Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Political bed warmers need to stfu"

In a rather transparent play to straddle the issue, Scott Walker has let it be known that his family is for gay marriage, while he remains against it. Freepers, of course, do not allow straddling of anything. But more than that, this gives them a chance to flex their woman-hating muscles in an anti-First Lady capacity.

stars & stripes forever lists the appalling record:
First Ladies have an unfettered platform for their own views once they get into the White House. That is disturbing.

We’ve had too many moderate/liberal First Ladies in the White House.

Michelle Obama: pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, school lunch overhaul;
Hillary Clinton: pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, Hillarycare;
Laura Bush: Common Core, moderate/liberal social views; Barbara Bush: moderate/liberal social views.
Nancy Reagan: embraced fortune tellers and opened the door to the occult in high positions in government.

First Ladies also influenced their husbands to embrace moderate/liberal stances during their terms of office.

First Ladies as well as some of their children continue to leave their misguided imprints on American History.

I, for one, want a First Lady who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and who will stand for Traditional Family Values. 2016 is America’s last chance to get it right. This election is not about Republicans, Democrats, Independents. It is about the battle for the soul of American and a referendum if we can truly say “In God We Trust.”
bimboeruption remembers other evil liberal wives:
Barry Goldwater’s second wife softened him up.

Keep in mind that Kasich’s second wife is a flaming lib.
itsahoot isn't the first Freeper to hate on Nancy Reagan:
I love Nancy, but she has never really been a movement conservative.

She probably made sure Ollie North did not take a Senate Seat.
trebb knows letting your wife influence you means you're a wuss:
"The trick is to always look at the wife when gauging whether or not a male politician will hold true to his stated social values." Good advice, I suspect.

That presupposes that the man is a metro-sexual weenie instead of an actual man.

I haven't seen any indication of Walker suffering that condition yet.
Lotsa talk about Glen Beck's liberal kids. Arthur McGowan blames Jesuits:
After a whole lot of “research,” Beck sent his daughter to FORDHAM!!! What an idiot! She came out a liberal. Any blind and deaf Catholic could have told him any Jesuit-run school would turn his daughter lesbian and pro-abortion.
DesertRhino gives us the thread title:
Political bed warmers need to stfu. Military or political spouses who think they wear the same rank are annoying.
Someone posts a picture. bimboeruption with the inevitable:
What a frump.
Sopater boasts about her conservative children:
Apparently Glenn Beck raised some little liberals too......not sure how that happens....none of mine ended up on the left....

Mine are also solidly in the small-gov't, libertarian, socially conservative camp.

Homeschooled, dontcha know.
C. Edmund Wright also shares how super conservative his kids are:
Mine survived far....still one with a few years yet, but he’s the most conservative of them all. Has a Gadsen Flag tattoo.

And I remember Glenn talking about some liberal beliefs his kids had...years ago....when they were much younger than college. I was appalled then.


  1. I am sure more than a few of those kids go "Yeah yeah dad (or mom), whatever you say. Yeah I hate Obama and all black people too. Yeah yeah I'm a big ol' conservative too, just like you." ... then they turn away and roll their eyes.

  2. Colonel Frank Fitts: You need structure. Yeah? You need discipline.
    Ricky Fitts: Yes, sir. Thank you for trying to teach me. Don't give up on me, Dad.

    1. Wonder how many freepers have Nazi dinnerware in their collections.....


  3. So First Ladies incluencing their husbands is bad. Unless the influence is conservative?

    1. Everybody knows wimminfolk aren't reliably conservative enough. Giving them the vote has resulted in leftist demonrats being able to get I to office via vote fraud, as no right minded Amurrican would vote for them. Instead of voting , women need to get me a sammich.

      /Freeper mode

    2. Most women vote on emotion rather than logic

    3. Also men, though they call it their gut.