Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

uncitizen is sure the KKK, and every other organization is secretly Democratic operatives:
This is a setup. Think this through. What organization has NOT been taken over by RAT operatives or others of their ilk? Not all, but certainly the ones that are the most political and that they can use in a crisis or to create a crisis.
jsanders2001 - "Save us, Putin!"
Not all of America is godless Putin... but if you want to come over here and slay the godless there’s plenty here. Just look for the rainbow fags,,,er I meant flags, the MSM oulets that support them, and the entire WH and its occupants. If that’s not enough if a snack, there’s Congressional Hall which is just a hop, skip, and jump away. You’ll find plenty of pigs and turkeys there.

Note : You’ll have to beat ISIS thought. And don’t worry about trying to sneak your forces in. There’s about 1100 miles of wife open space south of the border that Obama has kept wide open for illegals to come and Cloward-Piven us with. So by all means the border’s open and just don’t forget to clean up when you’re through.
Nextrush waxes wistfully about Russian values:
Putin is no saint, but Aleksander Solzhenitsyn told us 40 years ago that values were stronger in Russia than in the West even though Russia was under the Communist boot heel.

Perhaps the Western nations evolving tyranny needs to worsen so Christianity and or moral values can strengthen.
RginTN wonders about Democrats being secret jihadis:
IS doesn’t need to attack certain parts of the US. They could easily get elected as Democrats and achieve their goals without bombs.
sergeantdave tells a story about how he preemptively threatened some union guys:
The left sent the fat slobs at SEIU to break up our Tea Party Meeting. They ran like scared rabbits when confronted, locked themselves in a building and bawled like babies for the cops to rescue them.
lowbridge: The struggle is real!
For the past few weeks theyve been airing dukes of hazzard starting at 4:36 pm. On monday afternoon I turned on tv land at 4:36 to watch. Only to see the middle of an episode of bonanza.

I looked up the tv schedule on my tv screen and saw a change. Dukes of hazzard now started at 5pm, sharp. Oh well. A time change. No biggie. 5pm came and instead of a dukes of hazzard episode, another episode of bonanza began.

I KNEW what was going on and why. They censored it due to all the recent politically correct fad nonsense over the confederate flag.

If they thought that us dukes fans were going to sit and do nothing and watch bonanza, they were sadly mistaken. I changed the channel and watched something else: the godfather 2 on the AMC channel. A great classic movie I usually drop everything to watch. Except for dukes of hazzard. If they had continued to air dukes of hazzard, I wouldn’t have changed the channel.
Jan_Sobieski is still crazy:
You really need to read the “The Pink Swastika”. Virtually all the NAZI leadership were Sodomite/Bi-sexual with an insatiable apatite for young men (sick!) and women. The only sodomites they killed were the limp-wristed, lisping, ones that they had no use for...
grania s returning to an old theme - the black-Latino war:
They (blacks) ain't gonna' have many rights left here pretty soon

They will maintain the rights to burn down their cities and kill each other.

Don't they get it yet?? They're being replaced by a less demanding hispanic population, ruled by amoral unisex elitists.
riri thinks Mexico is sending all of us their darkies:
There’s a Mexican race?

Yeah, caucasian. Well, anyone left in Mexico is.

The indians that once lived in Mexico, they are your neighbors now. They'll be standing next to you in the voting booth come 2016.
I don't think BitWielder1 remembers numbers very well:
5% unemployment was considered REALLY BAD under Bush.
And that's before they were lying full scale about that number.
concerned about politics has some deep thoughts about the collective unconscious or some such pseudoscience:
During the great depression, people started to say they felt crippled by the economy. Shortly after the term become common lingo, there was the outbreak of polio. Once the economy recovered, the "cure" for polio entered the scene at the same time. Was it really the "cure" that ended polio, or was it really something else? The emotional language changed as soon as the economy started to recover.

Anyway, IF one of these shooters is named "ERIC", I'm going to freak. Been watching for an "Eric."
Erm, Jagdgewehr...
True. All the hate, vitriol and bigotry comes from the left.
1035rep speculates that Chelsea Clinton is probably a secret slut:
Chelsea Clinton is nothing like Bristol. She is the daughter of a President. She has a bachelors degree and two Masters degrees. She WAITED until she was married to have a kid.

So she’s a educated idiot. Chelsea may have waited to have a child after marriage but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t having sex. Birth control? Abortions? Do we know?
Viennacon is enjoying some fascist images these days:
Swastika a little much, but some kind of strike back should be made to intimidate these vile vandals who have made the first strike entirely unprovoked.  
Viennacon again.

Viennacon thinks America should be shunned for gayness:
My recommendation to ALL foreign countries. CLOSE DOWN US EMBASSIES NOW


  1. Does Ted Cruz Want To Be Donald Trump's Running Mate?

    This is an unimportant little thread, it's a few old goobers talking about how they are going to win the Presidency and save the country by electing some sort of Trump/Cruz ticket.

    Anybody want to bet on this? Tell you what, I'll make this easy for you. You get both Trump and Cruz. If either one of them is the Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party in 2016, you win!

    It's 2 for 1, it's buy one get one free! Bet me! Take my money!

  2. Chelsea may have waited to have a child after marriage but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t having sex. Birth control? Abortions? Do we know?

    For years I've been hearing from conservatives that they aren't anti-sex; they just think it should be private and discreet. Do want you want, as long as you don't make a public spectacle of yourself or try to normalize your immorality.

    Well, never mind all that because OMG Chelsea Clinton is such a whore! Think about it: Only the biggest whore on earth would go to so much trouble to pretend not to be a whore; that's straight out of Alinsky, and Chelsea probably learned it in the cradle.

    And honestly, are we really supposed to believe she stayed a virgin until she got married at age 30? I mean, who does that? Practically no one. And even if she did, she probably masturbated a whole bunch. She might've even thought about girls, just like her Mom does. Do we know?

    Quick, someone subpoena her emails so we can get to the bottom of Hymengate!

  3. ah, the start of another promising week for freeper watchers ...

    "South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag from state house grounds, 37-3"

    AppyPappy: "Racism in SC has officially ended. Glad we got that done. Let’s now vote on eliminating cancer by closing the cancer hospitals."

    mmm ... good times.

    1. Twinkie gets all wound up with a rant about his noble military ancestors. Funny, he was old enough to go the Vietnam. Wonder why he didn't go?

      Anyway, he ends with, "My great-great grandfather never owned slaves; was a slave himself, working his Southern land, plowing with a mule."

      Looks to me like great-great-great grandfather was just a poor white landowner which is exactly the same thing as being a slave. Exactly.

    2. egg-zacklee -- so them people need to just suck it up like everbody else, stop their bitchin, cuz shuttupthasswhy and LEAVE THE STARZNBARZ ALOOOONE!!!1!

  4. On a sadder/more hilarious note, my god the freepathon has just started and it is going terrible. I know that's every freepathon, but even compared to the other ones seriously no one is donating. The freepathon threads themselves are barely getting a hundred replies before Jim starts up a new one, and it's only been a freaking WEEK and they've already had to bump the total up $2000 by "processing the first batch of monthlies". And even despite that, they're still behind last quarter! Oh, Jim's gonna have a terrible time faking this one closed, even if they've now completely abandoned the "close it every two months on the dot" unwritten rule.

    So there's your reminder that yes, Freep is indeed dying a slow, undignified death as less and less people feed the fundraisers.

  5. I like how close Nextrush came to understanding the need for a separation of church and state. So close yet so far.