Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FBI Director James Comey

Erm, here's something that isn't even evergreen - shoulda been posted. It's pretty amusing considering what a service Comey did in the end.

Comey refused to indict Hillary. For taking away Freepers' hopes, they have integrated him into their vast left-wing conspiracy, and rain down upon him all the paranoia loathing they can gin up on short notice.

The short notice is key - it means their conspiracy theories are even more half-baked and contentless than usual. It makes for a pretty good spectacle if you're into that sort of thing, and you know I am.

This is an article from a blog I've never heard of called, 'FBI Director: 'We Will Build a Nationwide Database' to Detect Implicit Bias in Policing.' At a glance, this seems like another part of the Obama Administration's big data initiatives, where they provide tools for communities to voluntarily use in order to make better policies. Needless to say, Freepers see something far more sinister, even if they are amusingly unable to figure out exactly what it is...

wardaddy has quite the reading list:
More Turner Diaries is the new reality....sans whites fighting back
LeoWindhorse knows all who don't Freep are criminals to be jailed for the super-broad crime of treason:
Indict ,arrest , prosecute Comey.

f-ing traitor
NTHockey knows you don't need a database when you have bigotry!
Save our money. Arrest all illegals and Mohammedans. Capital punishment for felons. Deport the rest to remote islands in the Pacific.

Database complete.
jerod calls Comey a Communist, and then goes into a really pinched worldview where everything bad is socialist, and George Orwell wasn't a lifelong socialist. Also the Shriners...
The Thought Police... The Socialist dream turns into a nightmare of reality, thanks to a Communist FBI Director.

The reason George Orwell knew the methods of a socialism so well, is because he was one for a time. Then again, he was somewhat conservative too and an anti-communist. An odd contradiction since Communism is just a higher form of Socialism much like a Shriner is a higher form of Free Masonry. He believed that Hitler and Stalin were essentially the same and that is in fact correct.

totalitarianism + socialism = Communist Stalin
totalitarianism + fascism = Socialist Hitler

Totalitarianism, Communism, Socialism and Fascism are essentially different versions of the same idea. They all involve the state deciding the fate and thoughts of it’s populace.
exit82 thinks they key is no more Federal law enforcement:
We don’t need a database.

We need to disband the FBI.

They no longer serve we, the people.
jsanders2001's problem is that he no longer trusts statistics:
I don't believe I've ever read more horsesh!t from a government lackey in all my life. What's wrong with an explicit database that deals with facts and truth? Don't agree with the results? Just go out and make some sh!t up.

Worked for Obama on everything from unemployment numbers to falsified gun statistics....
LeoWindhorse is on this thread and doesn't call for a military coup? Oh wait, there he goes.
I think I heard Rush saying that this is a person who was groomed and pre-positioned , hog-tied with by certain favors and political indebtedness , to assure that he would always heel to the hand of power that ultimately controlled him , when such control was necessary or desirable . From what I see , I have to believe that .

The corruption is so deep , so pernicious , in D.C. under the Obama/Clinton Holder/Lynch regime that they now carry on completely openly , Knowing that none will , or can , challenge . And this is why we need a Mil coup . It’s the only solution , for rooting out entirely , what has come to pass . They all have to be frog-marched out of there , because they ain’t leavin by any other manner
Joe Boucher thinks the ideal leader is a satire of a cold war paranoiac:
We need a general Turgidson from Dr. Straangelove.
As it is i believe this Moe has neutered the military replacing anyone with a set with metrosexual a-holes like him.


  1. One of the few bright spots of this election season was freepers being too distracted to get too deep into their normal racism ...

    but, never fear.
    Here's tonight's Openly Racist Freeper Thread!

  2. "Don't agree with the results? Just go out and make some sh!t up."

    Sounds about right when it comes to how Freepers react to things. And accusing others of doing what they do is especially fitting.

  3. It's funny watching them try to run away as fast as possible from Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer. I wonder what those two guys' Freeper handles are.