Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Trump Madness sets in

Trump may be sucking all the Oxygen out of the RNC room, but he's sucking the blood out of Free Republic.

I usually spent about an hour or so a day on this blog. But I spent quite a bit more than that looking for any threads that were not related to "the distraction with traction."

Oh, they're there, but they're all anemic, little posts devoid of any of attentive rage that makes the site go.

Alright, screw it. A last Trump post to finish off the week. Because it's not only empty cheering for an asshole; there are pre-Giulliani-purge-esque fault lines forming.

Trump says if he's not treated 'fairly' he's totally more likely to go third party. On anyone else, I'd say it's a calculated threat to get headlines and cow the GOP into submission. But Trump? Who knows. The few anti-Trump Freepers are horrified. But most of them are too full of hateful love to care.

RoosterRedux thinks this is just a clever tactic:
Of course Trump should be threatening the RNC with a third party run if they try to pull any of their typical RINO nonsense.

You are correct.

That's the way business deals are cut.

He wants Priebus to bring his dogs into line.
Mouton finds Trump has been inconsistent. Proof of media perfidy!
funny, saw an article two days ago wherein Trump was quoted saying he would not go third party.

Remember this, most get flack when they are right over the target.
grania makes the usual comparison Freepers make when they're in love.
Would he make a good President?

I remember that question in the first election when Reagan was elected. The answer was that Reagan knew his strengths and weaknesses, and would bring in excellent advisors and govern well with them.

So, my answer would be, for sure, Trump will be a great President. With the personal contact he's had with talented people all over the world, nobody could put together a greater team to maybe save the US than he can.

The question should be, "The US is in such horrible decline, can even Trump save us?"
Could the Trump-Reagan photoshop beat the best??

JLAGRAYFOX just wants to burn this bastard to the ground:
I still keep my Republican registration, so that I can vote in Republican primaries, but in my heart I am now considered an Independent.

Having said that....I urge Donald Trump to seriously consider running as a third party candidate, which will insure that the Republicans will lose the POTUS election, in 2016!!! The country, of course, will continue to come apart and fail, as well as being openly attacked by the enemies of the USA.....
NFHale hates how petty and egostistical all the non-Trump candidates are being:
It’s time the R party learned a lesson. Their tactics aren’t working. The rest of the Rs need to put their big-boy britches on and start running their own campaigns. They aren’t exactly giving us anything exciting to vote for. They are like a bunch of ankle biters nipping at his heels because, in reality, they are jealous as they see their own hopes going down the drain. And, truth be known, most of them aren’t showing leadership, just pettiness.

How about they just start acting like grown Men instead of whiny little bitches, and put the needs of the Country ahead of their own egos...
don-o - Joe Biden: the Trump of the Democrats:
The Stupid Party is making quite a bed for themselves. A Smart Party would be reacting to Trump just like the Evil Party reacts to Joe Biden.
Truth29 Allows that Cruz might be better than Trump:
I’d give the election a pass before voting for Trump.

Better Trump than Jeb "Act of Love" Bush and better Cruz than either of them.
randita's from 1997, so she'll clam up when the purges come:
Trump reminds me of my 3 year old grandchild. “Wah, wah, wah...look at me...look at me.”

That anyone could take this man seriously as a presidential candidate stymies me.
eartick has some great insights, if you read between the lines:
I personally believe that one single person could not hurt the “GOP brand” anymore than what it is hurting right now.

We gave the GOP the House and the Senate and what have they done? Aided and abetted the _Resident Muslim.

They have undeniable proof of lawlessness in the Obama administration. Almost every alphabet organization has broken the law and what has the GOP in the House and Senate done about it? Nothing. They hold “special committee” meetings so the chest thumpers can get in front of the camera.

You have a white hating Eric Holder who lies under oath, is caught and should have been put in jail goes free. Then who is allowed by the GOP to be replaced by an even more white hating black female.

No, the GOP brand destroyed it’s own brand
The Republican Party been stoking the fires of personally-directed paranoid populism for a long time now. Trump's ad-hominem antics are just the next level.

Alex Jones 2020!


  1. Trump represents freepers' favorite form of government ...
    a bitchocracy.

    1. LOL!! Bithcocracy!

      Trump is not on their side. Trump is not conservative. Trump is a spoiler. I'm sorry but I can't shake that the man is working to get a Democrat elected. If he goes third party there's no way we won't have a Democrat winner. Same for if he stays Republican. As long as he is the forerunner the Democrats win.

