Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election potpourri

So the world is in for interesting times, but none so interesting as Freepers, whose ambitions rise to ever higher scenarios of revenge.

The wall has fallen by the way side, and this morning they concentrate on all the people that are unhappy about the election.

The Supreme Court is going to be rough to see.

moviefan8 is pretty sure all his paranoid scenarios are now true:
I wonder if Huma and Hillary have left the country. I am pretty sure Huma is on her way out now.

The big reveal shortly will be that Hillary has Parkinsons or some other life ending disease.
Balding_Eagle does not stint on the hyperbole:
We have no idea what we just did. It’s going to be yuge!

Ain't that a fact.

Could be so big it comes to be called THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION II.
b4its2late wants it to be 2008 again.
Thank the Lord! All of the chaos Obama has caused needs to be undone, including lowering the debt, and draining the swamp in DC. The convention of states needs to happen. And also, on a side note, the liberals are going to be fun to watch.
Vision Thing feels validated in being a horrifying asshole:
Yo Van Jones: just tell your children that mommy and daddy made a mistake and should’ve used contaception. Then apologize for bringing them into this #deplorable world. Tell them they should have never been born.
Socon-Econ doesn't like that Trump seemed nice at one point:
Trump just made his first mistake with his “gracious” victory speech. These leftists are going to fight harder than ever, just as they did after Reagan was elected. To survive, Trump is going to have to remain on a permanent war footing.
Freeper fun can get fantastical. nopardons may have never had fun in her life, though:
Baron Trump for President 2044!

Didn't you ever learn that BOTH parents MUST be American citizens at the time of a presidential candidate's birth? And this is a REALLY STUPID vanity, posted to news. Ask for it to be deleted.
datricker wants her supporters to feel badly:
I think its high time the presss start asking about Mrs.Clintons alcohol addiction. Really let her supporters bask in over the thanksgiving, Christmas break.
On a Free Republic awash in smugness, GnuThere does not see:
and wipe the smugness’s been unbearable!
onehipdad is still thinking about Hillary:
I don’t want to read anything about HRC that does not include the word “indictment”.
LeoWindhorse, though, is still on the old villain:
I agree , it’s time to investigate and prosecute OBAMA .

No mercy , no pardons
Ken H is really defining the USSR down these days:
He broke up an evil empire. For that alone he will be remembered by history.
AmericanInTokyo lets his abortion hyperbole soar:
People crying, leaving Clinton headquarters

May their cries join the silent screams of millions of babies too small and weak to fend for themselves who have or would be ripped and torn from their mother’s wombs, over pure selfishness, which that politician and her followers would support as a “choice”.
And, because so many on the left were saying this, 5th MEB is good medicine. This is not how you should be.
Their tears are so sweet upon my tongue, I have thirsted so long for their defeat and pain.

I will rejoice in their suffering and pain; as I drive their men, women, and children before me, as I burn their fields and homes, as I slaughter their livestock, as I poison their wells.

Yes; I am a vindictive bastard and I don’t take prisoners.
I'll do a survey of reactions from some of our favorites tonight, and then probably some time off. I'll still be monitoring Freep, but I don't think anyone here wants to read the same chortling posts for a whole week.


  1. I always knew there was a chance Trump could win. Well, now he has to actually govern. Freepers are like a dog chasing a car. Now that they've caught the car, what will they do? I'm betting that Freepers will be supremely disappointed in a Trump presidency.

    1. they won't care as long as "those people" hurt worse.

    2. So long as they see a few extra busloads of Mexicans heading south and steps/SC nominees to keep cross dressing preverts out of the wrong bathroom they'll see it as a win overall no matter what else does/doesn't.

    3. Remember they can always blame Trump's massive failures on Obama!

    4. To answer the accusation that I want
      everyone to be as white as a lily;
      I am NOT white.

      Mankind in general, including
      womankind is imperfect and not
      suitable for governing himself.
      That is why Yeshua Ha Maschiach,
      (Jesus Christ) WILL return to this
      earth eventually to govern it in
      righteousness and truth. No human
      being is at this time up to the task.

