Saturday, April 1, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Military tolerance edition:
It’s much worse than this.

Mandatory “consideration of others” (CO2) training - monthly in many commands - has become a continual drumbeat of socialist propaganda.

The unit’s political officer singles out those with dissenting viewpoints and through the classic marxist deconstruction techniques ridicules, chastises, and otherwise harasses christians and conservatives over issues of: taxation, support for our president (a topic which NEVER came up during the Bush years, trust me) global village outreach missions (as opposed to blowing sh*t up and killing people which is - ostensibly - what the military is meant to do as an extenuation of political will. Read von Clausewitz on this.), LGBTQ/XYZABC&FU issues are a frequent topic of “discussion” (issues which, believe me, are endless and all-encompassing. Who knew that someone’s lifestyle choice would impact themselves, others, life, the universe and everything so DRAMATICALLY), women in front line combat, unmarried/pregnant soldiers who can’t do their job forcing others to pick up the slack while the pregnant ones slack off for the rest of their career, muslims, muslims, muslims and, did I mention muslims? They’re our friends and neighbors and are PEA-e-e-e-e-CEFUL (read that with the ululation of a lamb’s bleating for sarcastic effect).

Such identified individuals are labeled as “haters” and get singled out month after month for more of the same treatment and frequently taken to the Sergeant Major or company CO for “attitude correction” which effects their reviews and promotability.

John 15:13 only goes so far and then there’s Ecclesiastes’ 3:3 (”Time to kill”) or GTFO.
"Why can't I hate all Muslims and be in the military" brought to you by normbal (normbal. somewhere in socialist occupied America)


  1. Ahh, gotta love all this imaginary oppression they can dream up...

  2. I imagine normbal got a "less than honorable" discharge after one too many racist rants in front of his Sergeant Major.

  3. Guys like that never seem to consider their own free-floating and vocal hostility as a threat to "unit cohesion."