Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Spotlight: John S Mosby

Another one of those subtle crazies who I noticed here and there, but then figured out was consistantly a madman.

Named after a Confederate who ended up working for President Grant (neat guy - look him up), he starts with the Obama hatred, but also has a real burning rage-on for FDR and generally for revisionist history.

He's got an odd way of writing, like someone who wants to sound like an eccentric southerner, but lacks the skill. And many of his comments are littered with angry ad-hominems at the manliness of other Freepers. Add in a dose of the old 'my partisan speculation must be true' and the crazy is impressive.

Unclear on independence:
Happy Independence Day-— in name only. The South tried.
Obama and Michelle's relationship:
As in our chief executive, he of the effeminate spider leg, mack daddy tutu persuasion and his field harridan, white hating, manly butch of a wife— the only kind of woman he could rise to pollinate (while taking one for the team). No surprise they travel separately, and she’s getting it on with a member of her security (true).
Some conservative populist umbrage re: net neutrality.
This is a Republic. Not a God-damned oligarcy. Unless of course your idea of conservative is the company a@@hole at the country club clubhouse who lives off our tax money teat. Differentiate this OBAMAUMAO driven FCC regulation from ANY kind of yet again crony capitalism, just like Solyndra. Comcast kicks back Democrat donations, just like Buffett (for more than 3 decades). The mack daddy in the White Hut is lining his (and any other dem’s) pockets, for their pals in... media. To control us.
Hillary hates Marines
Hilary Clinton dishonored the Marine’s uniform when she was in the whitehouse. Maybe you were too young.

She treated the WH Marine Guard, responsible for protecting the WH from attack (as opposed to the praetorian secret service who do not do that). She treated them like waiters, in fact asking them to bring her drinks and canapes on trays. They did it, but never forgot.

Just off hand you can take your “concern” and wipe it on the 7 day sh***ers caftan. You get this “leak” from the concerned pvt gaga manning? Wuss.
"international, extra-national, extra-sovereign, criminal grifters"
Exactly— [The Clintons] are international, extra-national, extra-sovereign, criminal grifters. They have been grifters since bill went to Moscow.

Look who has given them money. Follow the money— just like Watergate was lamely prosecuted.

Selective emails— no, way. Her own server of the Country’s business— no way. The self serving public servant grifter— those of us in the South know her and him for what they ARE.
You can’t re-write this with a re-launch hitlery. You are shiite.
Wait, no, the Clinton are trained Commies!
The clintoon machine leftist user democrats— who hate all blacks but deviously get their votes (the puppet masters), are the ones behind all of this race baiting. They WANT a riot— as does obamaumao and farrakhan islamofascists.

The fact is, the clintons are a trained communist couple— amoral, ends driven and agenda driven— and this is coupled with a love of money exceeding any of the craven capitalists they “hate”. Driving a wedge between whites and blacks is straight out of the 1920s and 30s CPUSA handbook. It is well worn and has up to now— failed.
Unraveling the mystery of a 6am mugging of a news team:
And does all this at 6 AM? This was not a gang banger. It was a hired person- hired by a member of the illegal alien cartel of human traffickers, with the OK of the city government who protects the traffickers (who are the uh, source, of children for pedophilia and worse). A perverted town of sick perverted residents who indulge every evil. A town that once was the pride of WWII manufacturing and stalwart working folks.
Advocating for a new Declaration of Independence:
Would it not indeed be wise, at this juncture, to compose a similar declaration against the current federal state. That a real leader would compose same and make it his, and our declaration.

The enumeration, the list would be quite long, and the violations demonstrably agains the very Constitution to which all members of that government are sworn to uphold.

Just a thought. Much more effective than a “Contract with America” though it could be renamed from that with the proviso that the actions must be taken or independence will ensue.
Justice Roberts is totally blackmailed:
Agreed on the blackmail. They have him— for either or both of things that would destroy him personally— the backchannel adoption in South America, and/or his documented homosexual past (which, when one thinks about it— to the liberal mind should be no big deal- what with Mack Daddy Long Legs maomau in chief).
Some generalized ranting:
“The Hills are awash.... with waves of bulls$%t”

Nero had his fiddle. The singing (sort of ) mack daddy of poverty pimps presides over destruction of the US HE created.

This is like watching Ceaucescus in Romania. Meanwhile Moochelle is globe trotting to “pick up some cash” taking a diplomatic pouch cue from Hitlery. Everybody clap your hands.

Lord, please- remove these stones from our passages.
The 24 TV show tells us Torture is the Answer:
And if, as in a scene from “24” there is the possibility of millions dead from a domestically placed nuke— and torture would produce the neutralization of that potential— torture is the answer.

Not talking about much— telephone magneto with feet in bucket of water would do it most of the time. Ball peen hammer to the toes. Not what happened to McCain, over and over for NO reason other than to humiliate and persecute. He is warped by the experience and a tool of the left because of it.
Davy Crockett reminds him Obama is poop:
Crockett could have worn a beaverskin top hat in Congress. He didn’t— he chose the coonskin cap of his constituents.

