC primary in 2012.
So is Scott Walker:
Nobody can seem to force Scott “Mitt” Walker to actually announce for President. It tells me he either knows a shoe is going to drop or he does not want to take the heat. Why would the Ostensibly front runner not want to announce? I’m just laughing.
The evil of fluoride:
We use a Berkey water filter with flouride filters. If the govt is giving it to you its bad.
She hates the GOP these days. Just like every other Freeper will until the 2016 election
In the past several months I have developed a black hatred for the Republican party.

As a lifelong republican foot soldier I am thinking of the millions of republican voters who will sit out the Presidential race next Nov. If I’m beyond pizzed what must the non activists feel?
Before Trump, there was Newt:
Newt won SC handily in spite of Nicki. I’m not saying Newt is perfect but he would have done a helluva lot better in the general election than Romney.
Trump hates politicians, so he's awesome:
The most absolute truth Trump has spoken is “the politicians are not gonna get you to the promised land” No truer words were ever spoken. So true so true.
Trump says he'll do such bold things!
Trump being Trump is going to make Univision pay for their illegal activity. Good for him. If he has a binding contract they cannot get out of it.

I am loving this guy. He has one thing that the GOP leadership lacks, a spine.
Liberals totally fear Trump:
The progressive republicans are shaking in their shoes that somebody with the balls to tell the truth may run. Go Trump.
Women in the military will have to be lesbians:
Normal women are not going to be able to make it through that kind of training. I hate to say it but its probably going to be more like GI Dyke.
Evil Mexicans:
The Mexicans insult us everday by sending the dregs of their society here so they don’t have to deal with them. Mexico is a failed narco state that cannot even defeat the drug cartels who rule with impunity.

What are you a Jeb bot? Maybe you are Jeb.
The head of Univision is suspiciously Hispanic:
Alberto Ciurana:

This is all you need to know. He’s probably La Raza.
Bristol Palin is acting black, getting pregnant out of wedlock:
If you are Sarah Palin with Bristol dragging you down how would you run for office. This girl is like the Ghetto black girls who have a different kid with a different dad every other year. Sadly this is kind of Kalut activity. Mr. GG2 used to live down the street from them. I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. maybe Dakota Meyers isn’t even the father. I remember the pics on the weekend they were supposed to get married. Bristol never even showed up and let her Mom do the dirty work. She was tweeting pix of her and her “extreme model” friend who looked like a pig. I’m guessing extreme porn star.
The coming eradication of the inbred Muslims:
Well the good news is that they are lot dumber than they were in 632 due to over 14 centuries of marrying their first cousins. The second crusade should be a little easier. :-)
Hoping for a mini-crusade:
Wait until a few of the ones Barky is letting in from Palestine and Syria blow themselves up at the food court in the Mall. I think you will see a mini crusade at that point.
She likes the marijuana:
Well, it’s indisputable that pot successfully treats the medical condition known as “wanting to get wasted”.

I can completely attest to the truthfulness of that statement. :-)


  1. FR's are going to be so surprised when there *is* a CWII, and we kick their asses again, just like we did last time. This time I hope we don't stop at burning Atlanta.

    1. There will never be a CWII.
      The South will not rise again.
      At best, there will be a few lone wolf shooters that Freepers will immediately denounce as "false flag" or "secret liberals".
      They will then go back to posting, "When will the shooting start? I'm ready!"

      Personally, if the South wanted to secede, I would have no problem letting them go without a war. I give it a month, tops, before the whining starts and they want back into the union.

  2. It is pretty hilarious all this the country is split in half stuff. We're not a two party system we're a three party system, and the non-voters outweigh the other 2 by a damn good bit.

    Republicans are not more than 20-25% and Democrats don't fare much better. I don't buy that there's a bunch of secret liberals or conservatives sitting at home waiting for the perfect candidate.

  3. I love how the smiley in the "Southerner Holocaust" quote has a Hitler mustache :=)

  4. Have you noticed all the new members at Free Republic? Everybody loves a winner!

    Now that Free Republic has accomplished it's goals - pardon me, their string of successes is too long to list here - everyone wants a piece of the action, everyone wants to be part of it!

    These are the glory days.