Thursday, November 24, 2016

Muslims under (Freep's fantasy of) Trump

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off in Pittsburgh, and so Freepers' Spitesgiving will have to wait until next week to address. In the meantime, here's something to brood over on this celebration of family and outreach...

In a dark part of me, I'm a bit thankful with how miserable Freepers are in victory. It's weirdly desperate in Freepland, now that they got everything they told themselves they wanted. Just like when they get someone to resign, victory only seems to make Freepers more desperate and hungry, to make them feel more impotent even as they declare how empowered they now are.

So Freepers react to a Muslim woman saying she's afraid now with a ridiculous combination of a dismissive 'you are being overdramatic' alongside 'Trump will get you out of our country!' And it only gets more hateful from there - Freep is an object lesson that there is no ceiling to hate.

ConservativeMind hopes revenge will salve his hurt feelings:
Feel like Christians under 0bama, babies!
Psalm 144 follows some pure anti-Muslim hate by declaring any fearful Muslims to be pussies,
It is perverse, but appropriate, that the most vicious, sadistic, oppressive blood cult in history also consists of the most delicate, sniveling, whining cowards in existence.
MakeAmericaGr8tAgain declares uppityness:
Good. They have been really cocky and arrogant lately trying to take over the country.
Dilbert San Diego knows so long as we're doing better than Saudi Arabia, America has the moral high ground!
I would like to ask this girl — how do your fellow Moslems, in majority Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia, treat the “infidel”??? How do Muslim societies view Christians or other infidels????? How do your own people view those who do not adhere to Muslim theology?????

Then we can discuss, how your life experiences as a Muslim woman in America compare. Let’s have that discussion.
ThePatriotsFlag is more or less majority privilege personified:
Hey Muslims ... ASSIMILATE! No problem.
Carry me back declares that Muslims should be fearful, because all Muslims are terrorists.
Why fear Trump? if you are not yourself planning or know of others who are planning or have carried out terrorist acts, then no big deal.

The fact is Mosques are weapons depots and war planning centers and Trump is going to kick in the front door.

All Muslims know terrorist.
JPJones is joking, but after reading the hate in this thread, fuck this guy.
Obey AMERICAN law, assimilate into AMERICAN culture and there’s nothing to fear.

To show good faith, “Moderate Muslims” may want to start supporting the Republican Party.
Fightin Whitey doesn't get what the cartoonish villains he's decided Muslims are have to fear:
Scared of what? Loss of jihad?

Worsening scarcity of toddler-size bomb vests.
A_perfect_lady tries to convert the lady over the Internet, in service of the point that Muslim oppression is OK because it's not racism:
Alia, you don’t have to be a Muslim if you don’t want to.

Here in America, you cannot be killed for apostasy if you take off that hijab and decide that you can be a decent person without it, that you don’t need the Koran to tell you not to lie, steal, cheat and kill: following American law is enough to keep you on the right path.

You can still avoid pork if you want to, but you don’t need to bow toward the colonialist power of the House of Saud anymore.

This is a choice. It’s not like skin color or height: you don’t have to be Muslim.
ImJustAnotherOkie asks Muslims to stop acting badly in his imagination:
A good start for the Muslims, would be to obey the laws of the land, and stop cheering as Islamic Radicals strike. If they have not been doing that they shouldn’t have too much to fear from Trump.
ROCKLOBSTER loves him some forced conversion:
Trump's election leaves American Muslims reeling and scared


Convert or.....GET OUT!
IronJack starts with some slurs, and soon moves to violence.
I couldn’t care less. I hope every raghead from here to Trashcanistan is shaking in his sandals. Maybe the stress will help clean up the gene pool. And maybe a few loudmouth ‘slime whiners will finally get the beatdowns they’ve so richly deserved all these years.
In what's rapidly becoming a common tactic, manc just declares the article a false flag and moves on:
These B/S articles are designed to get people out to protest, and bring down Trump before he has even got to the White House.

The media still does not get it, or they refuse to accept that their job is supposed to report the news, not be the campaign groups for the Democrat party..
Chaguito is pretty sure living in fear is fine and normal, but you need to hide it!
We’ve become a nation of drama queens. 
Just do you job and quit worrying what other people think about you. Prove yourself to be worthy of respect, show respect, and shut up about your fears. Anybody who has lived for a long time in a foreign country knows the feeling and just keeps on moving forward.
Democrat_media shows up to ramble on all crazy-like about Muslims are bad and World War I atrocities:
Trump saved America from Islam!

Good Muslim villains are scared. And that means 10’s of millions of Muslims that were planing on coming to the USA if Hillary had won now won’t. and that’s the best thing of all Muslims get out of my country you Muslim Islamic evil liars. Trump saved America from Islam!

I hope Trump deports them!

The goal of Islam is world domination and extermination of all non-Islamic peoples. if you doubt that look up the Armenian genocide when Turkish Muslims exterminated 2 million Christian Armenians in 2 years in 1915 under the cover of WW1. That’s just 1 genocide.
Sarah Barracuda yells 9-11 and drops the mic.
Hey know when I got scared..when I saw people on 9/11 having to jump out of the World Trade Center because they knew they were going to THAT is scary, they dont understand REAL fear..knowing you are going to die and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to help you now THAT is fear..these Jihadist Muslims can GTFO if they have “Fear” look outside at where the World Trade Center used to be now THAT is fear
StormEye hates Muslims for all their hate:
The fact is that Americans have had enough
Arab/Muslims over here. 
We've had enough of their
mindless insane violence, their irrational hatred of
Israel, their irrational hatred of the Western Culture,
their irrational hatred of Christianity, and their
irrational hatred of anybody who isn't Muslim. 
Good riddance to them all!
Da Coyote starts with his wacky "Obama means poop and butts" schtick, and then moves to his more recent theme - dark predictions of a coming purge:
Shove it up your Obamahole, AP.

The muzzles will truly be scared in good time.

Not right now, however.
Not the only time in the thread he talks about coming anti-Muslim violence. Odd that the Trump victory seems to have driven him to deciding violence is the only solution.

Gene Eric can't even really believe this after reading this thread, can he?
Trump is the best thing that could happen for the American Muslim citizen. 


  1. These B/S articles are designed to get people out to protest, and bring down Trump before he has even got to the White House.

    Gee...bringing down a president before he even gets to the White House. Where have I heard that before? Don't worry, Freepers, we'll treat The Donald with the same amount of respect you showed to President Obama.

    The media still does not get it, or they refuse to accept that their job is supposed to report the news, not be the campaign groups for the Democrat party..

    You're talking about the same media that gave billions of dollars of free coverage to Trump? The same media that was little more than stenographers in the lead up to the Iraq War?

  2. Freepers have two choices, now that their child king is in power ...

    A) Get out there and start those "beatdowns" that they're always threatening to do.
    Then spend the next few decades in prison when they find out Trump isn't going to save them from the justice system.

    B) Do nothing except bitch on the internet, showing themselves (yet again) to be the cucks everyone always knew them to be.