Obamaumao is a distracting choom gang moron of surface scatology, to be scraped off the bottom of one’s boots.
'octomaroon' isn't as clever as he thought it is.
Even bluegrassers who can’t stand “Rocky Top” wouldn’t stand for this octomaroon singing it.
Hating on FDR for crap no one cares about anymore:
How long did it take to find out FDR (him with no leg control) was boinking his “aide” in Warmed up Springs. Years.

And then you look at Eleanor and think—”well, can understand that pretty much”. Oh, and the truth about old Eleanor and her “gal pal” carpet munchers, and Josh White and the blacks and the whole shooting match. It’s what happens after 4 terms.

But.... they were “nice” people LOL.
'the blacks?'

FDR only did World War II to distract America from his failures:
War is a major distraction— just like FDR. And everyone would have to enroll in national health for the “defense effort”. This is like russia’s use of xenophobia to distract from the CPSU and stalin’s murderous policies and starvation.

FDR did it to distract from failures to cure the Depression.
Fun with faulty comparisons!
25-30% Unemployed of the total potential workforce.

This is Depression era numbers— we are not now nor ever have been in a recovery of labor or capital.

Thanks obamaumao!
Since Spock was half-human, this idiot thinks he gets a twofer since he’s a mulatto. So, which half liked Spock? The black or the white one.

Not one shred of evidence of this clowns intellect or logic. AND, he is missing a major component of Spock.....his character, as a Vulcan, was incapable of lying.

Someone should fire back— “if you loved and identified with Spock” why have you been shown, time after time, to be a LIAR?
LEARN, newb!
You signed on in April this year. Take a seat in the back of the hall and try to LEARN... something about true FReepers- not what you’ve read in Salon’s gay boy nekulturnys screeds.

More nazi comments and the viking kitties will take care of you. Nazis were NOT conservatives— get that through your paid head. Unless you prove otherwise with conservative bona fides and positions— you are toast. Admin— take over!
World Marxism!
Have heard a “friend” talk disparagingly about George Washington and the Founders.

This is world Marxism at work. For THEIR profit and our destruction. Simply put. Someone needs to post the CPUSA “game plan” 20 plus point plan to destroy the US.

And, this is the same as the demo party platform.
Vengeance without malice:
Malice toward none. Vengeance rightfully to those who deserve it.
Just ask Freud - Gays are children!
Use of said orifice in that fashion, is said by certain schools of psychiatry,to be the result of infantile “exploration”. When it persists as a choice into adulthood, the said adults are said to be in a state of infantilism. That is, childish acting.

When examining either male or female queers, and their screaming about minutiae of their minority and their concocted self absorbed “rights”, it is hard not to think of all of them (ALL of them) as children. To which they would demand of us-— “so what, what’s wrong with that?” Answer- everything, and is so when heteros act like children. Bad outcomes for the rest of society either way.


  1. Josh White and the blacks
    I don't know what that means, but I couldn't help but think "Otis Day and the Knights.

    This is like russia’s use of xenophobia to distract
    Pot, meet kettle. Free Republic would hardly exist without xenophobia.

  2. Obamaumao, mack daddy long legs? What? Apparently Obama is so horrible that he garbled that poor guys language.


      this is the first time I have EVER seen anyone else use Manning's favorite epithet for the President in an unironic fashion

    2. Russell Howard, a stand up comedian in the UK uses the clip of Pasture Manning saying that all the time. The good Pasture is truly viral.

  3. I'm trying to put my finger on who he is trying to imitate ...
    I think it's either the John Candy or Walter Matthau characters from Oliver Stone's JFK.

    1. I thought Rorschach from Watchmen,

  4. "We're on a mission from God. We're putting the country back together!!"

    Do not look behind the curtain! The Great and Powerful RimJob is on a mission from God.

    You know, I was on the fence about this but now that I know that RimJob is working directly for God I am going to double my contribution to Free Republic.

  5. Notable by being ignored on FR's main news page today is any mention of the Lafayette, Louisiana theater shooting ...

    descriptions and information about the shooter match 90% of all freepers home pages.

  6. They're not ignoring it. Maybe it's not on their main page, but they're furiously trying to find a way to spin him as a "leftist," where leftist is anything they claim not to agree with. As usual.

    1. Cold Heat: "I think some are missing the nuance."

    2. His manifesto reads like a typical post on Free Republic. Are they saying FR is full of liberals?

    3. They just use the Freeper variant of Godwin's Law: Anyone who admires or agrees with the tactics of Hitler is automatically a LIEBERAL because NAZI = Socialist. re_nortex: prime exponent.

  7. The more they try to distance themselves from political murderers and assassins, the more they can't help boasting about what their intentions are.

    This is why we have a second amendment. Just saying.