Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Pix

Probably posted before, but is crazy enough it deserves repeating.
President Trump will bling up the White House, and keep a pictures of himself and Obama.
Another uppity black woman!
Is this sad display of impotence supposed to make liberal rage?
No, I don't think MLK would understand.
Freepers should not attempt to be hip.
Viennacon is all about the fascist dictators these days.


  1. "the timely deaths of the Clintoon crowd...the Vince Fosters, the Browns, the McDougal.....
    and bammy continues....he visited his grandmother in Hawaii and shazaam...she's dead....making her the last that we know of bammys white convenient.... "

    by cherry

  2. This cartoon is pure projection.
    You could just as easily change the caption to suit the purge they are planning for after their "civil war II."