Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Enough of my family are computer professionals that I spent the time getting to know my ten-year-old second cousin as they all talked nonsense-jargon in the living room. Politics was touched on, but not dwelt upon.

Meanwhile, Freepers are taking a different joy in the holiday. In the past, Freepers have seized on Thanksgiving to be paranoid, bitter, and hateful.

Now, in their empowerment, we can add petty and spiteful to the list!

A validated Freeper's assholishness unleashed is a sight to behold. With a bit of perspective, though, it's clear how Free Republic is encouraging them to punish themselves.

x1stcav was looking forward to laying down some smug, but instead got avoided:
For us, it was a time of healing.

Yeah! Right!

Rubbed their faces in the dirt. Healing? Here's some carbolic acid.

Actually it was very pleasant. I guess the lefties I know make it a point to stay away from me.

Healing? After they tried to ruin this country the last eight years! I’ll show you healing....
wgmalabama proudly discriminates. In Alabama, I don't think that's too hard.
I don’t allow communists in my house period. Liberals, progressives, communists, tree huggers .... they get the boot. Life is short so leve them out. No quarter no prisoners no invite. If there were any at the house they kept their mouth shut. I have no problem sayin get the hell out. I will say we did only have 16 people this year.
Pollster1 is another Freeper looking for approval for choosing hate over family:
Liberals were not invited to my home for Thanksgiving or any other day. Perhaps when America is not facing a leftist threat to its existence I can tolerate them again. Perhaps not. But until then, my liberal brother and his parasitic family are not part of my family.
Yaelle's sexism dressed up as false sympathy is just cloying and awful:
My mom’s pussy of a new boyfriend cancelled his Facebook account because he couldn’t “tolerate” the Trump talk, and now gutlessly posts under her name (non-political stuff). If only my dad were alive, Thanksgivings would be so much better.

I’m sorry. I wish your mom hadn’t felt so desperate and now probably invested in this jerk. Women need to feel strong enough to not cling to idiots when their new flame is seen to be one. Best to back up and be alone than to feel stuck to some guy whom your kids do not even like.
CassieL boasts how she ruined Thanksgiving:
My sister and “mixed-race” brother in-law hosted. I knew I was in for a day of “highbrow” discussion amongst them and their liberal friends, including lots of NYT quotes, and praise for Nicholas Kristof. 
Each guest was given an index card to write down, anonymously, three things they are thankful for. I wrote, “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump”. The cards were placed in a turkey hat, and before dinner we each had to pick a card and read out loud the three things someone else is thankful for. Well, my brother in-law drew my card... Long story short, I was tagged as the person who “ruined the day”, “wrecked Thanksgiving”, blah, blah blah. It was great.
etabeta also boasts of a dick move:
We had two relatives mildly leftists...day before I was warned that we would leave politics outside the door as they knew how vocal I can be in my pro-Trump stance...I got my saying when we prayed, at the amen I added “and God thank you for the gift of Mr. Trump”....long silence, stern stares and “we were told no politics at the table”, to which I said “A prayer of thanks has nothing to do with politics”. It was altogether a great family gathering.
HokieMom has introduced me to the 'Trump-bump,' which is pretty lame. But it's saved by how amusing it is that she thinks she hid her smug condescension from her relatives.
Lots of Trump-bumps and

Trump wine at our Trumpsgiving. The two #crookedhillary and naive Gary Johnson voters never mentioned it. We tried to keep our Trump conversations among our own 'tribe' so as not to appear boorish to the young skulls full of mush.
zerosix laments her grandchildren somehow turned out liberal:
Had dinner and pleasant evening with my grown daughter &a her hubby, who had both voted for Trump.

I adore those granddaughters and even paid their tuition to private Christian schools but they've been tainted by the culture and their dad's leftist family, though I doubt if he even bothered to register, much less vote!
XEHRpa is stoked she drove liberals away:
At our family Thanksgiving, the leftist families retreated to their safe zone, whenever we Trump voters expressed our joy on the subject. I should have brought the Preparation H for all the butthurt.
workerbee totally doesn't care her family is splitting up over politics:
The most liberal part of the family canceled for Thanksgiving. *shrug* We’ll see what happens at Christmas.
TNoldman is super happy his family is shrinking:
The Hillary voters in our Family did not attend the Family gathering. Only Trump voters showed up.

It was a good - happy day.
Guenevere is cutting her family down to only Trump:
We chose NOT to go to our extremely liberal relatives for Thanksgiving this year!!!!!!

