Thursday, November 24, 2016

Freeper's Trump's Agenda

NPR complied a list of Trump's campaign promises. It's the crapshow we all know. Freepers love it, but many would like to extend it some. thus we get one of my favorites - a fantasy thread.

Paul R. first would like to lament that Trump's agenda here was covered up by the press:
Good God. It would seem we have numerous FReepers who are unaware this has been out there, exactly as copy / pasted, here, for several weeks.

If the general population had been better exposed to it, I’ll bet Trump would have gained 5-10 million votes.
Still salty about the poopular vote, eh? Heh.

lurk wants everyone to know he is as smart as Trump:
A wonderful start. Most of them I already had thought of before reading this.
It's an NPR article, so a lot of Freepers follow Fai Mao's lead:
I wish one of the options was to defund NPR and the CPB.
This would, of course, have no effect on NPR's bottom line, it would just screw some rural places out of any local radio.

Restless is one of a surprising amount of Freepers whose number one priority is climate change:
A good start! My favorite is eliminating money to the UN for the junk science of “climate change.”
In retrospect, this is just more know-nothing anti-intellectualism, so of course it's a Freeper pet issue.

Kellis91789 has a great plan for government to dictate scientific conclusions:
He should go further and cancel all Federal grants to US universities doing this fake research. Have real scientists review the work already published, then release their finding and show the fraud as the reason for shutting down any more federal grant money and blacklist those researchers from future grants on any subject.
LongWayHome's dream is more in line with what I expected of Freep:
Better repeal the 1965 immigration act along with chain immigration & family reunification or we will still get buried with millions upon millions of LEGAL immigrants who vote 80% democrat.
DCBryan1 wants to take on the media, by actively going to war with the media:
Yank FCC license for ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS for one year to “review “ political bias.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin turns towards the unfavored minority:
Please put severe restrictions on islam in this country or deport them.
Do you love when Freepers have a personal experience that makes them sane in some small area? volunbeer wants to reform DoD and defense contracting, though only because he's clearly seen it himself:
There is no industry in America that is worse and it weakens our defense. If the DoD signs a contract for 100 aircraft at 100 million each to be delivered in 24 months there is no reason for the contract to become 100 aircraft at 150 million each in 48 months. While I realize that these programs are more complicated than constructing a building, this is typical for our programs even as the companies themselves post profits. The contractor must eat a large portion of the losses and pay big penalties for failure to deliver on time (just like a road construction project).

This would make our defense dollars go much further and leave more funds for training and taking care of our troops.

In return - the DoD needs to stop changing the order after it is placed and prior to delivery. DoD has a bad habit of doing this (in defense of the contractors) and this often contributes to cost overruns. One good way to fix this is to make a direct order of the 1st generation system and get it delivered on time. Like every big ticket item they can work on 2nd generation or later generation modifications after the system is delivered on time and on budget.

We have to get this process fixed because Americans have little clue about how much this costs us each year. Look at any major defense contract. It is a mess!
lurk is all about the minority targeting:
Every time money is wired out of country, 3% of the amount is taken to build a southern barrier system.
My favorite: Kellis91789 wants some sort of Public Works Administration for rural America:
I have some ideas on how he could make a start on jobs, steel industry, heavy equipment industry, infrastructure, and drought and flood control at almost no net cost.

Just expand the Army Corps of Engineers, recruit people specifically for it, buy a lot of new equipment from Caterpillar etc. and set them to work building levees and flood relief channels and settling ponds along the Mississipi and other rivers as well as a lock system to keep the river at a navigable level during droughts. We should be minimizing the amount of clean fresh water we allow to reach the ocean, keeping as much of it as possible where it can be used to “green the west”.

Use Federal lands wherever possible to create new waterways from the western rivers that feed the Mississippi and keep that water in the west. Pay for this expansion with bonds paid back by savings in the Federal Flood Insurance program and sales of water to farmers and industry in the new lands opened up.

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