Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oregon standoff yahoos get not-guilty verdict.

It is a bit perplexing how lukewarm Freepers are to the Bundys et al who took over a government office with guns, pointed them at Federal Agents, and recently got let off by a jury. Sure, one of them died, but Freepers have always hoped to go down in a hail of gunfire.

Is it something about the Southwest? Are Freepers shy when actual violence seems immanent? Are Sovereign Citizens too crazy even for Freep?

It remains a mystery, but my personal hypothesis is simple tribalism. Maybe it's the influence of this evocative article's discussion of the silly rivalry between Colorado and Arizona militias, but I think it's that simple - minor cultural and vocabulary differences mean these guys aren't Freepers. Thus, they are viewed with default suspicion as to their true motives and virtue.

Still, you have a few 'special' Freepers who are either not super-loyal, or whose paranoia extends beyond their tribalism. So you have short, but crazy threads.

spirited irish dreams that now the Feds will be liable!
Wonderful news! Prayers have been answered. Now for vindication of Voy Finicum and possible restitution for his suffering family.
Reddy heard the defense attorney got tazed, but not that he rushed the judge, I guess:

The treatment of the defense lawyer was a warning to any other lawyer who even thinks about defending a patriot in the future...
Bshaw wants to arrest the courtroom Marshalls, and loves him some jury nullification, since it's in his favor this time:
The judge should hold all of the Marshalls in contempt of court and jail them without bail, pending a citizen’s review and possible criminal charges, for impartiality’s sake.

As for the verdict, you just witnessed the brilliance of the founding fathers in action.
FreedomStar3028 keeps it grade school:
The federal marshalls tackled and tased a defense lawyer after a not guilty verdict on his clients was delivered.


F the Feds, and the State of Oregon. F them all in the A.
WhirlwindAttack has dire portents!
It will all come to a head soon if these oligarchs remain in power.
norwaypinesavage decides the Feds have escalated:
It looks like the liberals just found out they can’t convict peace loving citizens, so they’ll just have to shoot more of them.
Boomer has a plan to make the FBI administrated by the always fair and nonpartisan Congress:
I really want to support the police whenever I can but for whatever reason there are elements within certain departments that make it really difficult to do sometimes. The FBI has traditionally been known for their cool heads and honesty regardless of which party is in power.

I agree with the Freeper who said our law enforcement agencies need to be under congress and not the executive branch. It's just too easy for a corrupt President, like we have right now, to use them wrongly because they will obey the chain of command even if the orders are wrong and probably illegal. Definitely illegal if the goal is to gun down a citizen who has not fired a shot at them or even had a gun in his hand or who was not attempting to attack them. Pretty hard for a team of police officers to make a case of self defense in that scenario; especially when it's all on tape and has been released to the media for distribution like the Finicum shooting was.
As is more and more where Freeper take refuge, Hacksaw focuses on how liberals are sad:
Great news. Libtards on twitter are all upset, I guess the feds should have shot them all and have been done with it.
an amused spectator yells at a fellow Freeper who noted that some of the yahoos plead out:
When someone posts Fedgov propaganda on FR, I feel the need to correct it. FedGov already has the MSM working for it and its Narrative.

There's plenty of people that share the "Bundys Are Guilty" Narrative on Twitter:


Check it out - you might like it over there better.

Got it? ;-)
mad_as_he$$ hates the government yet more:
The Marshal’s service behavior has been noted. I used to think they were the last fed agency that had some integrity.
trebb is sure the Marshalls were super liberal:
The Marshalls are left wing thugs, frustrated that they couldn’t railroad them. Still going after them for the ranch standoff even though they haven’t been able to manufacture enough lies after two years....
Candor7 knows Obama was involved somehow.
Ping to Fascism of Federal Government.

The civilized veneer of the Obama administration is wearing very thin.

(The “peasants” are readying their pitchforks!)
'Revolt is coming!' he said on the 40-post thread.


  1. So...the law and order types think you *should* be allowed to aim guns at law enforcement officers now? That seems like an odd position, but in Oceania black is white whenever and however long or briefly the Party says it is. Police will be justified in shooting any dark-skinned person with a bulge in their pants in self-defense by next week. I guess Y'all Qaeda were the right color to get away with being violent "gibsmedats."

    1. I was going to say that the commentator forgot to add "white" to the description of the citizen.

  2. One thing that's different out west, and specifically with these yahoos, is Mormonism.

    1. Precisely. Heretics. They don't approve of Billy Bob Spittoon's Prosperity Ministry which is a vital cornerstone of Freeponomic theory.

  3. It will all come to a head soon if these oligarchs remain in power.

    Honest question -- do most Freepers even know what an oligarch is, or do they just repeat words other people use?

    1. A ruler in an oligarchy.

    2. (especially in Russia) a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence.


    They really ought to think harder about who they're handing power to.