INSTEAD we had the loveliest TRUMP only Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family!!!!!!

And the next day we all went to the Magic Kingdom ( yes, I know).....but we were as happy as little kids and felt like acting silly and giggly!!!!
elcid1970 is on the wrong website for perspective!
In Dodge City & Tombstone gunslingers left their weapons at the saloon entrance, sheriff’s orders.

Why can’t guests at family gatherings do the same?
Crusher138 certainly made an impression on his family!
The discussions kept sliding into political talk. My wife, my youngest son and I are conservative. My eldest son sort of is, but he has been corrupted by his bleeding heart wife. She is a sweetheart, but she quietly thinks Trump is a horrible, horrible person. She talked my son into not voting at all.

Every time the election came up, one of my sons would say, “hey, no political talk!”

It seemed that no matter what I said it was being interpreted as political talk.

Finally, after being chastised for the umpteenth time, I growled...

“I don’t see any of your names on the mortgage bill. Or the electric bill. Or the water bill. When you start paying those, you can tell me what I can talk about in my house.”

No problems after that.
SamAdams76 seeks approval from the 'older folk.'
Surprisingly, all the older family members, even if they were Democrats, said that Trump should be given a fair chance to show us what we can do. I got the impression that all the mature people were pretty pleased that Trump got in and not Hillary. The young ones needed work though and they started getting shrill and yapping about the "popular vote." I schooled them pretty well on the Electoral College and even the older folk were impressed with the way I laid it out.

Even the Bernie-bots agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea for Los Angeles and New York to decide the election for everybody else. Which is what we'd get in a popular election scenario.
ntnychik...who the crap brings up Jeb! these days?!
Trumpsgiving! Daughter’s new bf is an enthusiastic conservative. Son’s new bride’s Dad was on Team Jeb(!) She voted for DJT. There was some conversation on Jeb’s candidacy and his future. At some point I said Please clap. The devil made me do it.
Grampa Dave  boasts how conservative he's managed to twist his sons:
No problem at our Thanksgiving Dinner. Our grandkids participated in surveys at their private schools, and both were told that they were the most conservative students in their classes, Sophomore and Senior.

Our guests donate free time to feed the those in Need at our Local Salvation Army and believe there should be no welfare.

One of our sons makes me look some what moderate. His younger brother is an independent, who hates socialist liberals and the GOPe. He is laughing at all the liberals claiming that they are going to Canada. He asks them why not Mexico.

My wife and DIL despise liberals, who try to make them, their sisters and daughters look helpless and in need of someone like H. Clintoon.

So the basic politics was thank you Lord, for our new president, Donald Trump, Amen!
Bluebeard16 tells an uplifting tail of how his son-in-law became a bigot:
You cannot change a person if you do not communicate with them. Case in point, my son-in-law has listened to me rag on about islam/muslims for years now. He always thought I was being extreme in my views. Well, after many years his light bulb on been turned on and he realizes what islam really is now. Try not to give up all hope on your brother. He really needs your help right now.
glenduh mostly mixes up opinions and facts, and demands citations:
Liberal millennial nephew. Didn’t vote. Trump too arrogant. Obama deported more than any President. Legalizing pot all good! He had no idea who/where his “facts” are from.
One-note Ann Archy hints of a really fraught family life:
With an old Jewish aunt who just WRITHED in pain at even saying that "T-word" won!! ANd then started railing about how Global Warming was going to kill us all, and COWS emit a GAS and that there were too many of them!!

When asked if she used her air-conditioner and car, "yes, of course" and when told that Sheryl Crow said to ONLY use one sheet of toilet paper, she laughed....then told her that Babs Streisand told everyone not to use their clothes dryer, and she said that Babs's maid probably uses a clothes dryer....so we thought she had come to her senses, and then she said..."MIAMI FLOODED, so Global Warming is REAL"!!! My husband and I in unison said..."It was the SUPER MOON....you know, Aunti, that the MOON CONTROLS the tides, right"?? omg.


  1. "Remember kids, if you don't wear sunscreen when you're old you'll get Trump Bumps." - probably your mom.

  2. I can't wait to see what next year's Thanksgiving is like for Freepers. Either Trump will be so incompetent as to be a laughingstock, or he will profoundly disappoint them. I'm betting on the former, but the latter would be just as entertaining.

