Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Cleaning: Jews do not like Trump

A post that was overtaken by events before I could put it up.

Been a bit behind on my SomethingAwful Freep forum reading. But ay-nony-nony kept up, and found this!

Freepers have always been super into defending Israel. Originally it was religious, but it's become pretty clear in this age of Trump that the Christianity has left the evangelical movement some time ago (it started about when they started getting political, IMO). Nowadays it's mostly because Democrats are skeptical of Israel.

And so the always eager to generalize Freepers are left with Jews: a group that tends to vote and donate to liberals. And yet many Freepers are Jews themselves...confusing.

And when Freepers get confused, they go for delusion or anger. Trump's nativism has fueled new heights of Freeper antisemitism. And for Freeper Jews...I hope you like pop-psychology!.

Netz pulls the same 'plantation' act Freepers go for with blacks:
Jews, wake up. The Demoncratic party is not your parent's or grandparents FDR party. They are comprise of rabid antisemites and Israel haters and many of them are...Jews!
ABN 505 had this ready in his pocket:
Earn like Episcopalians, vote like Puerto Ricans.
windsorknot generalizes, and it's not pleasant for most Jews!
In general it is the Orthodox Jews that I tend to respect and trust the most.
stocksthatgoup just excizes everyone he doesn't agree with from the Tribe:
Liberals. JINOs
anton is done with liking Jews:
American Jews are hard core liberals. Nothing to do with economics. Most every one of them cares more about the “struggle” than they do about their religion.

We have a large jewish population in Cincinnati and even the jews selling used cars and vinyl siding, working for the EPA, or running a second hand store are dems up and down the ticket.

I’m sick of them. Stopped defending them after the Obozo debacle (vote for the anti-Semite with the D next to his name).
Disestablishmentarian wonders if maybe the diaspora makes you dislike nationalism:
Sadly, a great many Jews have always seemed to have an affinity for globalism and opposition to nationalism.

Maybe it stems from being without a country of their own for so long.

My best Jewish friends are strongly pro-Israel, and fully understand and emotionally agree with Trump’s efforts to ban or extreme-vet Muslim immigrants . . . but they cannot break with their democrat/U.N.-oriented politics. I’ve told them it seems insane, but it does not seem to register. So we talk mostly about our kids’ sports.

mazda77 agrees - Jews just don't know the joys of nationalism that comes from suffering to earn your own Europe did?
How would they have learned nationalism if they hadn’t had one. But one would have thought that with the war victory brought to us by the stewardship of FDR and cleaned up by Trueman, the creation of their own ancestral lands as their new homeland would have counted for something.

Maybe it is because they didn’t have to do the heavy lifting for that creation although giving all due respect for those who served. Maybe they were actually strains of the Communist Jews who fled here? It is very perplexing.
Ulysse goes full-on antisemitism:
Some jews are filthy globalist traitors ! We must face it !

Specially the wealthy jews . Don’t care about those GOP jew “donors”
This is an old story
LeoWindhorse, as usual, threatens doom:
the Liberal Jews will be judged and condemned for their pigheaded ignorance . They never learn
Alberta's Child points out Israel isn't super awesome either:
Keep in mind that compared to the U.S., Israel is a den of Marxism. So when I hear that someone is “strongly pro-Israel,” I give them the same credibility that I would have given to someone who was a strong supporter of East Germany during the Cold War.
Alberta's Child goes quite a bit further:
As I’ve said before, one look at the voting patterns of Jewish voters in the presidential elections over the last 40 years would lead me to conclude that they are collectively a bunch of mentally retarded voters.
MaxistheBest understands Antisemitism since Jews are greedy whores:
They get to spend their money for influence and make a fortune while we get to spend our tax dollars to defend Israel. A damn shame, Trump has been a friend to the Jews and this is how they pay him back and for a Clinton Beast at that. They come off as greedy whores and they wonder why there is so much anti-Semitism.

It’s too late to worry about their money, Trump is where he is because of our money and we’ll get him home with our money.

Go Trump!
Rebel2016 thinks this is because Trump is going to abandon Israel:
Well, no surprise there. Trump wants America first, end those futile wars I the ME. Not everyone likes that.
FreedomStar3028 isn't threatening another Holocaust, he's just prediction one...
It’s like they want to go back into the train cars and death camps.
TheNext knows all about Jews:
Captain Obvious.

