Saturday, April 1, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Conspiratorial fan fiction edition.
The internationalist global network is a confederation of selected persons who all know each other but not all are on the same page all the time.

They (meaning the network of selected persons) transit between different roles of arms traders, international bankers, intelligence operatives.

The key to their power is control “of/from” central banking, not central banking per se, but ‘control of/from’ more precisely meaning ‘access to’ and ‘authority support inside’.

For those lurking, you probably know the central bank of the United States is the Federal Reserve (Fed). The central bank of Europe is the European Central Bank (ECB) which now presides over the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European System of Central Banks; for Japan it is the Bank of Japan, for China it is the People’s Bank of China (PBC) with quasi-independent Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) for Hong Kong and its international trading partners; for the UK it is Bank of England. Then there are 2nd tier central banks for economies such as Ireland, Canada, and a descending ranking on down to for example the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Central Bank of Nigeria, etc.

There is a vertical rank structure of central banks of the world with the Fed at the top followed by the ECB. The rest either fall into line or there will be severe economic consequences followed by a hot war if necessary.

Everyone should know that central banks can create money from nowhere (on computers). All central bank money creation is performance rated by the currency exchanges but the top echelon controls (rigs) the currency markets in favor of their respective currencies. Most all of international relations revolves around the currency markets as they control the value of things in trade.

Control of the top echelon of central banks is a delicate matter with power shared between populist politicians and ruling families via tech partners, contractors and operatives. Banking tech contractors are usually top banks of the world. For example, Citibank is pretty much the proxy controller for the central bank of Mexico. JP Morgan is pretty much the central bank of Iraq. Many of the world’s central bankers take their marching orders from the top echelon’s bank contractors.

The ‘power’ between political figures and ruling families is mostly focused on ranges for top echelon currency values and the amount of money created for ‘regulating’ international banking. These functions are carried out by contractors which are most often top tier commercial and investment banks.

Needless to say, that international commerce and relations are tightly controlled by top banks serving as regulators for monitoring and reporting but NOT FOR ENFORCEMENT. Because top banks are tasked by central banks to monitor and report, there is a crossover of persons between banks and intelligence agencies. Through these persons, all international players are documented and made known. Banking pretty much controls everything and what it does not control slips through in the black market. For example, Iran will run oil tanker trucks in caravans through southern Turkey to oil depots with pipe links to port terminals in Instanbul. The Iran black market for oil will net several million Euros for each run which is peanuts to the financial power of top banks in the arms trade. But it is enough to fund terrorists as long as bank accounts exist for transferring funds and exchanging currencies. These accounts must be in the names of individuals and companies that filed the required paperwork to show they are ‘clean’. These ‘clean’ accounts exist on all sides as proxies for the powerful interests behind them.

The need for clean accounts is what drives the ‘selection’ of people that function as buffers and proxies among intelligence agencies and their operatives. These are the insiders.

Sometimes insiders get greedy and try to transfer funds from their clean account to another account for their own use. For example a few years back, a clean account holder in Hong Kong transferred an amount valued at more than $300 million USD. A contractor from MI6 (a former agent of her Majesty’s Secret Service, a Scot of more than 6’7” in height) caught up with this clean account holder, took him on a helicopter flight, opened the cargo door at 10,000 feet altitude over the ocean and told the account holder to either tell where the $300 million was or he would be taking a swim. This is an example of the nature of the business.

When selected clean account holders are added to the stable of account holders, special accounts for them may be created by SECOM licenses in Luxembourg. These licenses are granted only to wealthy individuals or businesses. The licenses enable the opening of more than 1800 accounts worldwide. These accounts are often used to fund intelligence, trading, and enforcement operations.

The wealthy individuals for the SECOM accounts are chosen or created. Once selected they become insiders and all of their actions and movements are monitored. If there are not enough wealthy persons to choose from, new ones are created by various wealth creation and concentrating means. One such scheme is through the equity markets. For example, an IPO is issued and stock valuations are created by ordering subscribers to play ball. Instant billionaires are made and their insider status has already been set up and agreed to. They are issued a SECOM license becoming account holders for more than 1800 accounts worldwide as proxies for covert funding agencies and persons.

The top central banks provide liquidity (meaning money from nowhere) for most (90% +) of the funding of all the above.

Everything I wrote above is monitored. I was selected as a candidate for insider status and then deselected by an insider before I was funded. I was deselected because I favored Donald Trump for the election. Take that as information about the war at the top.
"I know all about the evil killer International Bankers, but somehow they let me live" provided by Hostage (Article V)


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