    1. I'm expecting some Christmas fallout from the Thanksgiving freeper boobery.

    2. That's if he's still in office, I'm expecting him to tap out after 6 months.

    3. Euphgeek; TRUMP is making a decently
      competent start. To WISH failure upon
      a POTUS is crappy; and HOPING he
      fails BEFORE he is even "sworn in",
      as OBAMA often remarked, is just a
      plain old dirt sandwich.

      GIT OVER IT! WE had to and DID with
      OBAMA & THE CLINTOONS before him.
      The PENDULUM swings, and it has swung
      Party" did NOT march, loot & riot
      because DEMOCRATS "won" after OBAMA
      was elected. In fact, the "Tea Party"
      did NOT loot & riot at all. Ya'll
      have bought into the fables of liars
      who spin stories out of whole cloth.

      John Fraidycat, HITLER-Y would have
      been the one who would more likely
      TAP OUT after less than 6 months
      unless she got her regular nappys!

      TWINKIE told ya'll weeks before the
      election that HITLER-Y CLINTON was
      NOT going to be elected. - Ya'll
      scorned TWINKIE to distraction; then
      BLACKGUARDED TWINKIE when what she
      tried to tell you came true.

      NOW. WHEN CHRIST returns to this
      burnt and scorched earth to RULE &
      NOT DO HER DUTY AND tell you that
      CHRIST died on the cross for YOU,
      that HE now is seated at the right
      hand of the FATHER IN HEAVEN and,
      moreover, HE WILL RETURN & PROBABLY
      VERY SOON to judge the living and
      the dead and to sit on the THRONE
      OF KING DAVID in Jerusalem, Israel.

      Scoff if you like; but as sure as
      "The Orange One" was elected POTUS,
      JESUS CHRIST will return to this
      earth; and you know that TWINKIE
      speaks the TRUTH.


    4. You're so sick! You and your whole family!

    5. Trump's start is anything but competent. He's already hiring Washington insiders and lobbyists for his administration just like he promised you he wouldn't. So much for draining the swamp. I told you to pray to any deity you believe in and some you don't that Trump wouldn't be elected, but you didn't listen. You'll see how right I was. As far as hoping he fails, we're just feeding you the same dirt sandwich your side fed us after Obama was elected.

      The Tea-liban certainly did march in protest when Obama was elected because of policies they were told he had, not any actual policies he tried to enact. I never said they rioted or looted. But they did carry guns everywhere.

    6. TRUMP is hiring CAPABLE people to do
      the jobs instead of the MUSLIM
      organizers that OBAMA and the
      WEINERS do.

      SO, you suggested that I PRAY that
      HOPDIDDLE be elected? I had two
      choices in the human realm. One I'd
      already had a bellyful of and the
      other - less than perfect. I made the
      only choice I found palatable.

      OBAMA is and has been a LIAR. Keeping
      that "legacy" going? NO THANKS!

      Tea Party people carried guns where
      it was legal for them to be carried.
      IF they had been attacked by Jihadist
      you can be sure they would have
      blasted butts toot sweet IF they were
      attacked. (That is the only language
      these Jihadists understand.) I DID
      NOT march with the TEA PARTY; but
      would be prouder to march with them
      than with OBAMA'S Muzzie buddies.

      Look. We live in the sticks. You do
      not, I assume. We have to be armed
      in order to meet the daily ANIMAL
      threats here on the river. IF any
      JIHADIST comes crawling through the
      woods here; they will get their fat
      MUZZIE BUTTS peppered full of
      buckshot. Just don't come here
      wearing an eyehole mask and crawling
      through the sinkhole snakepit like
      a maniac if you don't want to get
      your butt full of lead. ANYBODY
      with a lick of sense would know
      this. - We're tough, but we're FAIR.
      "RECONSTRUCTION" toughened us up
      tough as rawhide.

      We are not snowflakes. IF YOU are,
      just melt away and leave us alone!


    7. Your husband is a sick pervert, and so are you.

    8. If you stubbornly refuse to believe me, twinks, then you'll just have to wait to see how right I am.

  3. The cult of personality surrounding Trump is both dangerous and extremely upsetting. I imagine the wrinklebags aren't too dangerous- more sad and infantile.

  4. On a day when Freepers were whining that Tennessee is basically on fire because of a drought (hey, there's no climate change) and complaining that "liberals" didn't take notice in the media, they're still mocking climate scientists. You know what? You can start a GoFundMe, Tennessee, or have yerself a fundraisin' barbecue, and get yourself some volunteer firefighters. Sorry you're on fire, but since there's no drought, please don't worry about whether liberals in the media cover your story; you've already decided you don't need the help, and anyway, weather happens.