Jews vote Democrat big govt at 90 percent. They are control freaks.
RitaOK - there is only one reason to vote Republican:
YAWN... Whut?

American “Jews” are not even *for* Israel, so why would they ever be *for* Republicans?
Having more anger than logic as usual, dp0622 stumbles his way into Jewish conspiracy theorizing:
Getting kind of sick of their bull ####.

If they were average income like everyone else it wouldn’t hurt but there are a lot of billionaires among the American Jewish population and their wealth to them should be a sign of how great capitalism is.

No. It seems like a way to use the wealth to attain one world govt or communism for thee and not for me.

If this was catholics donating by this percentage some here would already be out buying the crosses.
Netz seems to be a Jew. I hope you like text!
Why the attraction for Jews? I don’the understand.

I have a long-winded but I think accurate answer for you. I am a Conservative Jew so what I have to say, I think, is pretty accurate.

Ever since Abraham rejected idolatry, some 5,000 years ago, Jews have been “Revolutionary”, never accepting the status quo.

Jews are JUSTICE oriented and have always favored change and the improvement of the human condition, all over the planet since the dawn of civilization.

Why do you think so many of them bought the Obamian logo of Hope & “change” and “yes we can” B.S.? Jews LOVE change, crave change, almost worship questioning current accepted norms and changing things. It's part of our education. So, it is no surprise that throughout history, Jews have championed change, revolutions, movements and even radicalism.

Jews MISTAKENLY embraced Socialism and Communism, because it promised to, one, make them EQUALS to their Christian neighbors and two, promised to help them throw off the chains of the Ghetto/Shtetl existence and finally bring them into the mainstream culture. Little did they know that about 100 years later after their emancipation, they would be not-accepted again by their neighbors and annihilated by the Nazis and all their collaborators.

So, the Jews threw their lot in with the Communists, who used and abused them and then with the Socialists who use and abused them too. Every movement the Jews joined, eventually spat of them and booted them out and persecuted them.

Today they support a growing, radicalized and very hostile Democratic party but they refuse to see it. Only in the late 19th century did some Jews cling to a new movement, for and about Jews, Zionism.

Now, after 130 so years many Jews have even turned on their own national liberation movement. These are self-hating Jews who believe in Progressiveness for all peoples all over the world EXCEPT their beleaguered brothers &* sisters in Israel fighting the West's fight.

So, Jews support movements for change and have always been in the forefront of that change. From the Bible, through the Middle Ages to the 19th century Liberation and syndicalization movements down to our very own Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman and to Bernard "Lefty" Sanders. Jews, (mistakenly) want change and a bizarre sense of Justice for all, except themselves.

It's all about hoping for the best while not being realistic. The ONLY realistic Jews today are the Israelis who face death on an hourly basis because they are...strong Jews who have a strong sense of purpose and the most truest sense of REAL justice,,, survival. BTW, most Israelis would vote for Trump.
That's a lot of writing for 'non-Israeli Jews be dumb.'

Netz next compares his fellows to 'terminal hemorrhoids.'
I see Jewish heavy involvement in Liberalism equivalent to terminal hemorrhoids. I just don't get how a Jew could support Obama or any other Democrat yet, it goes on...

Jews who are Conservative or Torah oriented naturally cling to the Right along the political spectrum while assimilated, ignorant Jews, cling to the Left.
Mr. Mojo doesn't get it - Trump isn't trying to evangelize them, so why would Jews fear someone stoking racial resentment????
In recent history (the last generation or two), liberal and moderate Jews’ main (stated) objection to the Republican party is that it’s turned too socially conservative, too “Christian” for them.

The strange thing about their aversion to Trump is that he does NOT fit that profile — he’s quite moderate on abortion and LGBTQWXYZ nonsense. And he keeps his faith very private. And his tax plan kicks azz for all taxpayers, across the board. And he seems to be pro-Israel and to have rational, realistic views about the Mid East.

So all that being the case, why their hostility to Trump? I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it by questioning relatives and old friends and acquaintances, but haven’t received any satisfactory answers.