    2. My only regret is that the Freepers will not be sending in their Cluck Bucket money because they figure the Donald is already rich and does not need their help.

  2. I can't stop getting my accounts banned from FR! This time, I got banned by Jim Rob himself.

    I guess my opinions aren't crazy enough for them. I've amp'd it up as much as I could without it sounding absolutely ridiculous, but I'm STILL seen as a "liberal."

    WTF!? Is there some crazy password I don't have?!

    1. What was your screen name?

    2. I can make a guess, looking at JimRob's posting history.

      You had a good, if brief, run ... but even one misstep is enough.

    3. In a similar vein, Sherman Logan (since 2006, a nine year freeper) got the zot today too.

      JimRob is caught deep in wagglebee's anti-abortion fervor again.
      Really, there has to be some connection there ... wagglebee can get pretty much anyone zotted on a whim.

    4. I tried to keep it to the crazy I thought could get me under the radar. But even some semblance of normal behavior will get you zotted! Lol.

    5. If your screen name was ConservativeWarriors, I can see several mistakes. You posted reasonable positions, ostensibly disagreeing with other Freepers. The only time you should disagree with other Freepers is when you call them liberals for not being enough of a hardline conservative.

      For example, consider the last post:

      Abortion isn’t against the law. I’m against it, but so long as it’s legal, there are no legal ramifications to utilizing fetal tissues for research.

      You may think you're coming out as anti-abortion, but all a Freeper hears is, "Abortion is legal, so it's OK!" You can tell by the responses you got that that's what they thought you were saying. It's better to say something like, "How long until we can start stringing up the abortion doctors?" or "How much longer are the American people going to keep tolerating this?" Only people who are safely within JimRob's network of good old boys can get away with posting something nuanced like that.

    6. 1st of all choose a more neutral screen name. Your cat's name, the name of your favorite food or song. Not anything political. Most of the obvious trolls seem to use words like "conservative", "patriot", or related phrase.
      2nd, as euphgeek said, nothing subtle. If you can't muster a strong opinion, skip the thread.
      3rd, mirror other posters. Lots of "me too"and piling on those who are obvious trolls.

    7. Also, use as few multi-syllable words as possible. Words like "utilizing" and "ramifications" sail over most Freepers' heads and get them starting to think you may be a liberal troll. A better way to express the above sentiment would have been, "Abortion isn't against the law (yet!) so unfortunately we can't send these butchers to prison."

    8. Say that you love Buchanan!
      He's conservasteves, right?

  3. ay - well, it certainly wasn't money up to this point. Wagglebee only joined the 300 club today.

    Strange fucker, that one. Going to get a wee shock come Judgement, when they find out that sanctimony is NOT sanctity and that the many injunctions against pride are not in the Bible for decoration.

  4. LOL!! What do they do? How are they going to save the republic? I find it hilarious that whenever there's a feel good story involving a "patriot" in the news that person is never a Freeper.

  5. This is all just trumptastic.

    "Cruz would carry Texas for Trump, and the rest of the South including Florida.
    A Trump/Cruz 2016 ticket could easy carry the Midwest, and split up the North East. New York would most likely go to Trump.
    Finally, I would say California would be a toss up between Trump and Hillary.
    Nevertheless, a Trump/Cruz 2016 wins weather it’s a GOP ticket of an Independent.
    Jeb would have lost since he is a set up fall guy.
    It would certainly be a set back for the Establishment/Globalist.
    They know this, and it’s why they are attempting to get Trump out."
    76 posted on 7/23/2015, 12:26:19 PM by Enlightened1
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  6. The only candidate that will doom a ticket more than Trump is Cruz. Put em together and Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden would be a winning ticket.

    As we're going to see here in Canada in a couple months, Conservative bullshit has worn thin with the electorate, so much obstruction and lack of meaningful legislation combined with 24/7 stoking of Fear has done them in.

  7. The only candidate that will doom a ticket more than Trump is Cruz. Put em together and Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden would be a winning ticket.

    As we're going to see here in Canada in a couple months, Conservative bullshit has worn thin with the electorate, so much obstruction and lack of meaningful legislation combined with 24/7 stoking of Fear has done them in.

  8. Donald Trump Still Has Questions About President Obama’s Birthplace