Friday, July 31, 2015

Spotlight Friday: no-to-illegals

Mostly incoherent, but being a regular donor covers a multitude of sins, as does an almost childlike worship of Free Republic's monopoly on truth.

I have no idea what's wrong with him, but he rarely posts on the subject of the original post, and often neglects to let the reader in on what subject he's on about. And his use of random 'quotes' does not help.

There is kind of a poetry to his mad postings, though.

That isn't to say that he's too confused to be a Freeper. He hews to the usual despair and loathings.

You don’t hear people today talk about contemporary slavery. That would take the focus off our traditional slavery, and they’ll never do that across the board IMO.

ashen ... the end? Let your decision ‘roll’
A day without you:
a day without you is finding the rainbow has told lies ... 10,000 watching and they have no idea ....
and without Free Republic there would be no truth ...
The truth is not far away...
the ‘righteous’ spell ... You and I know ... thus the ‘truth’ is not that far away ... You are not that far away ... I know you Love America!
dirty sweet
Register your dog, cat, all the mice living in you house, the fleas living on your dog...
There doesn’t seem to be any law that prevents it.

you understand the limits ... ain’t it ‘dirty sweet’ ?
Part of a long string of posts of cooking instructions on a thread about voter fraud
instructional ‘cooking ship’ ... take the ‘big slab’ of bacon ... make the bacon bed ... First up ... Navy and ‘no’ mac and cheese’
How to deal with Muslims
My agreement ... is best to ‘pork’ ‘em ... that way ‘We’ rule ...
The Air Force Fleet?
so close ... no matter how far. Forever ... Trusting AF in whom you are. Fly high ... Stand-by ... Prepare the fleet!
Don't go chasing George Washingtons:
isn’t it terrible when the Nation’s Peoples go looking for a George Washington inside our borders?
He makes lots of Rolling Stone and Doors references:
‘Red’ Doors and then is painted ‘black’ ... Nobody wants to face the facts .... for it would be ‘black and blue’
No idea.
We are ‘cloned’ Darks ... We are ‘cloned’. Perfecting your perfection without ‘cream and sugar’ please.
sing your death song
jeb’s interpretation for Americans is ... if they point a gun at you illegally ... surrender and sing your death song.
Liberals hate Veterans
just those ‘haters’ hatin’ those keepin’ Citizens Safe. Can’t fund those keepin’ Citizens Safe. How’s them Citizens gonna be made dead if care is given to Veterans? Demoralize the Veterans, Spit on Veterans, Defund Veterans and the Veterans will stop protecting Citizens from politicians ... or that is what politicians believe. How to Kill A Nation is Done By Killing the Veterans.
Dark Silk:
Dark Silk is the sweepings but the taste is ‘good’
re: pathway to citizenship
What is taking place (imho) is an invitation for a complete and full invasion force to come. The applause from our enemies is deafening. How fast can a nation commit suicide? One for the History books. Am doubting the History will be written though. The victors write the History and then rewrite it.
Just as crazy in 2011:
Thinking Spring and Summer of 2013 may hold secrets just as Spring and Summer of 2016 will. Probably good nobody can foresee the future, though some things need to be predicted, for the unknown to be known
The importance of names:
I feel terrible ... can’t find the name of shooter anywhere. We need this information for to protect and serve, Nationwide (imho).
Full investigative mode:
odd this person is mentioned as a KKK member ... we might have to go full investigative mode to find out if we have the truth.
Liberty Bell Eyes of Knights:
not the first time am looking at Liberty Bell and looking into Eyes of Knights ... Not the First Time
Scary night time:
My God ... nearing last post ... Will a shadow hide tonight?
Not every American the Chinese kidnap is subhuman:
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that well over 75% of the Chinese in this country are ACTIVE spies for China. How long before Americans with high security clearances start disappearing off the streets? And we’ll know why, as well.

people have been ‘disappeared’ from the streets for years ... many were more than sub-human ... don’t tell the media ... they might figure out they are on a list too.
IMO, His Magnum Opus:
Thank You Lord ... Pants Fell to Knees ... Too Loose A Belt ... Show US Lord ... May Our Knees Fall and May this Ground Be only a ‘heart beat’ away


  1. I'm not anti-pot, by any means, but -- that sounds to me like someone who waits to post online until he's had about half a bottle of scotch and quite a lot of marijuana. I'm sure it made sense at the time.

  2. Nothing really exists in Freeperville except the imagination of the Freepers.

    “''This is the new hangman noose hoax.’
    That was part of Hillary’s 2007-2008 dirty tricks campaign.
    Before that B Clinton had black churches being burned as part of his 1996 dirty tricks campaign.
    All of this flag outrage is Hillary’s doing."

  3. My favorite freepers are the AnnArchy, hoosiermama, no-to-illegals types with a tenuous grasp on reality.

  4. I don't understand what the fuck that guy is typing about.

  5. does dude live in Washington, Oregon, or Colorado? That might explain the word salad king's rantings. Either mary jane or some good acid.

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