Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Muslim mass shooter in Chattanooga

Last week Freepers at last got their wish - a mass shooter who is a Muslim. It's been a while.

And as is the Freeper way, they take this rare good hand and over play the crap out of it with genocide:

a fool in paradise tries to tie together two unrelated stories:
Ban the confederate koran NOW!
What media is Sarah Barracuda talking about?
The media will make excuses for him, call him a victim, just like they did the Boston bombers, portray them as victims of American society and how mean we are..HEY JIHADIS, IF U DONT LIKE IT HERE GET THE F OUT!!!
Also hearkening back, a fool in paradise knows every softhead defending the Boston bomber must be liberal:
Recall there were liberal idjits in Boston holding camp on the sidewalks during the marathon bomber’s trial to inform the public that he was framed.
In the midst of this anti-Islamic hatefest, Westbrook reminds us that Christians are totally oppressed:
We Christians take mega CRAP *ALL* the time, and we’re on terrorist watch lists, too!

You won’t see anything like this from any of us.
Dilbert San Diego extols the virtue of anti-Islam prejudice, and misunderstanding probability:
Question— is it really prejudiced to fear Muslim terror, Muslim men, people from certain countries, when these same people hit us again and again??? Is it prejudice against certain type of people, or is it called learning from experience that these people mean us harm???
ping jockey lays out his manly prejudice:
When I happen upon one obviously muslim it is my right to require my trust to be earned. Prove your o.k. and your o.k. My mom didn’t raise such a foolish boy as to trust a person that presents himself in a class of people that are responsible for mass murder on a global scale. Don’t like my attitude go f*&^ yourself, think what you want I am way past worrying about it. Nobody gets a free shot. Act stupid, scary, pro nutjob near me and you might get aerated. Pop off a round anywhere near me or a family member and plan on a free trip to the hereafter. I am a darn good shot will not hesitate to fire first. Rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
hal ogen wants some guilt by association.
Kick this family of terrorist retards out of America. They obviously want to murder everyone. They are moozlum plants.
I see some more mainstream right-wing sites are picking up on persecuting the shooter's family. Shameful.

Fiddlstix takes on the shooter's sister:
BooHoo! Hey! Muzslime Slut! Go Pound Sand!
Why Don't you Move Back To Whatever Hell Hole That Spawned You!!!
I never get slut as an empty insult. It has a primary factual meaning, and bitch is doing the exact same job.

kearnyirish2 advocates an end to civilization:
This only stops when non-Muslims slaughter the surviving family members of the murderers; playing by Judeo-Christian rules makes victory impossible...
cdcdawg is one of many calling for mass deportations:
They don’t belong here, they belong back in their “countries” of origin. Deport them all. Until the shooter’s remains are fried in pig fat, and the rest of them are rounded up into (YES) concentration camps and deported, we are not serious, and this crap will continue to happen. People will have to do mean things for it to stop.
Actually, the guy calling for Muslim concentration camps in this day and age is the one not being serious.

minnesota_bound unironically echoes every stereotypical bigot ever:
The only peaceful muslim is a dead muslim.
You know PIF is legit, because he calls them 'Musselmen.'
Unfortunately, there were only 7-8 Crusades with only the first four being major, but 528 major pitched battles against Musselmen on European soil.

The end result was a net loss for the Christians, and a net gain for the Musselmen.

Now that the Musselmen period of hudna has ended, the jihads begin and with that comes the taqiya to lower the non-Musselmen guard, making them easier to kill.
DJ Taylor takes a page right out of the Nazis.
If the civilized world is to survive, it must recognize Islam for what it really is: Islam is not a religion, form of government, or anything recognizable to the civilized mind. Islam is a disease, an incurable disease of the mind that‘s highly contagious among the feeble minded and is now spreading among the world’s feeble minded at an epidemic rate. As with any disease, one can’t reason with this disease, negotiate with it, or treat in any manner other than how one would treat any other incurable disease.

Past efforts to contain this disease have failed. Now, carriers of this Plague of Islam must be eradicated wherever they’re found by any means or method available, for if they’re not destroyed, this disease will eventually end not just Western Civilization, but it will undo over 5,000 years of human civilization.


  1. I never get slut as an empty insult. It has a primary factual meaning, and bitch is doing the exact same job.

    Consider thef following: Freepers hate sex, they often hate women, and above all but a few things they hate women who enjoy sex.

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    So send them overseas to fight on bad intelligence...

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    this should be fun