Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Pix

If only barren land could vote for President...
Haha YES! Only Trump will do!
Freeper spotted in the wild.
So this ghoulish crap is still happening. Because Vince Foster is kinda old now.
There is nothing more badass than being afraid to admit you were wrong.


  1. One of the thing I enjoy about reading Free Republic is that no matter what happens, if it reflects negatively on their cause it is most likely a False Flag.

    "I just wonder if some Obama supporter might have shown up with an AR-15 and pulled a good ol' boy routine:
    'Why, shucks, fellas, it sure is good to be heah with y'all. Got to keep them A-rabs in line, y'know" [BAM!] 'Well, gosh darn it, looks like I done fired mah assault rifle. Must be my magazine was too durn big. I surely hope they don't chase y'all away on account 'o me.'"

  2. Psst, Mr. FReeper Walker fan, our state's motto is "Forward." Barry "Barack" HUSSEIN 0bungo likes our motto too

  3. The whole birther thing? False Flag.

    "In my honest opinion, this was kept up by Bill Ayers and other leftists to convince everyone that whoever opposes him (Obama) is a kook."

    1. I've never been a member of FR, but did you notice the keywords on that thread? WTF?

      ainthisdaddyeither gaykkk libertarians kenyanbornmuzzie
      Among others.

    2. I don't know. gaykkk? You gotta love kenyanbornmuzzie. No, gaykkk has to be the winner.

  4. sorry ted -- flyover country is now combover country!

    maybe he'll let you be his veep ...

  5. Surely it's "gaykk"?

    1. The Fabulous Knights of the GayKK.
      With only 800 thread count sheets.

  6. JimRob has upped the thon fakery already ...
    reporting two seperate "batches of checks received" today, a Sunday.
    Granted a batch may have come in yesterday, and just reported today ... but two batches?

    Notably, the on-line donations are especially anemic the last few days.

    Call me an ol' optomist, but I do believe more and more freepers are smartening up and, if not leaving FR entirely, at least not sending in any more cash to the old grifter.