Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Having forgotten all about the Tea Party and other right-wing protests, Seeing More Clearly Now is pretty sure all protests are Communist plots:
The Leftists are programmed like Pavlov’s dogs when someone gives the signal. In this case, it’s CPUSA. What jerks. Half the country elected Trump fair and square. These rioters are childlike in the extreme. It didn’t go their way and they’re having a preschool tantrum. Trump is the best thing that could happen to these pea brains, who don’t know how to think for themselves. Many are academics, no doubt.
As is expected from such committed partisans, toddausauras is really excited, though mostly about how unhappy the left is.
What a joy to realize what a nightmare this is for the left. Both houses and the WH. Bannon in a top post. Deportations to come….pinch me I’m dreaming!!!!
DannyTN thinks the traditional post-election circular firing squad is super significant this time:
I was watching TV today. The despair and anguish was great.

Bernie supporter ...”Appointing Hillary was like an alcoholic family refusing an intervention.”

Another...”Hillary was a terrible Canidate”.

Another...”Republicans won across the board, what did we do wrong.”

Another...”Obamacare should have been explained with simple bullet points.”

Eventually they started alternating between Van Jones calling America racist and accusing us of having a “White Lash” against Obama. And talking about how great Obama’s and Hillary’s concession speeches and talks about unity were.
Falcon4.0 begins the UnPersoning of Chris Christie, one of the things that kept me grinning last week:
I heard Levin saying that Chris Christie is staffing up Trump's Administration with Bush and Romney people.
Trump needs to watch his back.
HamiltonJay knows the Freep predicted landslide was almost true, except for that pussy tape:
The tape clearly harmed Trumps momentum, he was on his way to a HUGE win, and that stopped it dead... but they released it too early to stop him completely.

They knew hew was breaking away so they had no choice but to release in early Oct.. had they not, he would have would have broken the damn wide open.

This was closer that it should have been, but its still a win.
Cruising Speed is one of the Freepers looking towards the future, and it's mostly about revenge for agencies he doesn't like:
Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, John Holdren, Phil Jones, Keith Briffa, the heads of NOAA, et al, all need to go to jail.
Secret Agent Man has a great message for minorities that voted Trump:
Trump Voters:

Not seeing much on the wall. What I am seeing is smug ambitions about sticking it to Islam. SpaceBar thinks some article is a negotiation with him to...not be a dick?
I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.

Renounce your holy book and we’ll think about resuming negotiations.
The new birtherism isn't Hillary's health. It's Democrats all being pedophiles who talk about pizza. AndyJackson has spotted two of them!
Lock Soros and Podesta up. Just lock the pederasts up.
SisterK knows who is behind this anti-Trump unrest:
Is this the start of civil insurrection that the establishment needs to keep Trump from the Presidency? Is that what is instigating these riots? 
LOL Yeah
the devil isn’t very creative
A few Freepers are really getting theocratic post-Trump. Good luck with that, lol.

stars & stripes forever:
What the press really needs is JESUS.
Freepers are largely still not happy. MayflowerMadam is searching for a new villain to defeat:
Chelsea in politics cannot happen!! When the new AG takes down the Clintons, it HAS to be all three of ‘em. Otherwise, God help us in 5-10 years.
Drew68 wants California to stop being so uppity:
Trump says he will 'immediately' deport two to three million illegal immigrants

Hope he starts with California first. That state needs an attitude adjustment. Mr. Trump needs to show them who's the boss.
I'm like the only Democrat who likes the electoral college. But myerson rather overstates it's importance, in service of getting to yell treason:
The electoral college is part of the constitutional process for electing a president. If is is abolished, the USA would no longer be a republic. To call for this change is treason.
arthurus is still sure Hillary rigged the election, but only to win the popular vote:
She did win all the machine changed votes, the deadfolks' votes, the non-citizens' votes and the multiple votes. Subtract them from the mix and Trump wins pretty handily, perhaps very handily. That is all probably why there was no rush of lefty lawyers to the courts to challenge the election in close Trump states. The Dems know that Trump's party (not the Republicans) is keenly watching for fraud and a challenge would be dangerous to the challenger.
SoldiersPrayingMom insists military votes be counted first, because...!!!
I need to weigh in on this one!! Having been a Military Mother of 30+ yrs. I have always contended that ALL Absentee Ballots of our Military, fighting for our Freedom, SHOULD BE the very first Votes Counted before any on the Homeland!!!

More often than not, because the majority of the Military Absentee Ballots are thought to be Conservative Votes and just never seem to make here on time or somehow, just seemingly get lost in the shuffle!!! The Left knows how most of those votes are cast for Conservatives and have in the past been known to dump them in the Persian Gulf after they ended up in Afghanistan in Green Ammo Boxes and got sent back? Coincidences? NOT!!!!

This is why Military Votes Should be counted first, not left as an after thought, as IF they never counted!!
Democrat_media has decided he knows why Trump won:
We need Hannity and Laura to get Trump reelected with their radio shows. they helped a lot. 

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