Friday, November 25, 2016


Alas, I'm going to be Thanksgivenning this weekend, and besides I haven't had much of a chance to do a Friday Spotlight, gather my usual Saturday Pix and Monday bounty.

I'm thinking Monday may be some old posts from my buffer.

But today? No spotlight, but that just leaves more room for...TAGLINES!

x_plus_one quotes Menken for the thesis that wanting a good society is always fascism:
(The desire to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it" -- H L Mencken)
wardaddy switches it up a lot like always. I like this short but impotent one, from before the election.
Jeff Chandler quotes some anti-counter-culture prog-rock song I'd never heard of, but it's pretty groovy:
(Everywhere is freaks and hairies Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity?)
Leo Carpathian wants (more of ) a safe space:
Terry Mross will probably die disappointing:
(This country will fail to exist in my lifetime. And I'm gettin' up there in age.)
I think OneVike is talking about Obama?
( Muslim)
RooRoobird20 laments identity politics, except when it's about her!
(Cradle Democrat Hispanic woman, left the party in 1993 because of the Clintons)
Baldwin77 goes with two bumper stickers:
(They hated Reagan too ! TRUMP TOUGH - AMERICA STRONG)
Pelham loves him some of the black-and-white morality of Middle Earth:
(Behold a pale horse, its rider's name is Hillary and Orcs follow her)
Organic Panic impressively equates Hillary to the latest racist slur:
(Hillary Clinton, the elderly woman's version of "I dindu nuffins.")
cpdiii seems to have gone from the oil business to an angry pharmacist.
Thibodeaux will be frustrated, methinks:
(Exile Barack, Exile the Wookie, Exile Malia, Exile Shasha)
itsahoot is still at war with the GOP:
(GOP says, Vote Trump. But if your principles won't let you, Hillary is OK.)
CincyRichieRich is pretty sure no one actually disagrees with her - they're all lying.
(To liberals, lying is like brekathing. Believe what you cannot see.)
Fhios spares no superlative:
(In the end Hillary, MSM, and Obama were beat by Trumps pure strategic genius.)
Rapscallion has this shockingly odd take on Christian morality:
(The opposite of charity is justice.)



    a freeper thanksgiving slice of life ft:
    obama hatred
    trump worship
    hillary is the devil
    michelle is fat hur hur
    and p much every other free republic trope in the book

    1. What I did miss this year is the usual Thanksgiving Day thread about freepers crying about how they are all alone, because they are all poisonous old shit-bags who no one wants to be around.

      Ah well, I'm sure there will be several on Christmas, after the Trump euphoria begins to wane.

  2. max americana (For the 9th time FIRED LIBERALS from our company at this election, and every election since 2008)

    Is he a terrible businessman or just very slow witted, or else why keep hiring liberals just to fire them "every election since 2008"?