    1. At least part of your post is right on
      the bullseye; and part of it is just
      plain BULL.

      TENNESSEE is on fire because of a
      temporary DROUGHT that has come in
      cycles for as long as I can remember.
      The DROUGHT has broken and now the
      rain is falling in abundance. - As
      for the FIRE in the SMOKIES; the
      "experts" are thinking it is ARSON;
      & given how PETULANT you liberals just
      because the SPLIT-TAILED HILLARY
      CLINTON lost the election. . and she
      needs to SHUT HER PIEHOLE!!

      Some liberal fellow tweeted that he
      hoped our entire state burned to the
      ground since "we" didn't vote for the
      LOVE of his life - the CLINTOONS!

      The SMOKY MOUNTAINS have been a part
      of my life most of my life. The cabins
      & chalets up there are, were, mostly
      just modest structures furnished very
      simply. (We have rented & borrowed
      them at different times.) - The shops
      in Gatlinburg are the livelihoods of a
      lot of people. So far, the shops are
      mostly spared.. the beautiful trees
      suffered greatly.

      TENNESSEE has risen to the challenge
      and always has, even back when it was
      TINASE and the Cherokee lived here (&

      The SMOKY MOUNTAINS have survived
      hundreds of years of lightning strikes
      with the mountains burning without
      anyone to "fight" fires.

      No. We DON'T worry about the CLINTOON
      MSM "covering" OUR story. - WE are the
      "Volunteer State". We volunteer to
      stand in the gap & defend our country.

      NO. I don't really think you're "sorry" we're "on fire" -
      because WE didn't vote for your
      Thing is; you don't know for sure
      that many of the HUMAN BEINGS hurt by
      the fires DIDN'T vote for HITLER-Y.
      After all, they're RICH DEMOCRATS.

      Don't get me started on SHILOH! YOU


    2. You're a sick pervert! You and your whole family.

    3. YOUR reading comprehension is a
      life all unto itself. ANYONE who
      didn't vote for HITLER-Y is a
      "pervert" in your book.

      You need to eat a good meal and a
      dessert and quit dieting. When you
      are pointing a finger at me; you are
      pointing THREE fingers back at

      This RECOUNT thing that HILLARY IS
      PUSHING is a fizzle-fart. SHE LOST!
      PERIOD!! - Maybe someday a WOMAN
      that GOD sees as WORTHY may well be
      elected POTUS. HILLARY was NOT that
      WOMAN and BILL was definitely not
      worthy to be our FIRST LADY!!!

      WHEN Hillary crashes through that
      glass ceiling in the sky, MARGARET
      THATCHER will be sitting there with
      RONALDUM MAGNUS and a few other



    4. Your husband is a sick pervert and so are you.

      Eat a good meal or two, with dessert.
      YOU are the one who is SICK from
      DIETING and sleeping in your parents'
      musty basement! THEY secretly wish
      you would get a job and move out or
      start doing some self-created job
      (not drug dealing!) that you enjoy
      working at and quit sponging off of

      FANG had to finally just go out on
      his own and be his own boss. He got
      too ill & fracticious to get along
      with a "boss". He finally just kept
      working with the Court as an in-
      vestigator & was good at it. IF a
      debtor would level with him; he
      could help them; but if they were
      trying to lie to him, he got really
      aggravated at them. We travelled
      together a lot & I did his word
      processing, also worked in our
      antique & collectibles store. We
      made a living; but didn't get rich
      at it. It would not have been an
      honest living IF we HAD managed to
      milk huge sums of money off people's
      misery (like the CLINTONS). Do NOT
      be like them or you'll be a CROOK!


      WE ARE NOT "perverts", WONKER! WILLY

      Oh. BUBBA CLINTON could NOT have been
      elected again after that second
      fiasco of his.

      OK. Well, I've given you the benefit
      of my considerable sage wisdom. NOW,
      HOP TO IT!!!


    6. You're a sexual pervert, and so is Fang.

    special tonight. She is from the Smoky
    Mountains & has to be just heartbroken about
    all the devastation in her mountains.

    I'm a hillbilly from these Tennessee
    mountains, a Scots-Irish, Cherokee Indian
    hillbilly born and bred here. I don't fit
    into ya'll's little "Freeper Basher" club.
    I'm also a Huguenot American Patriot from
    way back.

    My aim is improving every day, and I WILL
    defend my neighbors, my animals and myself