Saturday, April 1, 2017

Over a quarter of British Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists

25% is a pretty high figure, and the disaffection of their minority communities is certainly something England needs to address, both both carrots and sticks.

Freepers, though, aren't into percentages of populations. It's all or nothing for them. This time with bonus pop-sociological defenses of bigotry!

dfwgator uses the usual 'get out of nuance free' card.
The other three-quarters are engaging in Taqqiya.
Defiant allows for 5% non-Muslim Muslims.
And it’s also clear that about 75% of British muslims lied on this survey.

Well, 70 percent. But the other 5 aren’t really Muslim, as they do not follow the teachings of their founding beheader.
I wonder what Buckeye Battle Cry would consider irrefutable proof?
They are liars. Their “holy book” commands them to lie to infidels if it protects or furthers their faith. Never trust them until they prove irrefutably the subject at issue.
FlingWingFlyer accidentally lays out a big reason England has problems with it's Islamic minority:
I take it “British Muslims” aren’t really Brits. They’re just Muzzies that infest Great Britain.
ConservativeInPA wants to keep England white:
That is a shocking figure. And an utterly shaming one for Britain’s Muslim community.

It is utterly shameful that formerly Great Britain has allowed a Muslim community to exist and grow.
DJ Taylor advertises some anti-Muslim propaganda:
One cannot possibly understand Muslims if one doesn't know what's in the Koran.

For your and your family's survival, get and read The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer. available at
Pearls Before Swine has this whole theory where xenophobia is a virtue:
I think a lot can be learned from the immune systems of biological organisms.

There are some symbiotic relationships between the host and “guest” organisms, particularly in the gut. But, the general rule is that if it’s different, immune surveillance picks it up, attacks it, and gets rid of it. Why? Because most of the foreign organisms are self-interested parasites which will damage or eventually kill the host.

Western PC (with a good dose of Communist/Alinsky scheming over the years) has devolved to the point where we pretend that our society doesn’t need an immune system. That’s what borders (like the skin) provide, when properly enforced. It’s what immigrant vetting and naturalization are supposed to provide.

So, now, with a long period of suppressed civic immune system, we’ve developed a number of civic diseases. We have colonies of self-interested nationalistic groups balkanizing the country. Maybe some of these are benign growths. But, we have metastatic ones too—Islamic and leftist—which seek complete overthrow of the host society and domination of its remaining parts.
Steely Tom straight-up defends prejudice:
What I'm saying - and not very well - is that the ecological system of ideas, and the mechanisms that have been developed by civilization for finding the truth, defending the truth, and purging anti-truths (superstitions, lies, propaganda, etc.) are under attack.

Political correctness/nonjudgementalism is an attack on the basic act of generalization. "Prejudice" is simply a word that is applied to a type of generalization that one group or another doesn't like. P-C is an attack on all generalization, which makes it an attack on one of the basic modalities of human intellectual activity in the search of knowledge and insight, and the survival value those things confer.
ridesthemiles has this revealing analogy:
Britain needs to permanently DEPORT every last one of them.

Sorta like when businesses in the USA were forced into down-sizing & many private small business owners walked thru their parking lots & looked for all the Obama stickers to make their list of lay-offs!!!
The fact that Freepers cries of survival are actually just disguised spite is unsurprising.

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  1. Describing populations of people as hosts and parasites, and accusing certain groups of people as being nothing but disease vectors, is literally a page out of Hitler's playbook. Oh, but calling Freepers Nazis is unfair.