Saturday, April 1, 2017

Locker room Jihad

A Muslim tried to pray at an LA Fitness, and was asked to leave. He's suing, and Freepers are hatin'

V_TWIN is not good at figuring out reasonable limitations:
“Soon you’ll be tripping over praying Muslims everywhere”

I was just thinking, would he do this in a movie theater or a restaurant or..........? Where does it end?
9thLife is over Muslims:
Those that aren't killers are obnoxious.

I'm over 'em.
JimRed knows True Muslims are killing machines:
Western Hills High School alumnus Mohamed Fall is a practicing Muslim...

Practicing? Does that mean he is raping, enslaving or killing Infidels? No? Then he's just another apostate, faux-Muslim, and ISIS/ISIL will kill him as quickly as you or me.
MeganC - the locker room was nearly conquered for Islam!
It’s a locker room and not a mosque for some filthy moslem to try to conquer via intimidation.
PROCON posts in large, large font:
Get out of my Country, muslim scourge!
MaxMax realizes that the Constitution never stood for tolerance:
Mecca isn't in America. I understand now that the Constitution has been perverted
by those intent on destroying America by calling it a living Document, and have interpreted
the Constitution as a national suicide pact. That pact is being exercised daily by the Democrats.
Albion Wilde counsels being a rampant asshole:
Next time, ask in a cordial voice, "Do you mind if I join you in prayer?" Then recite the Lord's Prayer at the top of your voice. Stand up and raise your arms to heaven. Put a lot of emotion into it. Sob a little!

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