      Now, GIT UP & GIT CRACKING!!

      Eat ya'll's selves a few good meals
      with meat & potatoes AND dessert.

      Quit bitching and moaning!
      Understand we do NOT mind a "woman
      President"; but we are sick and
      tired of the damned Clintons after
      THIRTY YEARS of their antics!

      GLASS CEILING, along with many other
      women in this world!

      We are NOT opposed to LEGAL
      IMMIGRATION; like everybody's great-
      great-great grandpa had to do.

      Go eat a good meal or two!! Quit
      dieting & preening in front of that
      mirror!! . . and INSULTING TWINKIE'S


    5. You think you're sick of the Clintons? We're sick of your side demonizing them with unfounded accusations for 30 years, just because Bill dared to unseat a Republican president.

      Also, even if you don't want a lily white America, you have allied yourself with those who do. Good luck with that.

      Lastly, I will eat what I damn well please and nothing you say will ever change that.

    6. Yesh' Hav'a Hammsammich (Magic Sky Monkey) is going to come back to earth one day and make STINKIE finally wash her moo-moo for once, and then send her to Sonic to get us all corn dogs! YAY!!

    7. euphgeek et al; No. "Bill" DARED to
      "unseat" his little office assistant
      & place her UNDER his desk in order
      to SERVICE him with "oral" sex,
      squirting his semen DNA all over her
      after she had given him "head" more
      than once I'd wager!

      Is THAT what YOU want in conduct from
      YOUR President of the United States?

      Give it a rest; and by all means,
      eat what you please - provided it is
      a great big juicy grass fed steak,
      baked potato with real butter, rolls,
      a salad with full-fat dressing,
      preferably blue cheese AND a big
      slice of Coca-Cola cake with a scoop
      of full-fat vanilla ice-cream (it
      should be Breyers, of course).

      Or you can have a yogurt if you'd
      rather; or a grilled salmon steak
      from Captain D's with steamed veggies.

      Or . . CHITTLINGS!! If you've
      never tried them . . . well, it's
      part of the black experience. A
      stinky part to be sure . . . but . .
      quit bitching and moaning and
      insulting TWINKIE!!


    8. You keep telling yourself that, twinkie. The Monica Lewinsky issue didn't come up until 1998, but Republicans were after him long before that. So you give it a rest.

      And who says I'm not eating any of that food? I'm not missing out on anything.

  2. isn't it time for that obama coup we've been hearing about for eight years?

    1. It just happened. A billionaire oligarch took over the GOP and now the country. Trump is actually Soros in a wig - didn't you know? ;)

    2. Well, excuse me for not wanting Bill
      Clinton for my First Lady!!

      TRUMP doesn't wear a wig or color his
      hair. His older sister (the judge)
      has the exact same hair as he does,
      same color, everything.

      Obama's bunch knows better than to
      stage a "coup" as you call it. He is
      NOT quite as popular as he fancies
      himself. Besides, there are still
      elements of the military that would
      not cooperate with him and his bunch
      in such a plot. . PLUS, us damned
      DEPLORABLES, still clinging to our
      GUNS & our RELIGION (the Jihadists
      aren't? only, they add suicide belts
      to the equation). Us DEPLORABLE
      Christians value the life that the
      Lord God gave us too much to buy into
      that whole "76 virgins" if you blow
      yourself up and kill "infidels"

      Ya'll will survive without Hillary
      & Billious, believe me.


    3. Yes, we'll survive. Not only that, but electing Trump has done nothing to stop us from trying to shape the country the way we want to. In fact, it may even invigorate us to do more than ever.

      Meanwhile, by electing Trump, you have played right into the hands of the terrorists you pretend to hate so much. Good going!

    4. Yes, I'm sure Donald Trump's old lady sister never colors her hair either.

      Oh STINKIE, I hope you stick around long enough to see how Donald will be fucking you over for the next four years ...
      that is, if he even sticks around for four years. I bet he'll get bored by February and resign.