When I bring up Trump’s positions on the issues I listed above, they grudgingly concede the points and then mumble BS about him being tactless jerk and a loose cannon and uneducated about the issues and various idiotic PC pejoratives with “phobic” suffixes. Temperament and personality issues, mostly. Not so much policy. Many (but not all) even have no problem with the border wall or Muzzie immigration restrictions.

Bottom line: it’s still a conundrum. But relentless MSM brainwashing plays a big role, as do longstanding voting habits. They’re hard to break.
Yaelle is a conservative Jew, and laments how no one likes her:
It’s sad. I’m Jewish and conservative and understand what Trump is doing for us. Something I have prayed for.

My daughter goes to a new preschool in a synagogue and I am sure if I mentioned Around the school that I was for Trump it would be like saying I drink owl blood for breakfast. My extended family know I am conservative barely tolerate me.

I don’t know why many Jews don’t like Trump. He seems so NY Jewish in a way because he grew up among them.
piytar, on the other hand, declares Trump is gonna win the Jewish vote too!!
Smells like propaganda.

I have several Jewish friends, and they have many other Jewish friends whom I have met but don’t know well. Many of them are very wealthy and politically active. They all despise ILLary and actively support Trump.

But I’m in Texas, so maybe my experience is not the norm.


  1. Ya'll are all over the board since your
    QUEEN HITLER-Y lost the election.

    Oh, she is stomping her foot and pitching
    a fit like a child throwing a tantrum
    because they did not get their way.

    I TRIED to tell ya'll what was going to
    happen; but all ya'll could do was to
    ridicule old TWINKIE and attack her.

    GRINCHES!! Christmas is coming; the goose
    is getting fat! Please to put a penny in
    the old man's hat! - IF you ain't got a
    penny, a ha' penny wil do; and if you
    ain't got a half penny, Then God bless

    I heard the bells on Christmas Day!
    Their old familiar carols played,
    And wild and sweet the words repeat;
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.

    Then in despair I bowed my head,
    There is no peace on earth I said -
    For hate is strong, and mars the song,
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.

    Then more loudly rang the song -
    God is NOT dead, nor doth he sleep!
    The wrong shall fail, the right prevail -
    With peace on earth good will to men!

    Ya'll could depress me if I'd allow it!
    I forgot some of the words, WONKERS!!



    1. No. YOU are the one who is SICK! Any
      time TWINKIE tries to be halfway
      courteous to you, ay-nony-nony; YOU
      toss some smart-aleck remark my way
      that is designed to knock me off the
      PEDESTAL which you IMAGINE that I am
      perched upon. - I HAVE LIVED LONG
      ENOUGH to have learned some lessons.

      One lesson was, when I first started
      voting, I fell for JIMMUH CARTER'S
      "country boy" schtick & voted ONCE
      for him. WHAT A MESS FELL ON OUR
      HEADS! - REAGAN said that AMERICA was
      a SHINING CITY ON A HILL and that it
      WAS NOT ME who was in a "MALAISE",
      that it was JIMMY who was stuck in
      the DEMOCRAT MALAISE. - I voted for

      this point that Democrats have to
      pipe in sunlight from Florida to
      fend off Vitamin D3 deficiency.

      Now. IF time goes on and the
      Republican Party has total power for
      long enough; same will hold true for

      and not becoming wed to some "idea"
      or the other. Like ya'll have done
      with the Corroded Clintons, to
      ya'll's everlasting shame.

      Ya'll aren't joined at the navel
      with the Clintons. GET UP and GIT
      CRACKING!!!! IF Hillary runs
      Chelsea for something; think about
      it long and hard before you invest
      any of your time, money or talent in
      any more CLINTONS.

      I try to give ya'll sound advice;
      butt ya'll are STUCK on CLINTONS
      and all the time; they LAUGH AT YOU!


      P.S. I don't know what "WONKERS" are.
      I think ya'll first called me a
      WONKER. It's probably obscene. :o(

    2. And here I though you southerners had learned the lesson of not getting baited into an argument. Guess that's only for the respectable ones and not the hill folk.

  2. Oh piytar, I wonder if your Jewish friends would still be your friends if they knew you posted on free republic....

    1. So, Yaelle's extended family barely tolerate her because ... she's conservative?

      No, I'm certain her poisonous assholery is the entire reason.

    2. Sometimes it's just easier to blame others then look in the mirror. Isn't that the freeper way?