Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Pix

In the Trump era, Freepers have begun posting fiction from 4chan.
I expect the Obama memes to continue.
This is super important. This means something. Penis.
Savior of Western Civilization, and he hasn't even taken office yet!
Freepers do love that repurposed USSR imagery.
So many Clinton memes getting so stale so fast.
Only to Freepers do these antics seem scandalous.
We reached peak SOROS right before election day. Freepers have yet to come down.


  1. Benghazi officially became no longer a thing on November 9, 2016.

    1. For Freepers it will be forever.

      For non-Freepers, I think they put it to bed after those hearings. Hillary's weaknesses came from elsewhere.

  2. Ya'll are pouting & taking it all out on
    TWINKIE about HITLER-Y CLINTON not being
    elected. (Even with MASSIVE voter fraud, she
    wasn't going to be elected!)

    It is being very immature not speaking to
    TWINKIE when she has done absolutely not a
    thing to ya'll that should lead ya'll to
    vent your spleens on TWINKIE.

    HITLER-Y and HUSSEIN left those people at
    BENGHAZI hanging out to dry during that
    fiasco. HUSSEIN was too bizzy campaigning
    to be bothered with it. HITLER-Y just
    overslept or something, I guess. Military
    was on alert and could have gotten there in
    time to help those men hold off that bunch
    of Muzzie Marauders IF they had not received
    "orders" from headquarters to stand down and
    stay put.

    HITLER-Y'S "weaknesses" came from out of her
    own rabidly ambitious SELF. SHE fully
    intended to BE A BIG SHOT and none of us
    "UNDESIRABLES" (potential voters) were going
    to stand in her HINEYNESSE'S way, BY GAW!!!

    HITLER-Y was cruising for a bruising for a
    very long time; and if DEPLORABLE TWINKIE
    helped even in a small way to hand it to her
    then that is . . COPACETIC!!

    The CLINTONS can just take their S#itload
    of ill-gotten gains received from enemies
    of America and GTHOOD!! - and may the pile
    of cash ROT in their rancid pockets.

    I guess ya'll are all rooting for the old
    BUTT to skate on her "mistakes". Remember,
    she sits on the pot to poop just like we
    all do!

    Don't speak to TWINKIE; see if TWINKIE


  3. Re: "Freepers do love that repurposed USSR imagery."

    Putin is going to run rampant over the next four years, first the Baltics, then east Europe and the Caucus regions ...
    and Trump will have no idea how to respond.

  4. But Trump said Putin wouldn't go into Crimea.

  5. Freeper "God luvs America tells a totally true story about "Hamilton".

    1. bet his daughter totally gave away those tickers on her own and doesn't hate him now.

    2. Donate the profit on scalping the tickets to the Missionaries of the Poor. -- Tax-chick

      Better yet, find a very smelly street bum, buy him a bottle of MD 20/20 and ask him if he wants to get inside for the evening and hand him the ticket. -- VRWCarea51

      Their concern for the poor just screams sincerity with that tone.

  6. Well. Don't speak to TWINKIE. VPE Pence
    went to a play last night to watch a show;
    paid his money just like everybody else,
    brought his daughter. IF any of us had
    dissed Hussein Obama like that EVER; ya'll
    would have had a cow!

    Just one word for ya'll - NUTELLA on toast
    buttered with REAL BUTTER.

    TWINKIE does not think she is coming back to
    this snobby board to be ignored by ya'll.
    It is NOT polite.

    So, I am going and ya'll can get back to
    boring each other to tears griping about
    what a lousy job PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP
    is doing.

    I'm outta here. TWINKIE don't stay where
    TWINKIE is not wanted!

    I heard that Alexander Hamilton was vital
    to the ELECTORAL COLLEGE being implemented.

    Of course, TRUMP indicated that IF the LAW
    had provided for the POPULAR VOTE; HE still
    would have won because he would have simply

    OK. Well, ya'll can just blame TWINKIE for
    voting for TRUMP and FANG & FANG, JR. for
    voting for TRUMP.

    welcome HERE on this BLOG. Ya'll have
    finally run me off and NOW ya'll will be
    bored out of your minds IF ya'll do not
    get up out of that MIASMA that ya'll are
    bogged down in.

    IF PUTIN had crossed HITLER-Y who knows
    WHAT she would have done. OK. Bye!


    p.s. I'll try to "publish" this; but the
    HURDLES,the HURDLES ya'll make me jump thru
    are NOT easy on an elderly lady like me and

  7. Freeper "MNdude" is still trying to resurrect the Satanic Panic! of years past.

  8. Freeper "wintertime" rails against college degrees for any conservative.

    She's a real one-note wonder that one. Has she ever posted anything that was not an attack on learning?

    1. "Colleges and Universities: Godly Christian educators rise to the top, overturn the culture of leftist indoctrination, recreate a culture of genuine inquiry into the truth which is always Biblically based."


  9. Freepers are totally going to troll Hamilton to teach the cast a lesson, and George Takei is ungrateful for his Japanese internment!

    Trump Sends Bannon to HAMILTON tonight: Trolling the Libtards!

    1. The best thing about the "Hamilton" incident is it makes it clear to the world that Trump's thin-skinned baby-play is here to stay, it wasn't just campaign boobery.

      Pence, an actual ideological nightmare, comes off looking like the reasonable mature member of the executive branch.

      As for Steve Bannon ... I imagine no one even knew who he was at Hamilton.