Saturday, April 1, 2017

Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?

Dinesh D’Souza, jailed for campaign finance violations, can't stop churning out pseudo-intellectual racist BS for the right.

Here, he jumps onto the 'Obama's a Muslim' bandwagon, without saying Obama's a Muslim: "Obama Forming Global Caliphate". Some Freepers follow the piper, but many get caught up arguing about his imprisonment:

hosepipe knows the real problem are all the voters:
I would think the people that back Obama and vote for him are the dangerous ones..

Obama is just figurehead of a dangerous Cabal..
The boy is playing hockey with a warped puck..
WilliamRobert agrees that Democrats all want the Caliphate:
I knew this five years ago. Why is it just coming out now. This has always been the Democrats design.
cynwoody believes in breaking every law he dems unconstitutional:
Campaign finance laws are made to be broken. They are largely Democrat attempts to subvert that inconvenient First Amendment. Supported by scum.
cynwoody's contempt for the law continues:
Felony schmelony! You are part of the problem, not part of the solution!

If the law conflicts with the Constitution, the law is wrong!
cynwoody would also like to selectively quote Churchill:
Winston Churchill said it best: “Islam is to humans as rabies is to dogs”
Churchill said worse things about the Irish.

The Irish are not relevant to this discussion.
cynwoody explains the subtleties of the Anglosphere
My last name appears on Irish pubs.

Nevertheless, I do not care about the "Black and Tans" because I am an American and a member of the Anglosphere, which correctly reveres Sir Winston. I don't give a rat's ass about Irish issues.
Ann Archy keeps it simple:
You can’t take the Muslim out of the Muslim. And when it’s a DEMOCRAT MUSLIM, it’s doubly EVIL.
manc finds anyone questioning D'Souza to be Alinsky:
Are you kidding? Why would you attack the author who has written about bozo the clown and his future goals instead of addressing the article and how bozo wants an Islamic state and make America a land of non whites or white Christians as a minority?

What you did was right out of the book of Alinsky.
papertyger adds some choice insults:
There are so many people on this thread claiming that D’Souza’s felonies were justified, I get confused.

No, they're just not intimidated by suicide scruples.

As for your confusion, I think it has far less to do with what others are writing than it does with your "girl bully" comportment.
Come for the suicide scruples, stay for the girl bully!

dforest - admitting your guilt once you're caught absolves you of any criminality!
You do understand he did the right thing and admitted what he did. He also accepted the sentence.

It would be nice to see the same zeal dorected at those who lie and never admit they are crooks. Like most of the democrat party.
manc settles back to hate New York darkies:
For some reason the Dems have always hated the fact this country was founded by white men, made by white men and, made great into a super power by white men and all based on Christian principles.

Now they seek to bring in third world immigrants from all over, bring as many muslims over without checking them from Syria just like Clinton did after Kosovo and then there was his Somali’s who are now causing all sorts of trouble here.

If they want the third world here then they should move them to places like Westchester county in NY and Manhattan so they the left can live with them and let them enjoy their multi cultural place
major-pelham knows the real truth is one step beyond logic.
Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?
SisterK randomly brings up SATAN:
You left out the part "This country is run by total SATANIC IDIOTS..."
arthurus just makes things up.
There are two people at the top, Sultan Obama and his Vizier Jarrett.

The relationship is analagous to the relationship between sultan and vizier in the Porte- Istanbul pre Ataturk- and in Cairo of the Mamelukes. The vizier actually runs the government while the sultan plays.

In the old days the sultan spent his time at his hunting lodges or in his harem. This one plays golf and flies off to Hawaii or Africa.

The sultans tended to be omnisexual in their practices and their harems could include boys or the boys were just brought in to him off the street.


  1. In the old days the sultan spent his time at his hunting lodges or in his harem. This one plays golf and flies off to Hawaii or Africa.

    Or flies off to Mar-a-Lago and fucks around on Twitter 24/7.

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