Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Another Freeper found this nugget about the Hamilton drama that dominated the media this weekend. God luvs America tells a totally true story about how teenaged daughters totally work.
Little background- my 13YO daughter is an exceptional dancer that's been in several off broadway shows. She's also a huge supporter of Donald Trump. For the past six months she's been begging me to get her tickets to Hamilton (we live just outside NYC). I told her i refuse to buy her tickets to that show for a variety of reasons. My wife scored a pair of tickets for my daughter a few weeks ago and asked what i thought. "Worst case scenario," I said, "we can sell them on stub hub."

After finding out what happened last night my daughter told me this evening she has no interest in seeing the show and is selling her tickets. She then read something on the Hamilton website which seemingly boasted about last night's events which angered her further. Bottom line; my daughter has been rapping and dancing to Hamilton for six months but is now so turned off by what they did she wants nothing to do with the show. I could imagine what the middle of the road ticket buyer must be thinking.
I'm amused by how many on the right are saying they're gonna boycott the show. As if it's having any trouble putting butts in seats.

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper really wants to start purging America.
let’s do something to stop these red bastards, namely call for the immediate recreation of the House Internal Security Committee, give it broader powers to investigate violent groups (they don’t have to be just reds, eithers) and help expose them through televised congressional hearings, reports, and press conferences.

This was done in the past, esp. with the former House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA)and its predecessor, the House Special Committee on Un-American Activities (SPCUA). They exposed not only the Communists/Soviet operations, but also the German-American Bund, Japanese Imperialist support groups in the US, and the KKK.

In fact, it was the HCUA televised hearings in the mid-1960’s that destroyed the national power of the KKK, a little known and never reported fact that the mainstream media ignored like the plague.

I don’t want the Senate to have a similar committee because if the Dems ever get control of the Senate, they will abolish the Committee/Subcommittee just as they did the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee of the Sen.
Funny he's not worried about the Dems abusing the power, just stopping Patriots from using it...

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper is a psycho:
Bring back NAPALM, the weapon that ISIS fears the most. Crispy Critter time in the desert.

Overwhelms berms, trenches, tunnels, gun emplacements, buildings, watch towers, armed vehicles, armed camels, and cowardly ISIS fighters dressed as women (they go up like Roman candles, they do).
SgtHooper has no idea how pardons work:
When Trump gets in he should immediately pardon Joe [Arpio].
Senator Goldwater:
I’ve got Sheriff Joe running ICE, while Sheriff Clark will be heading up the EEOC.
fhayek is still scoring points on how gay Obama is:
Obama will be late to every presser, but he can be so anal over Reggie Love.
Victory? What victory? Da Coyote remains a bitter nihlist:
Civil war is still coming.
Someone with a name like heterosupremacist totally pretends he at one point thought Freepers didn't have a monopoly on virtue:
Early in the primaries, I thought it was left v right. Those who vote for a living v those who work for a living. Socialists v patriots. Stupidity v intelligence. Now, it is clear that it was evil v good.

Pray for President Trump. I believe we will make America Great Again!
Freepville is not good at joy ore gratefulness. Many Freepers are like Eleutheria5. Sore winners whose only joy is in fantasizing about Hillary's reaction.:
Hillary: SNAARRRRRRL! FROTH! RAAARRRRRRR! Please accept the results of this election, and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power. ROOOOOOOOAR! BOOGA! BOOGA! BRANDISH SWORD!

Obama: Pretty much the same.


Sanders: Cut it out, guys. There. Happy?
rovenstinez now thinks he has his finger on the pulse of the electorate for all time:
David Plouffe: What I Got Wrong About the Election

I am not a journalist, but I could see a Trump win. Is he stupid?
Having their delusions not disproven this election, 11th_VA dives straight into further delusion:
If THIS data was wrong, what about the data that says Obozo is at his highest approval levels of his presidency - aren’t those the same pollsters?
vannrox found some idiot book, and now demands fascism:
The 15th Law of Power

Crush your Enemy Totally

All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.) If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation: The enemy will recover, and will seek revenge. Crush him, not only in body but in spirit.
As I said, no joy in Freepville. Rashputin is one of many Freepers weeping salty tears at the popular vote:
Subtract all the votes from California and I bet dollars to donuts that Trump won the popular vote which is exactly why someone from California doesn't like the Electoral College.
Regulator woulda won but for all the fake Latino citizens in California!
Prove to me that the Mexican population of California - 4% in 1970, 48% now - is actually born of citizen parents somewhere in their lineage.

Between the 1986 IRCA and the Clinton free for all with green cards in the 90s, there are a signifcant fraction who came to the state legally. All the others are here illegally, or born of illegals.

Take a little trip to South Central LA, Maywood, Santa Ana, the San Fernando Valley (Eastern end), or pretty much anywhere in the San Joaquin valley. It’s Mexico.

I don’t think anyone East of the Mississippi can quite come to grips with this. Has to be seen to be believed.

But it’s a fact, Jack.

And we can’t say it was an unarmed invasion either. The smugglers are armed. It was hostile. Maybe not too much gunfire, but that’s because our side already surrendered.
ROCKLOBSTER declares the popular vote RIGGED, and demands a Trump investigation:
The so-called "popular vote" has a valid purpose...that being; to be used as a yardstick to measure voter fraud.

that kinda tipped their hand on what they intend to do to cause problems. These ‘popular vote brags’.

They might want to tone it down, as I'm sure the Trump admin is going to seriously look real hard at the "bastions of liberalism" for the perpetrators of "The Rigged System" (voter, voting, and election fraud)
Sam Gamgee is sure the rest of Europe are all respectful of America now!
Us in the other parts of the West are looking at America as the only adult among us.
Where does he live, that he thinks anyone looks up at Trump as an adult?

While discussing SOROS, it becomes clear ConservativeMind has no idea how citizenship works.
Naturalized citizen.

Great, that can be revoked!
Alas for Freep, naturalized citizenship isn't some second class revocable citizenship.

BRL is already apologizing for Trump rumors:
Trump Rumored To Be Appointing Gay Advisor As U.S. Ambassador To The UN

Think outside the box.... The gay guy gonna bash muzzies
bigtoona discusses 'Pizzagate' my new favorite Freeper conspiracy, that all wikileaks e-mails that discuss pizza are actually code for pedophilia.
Yes, this has been going on for decades, its just finally hitting the mainstream now! 
Maybe we can put an end to this and unravel thus global cabal. These are the people vying to rule over us. 
Some of these UN and world bank people look creepy and now I know why.
Talisker meets all hand-wringing that liberals should get to know Trump voters by advocating for rage and beatings:
My problem is that I don’t know of anyone who’s been able to discuss anything rationally with a liberal for over ten years. The Clinton’s stopped rationality, in order to protect and sell themselves.

And, horrifyingly, it’s worked. Millions have implanted their thumbs firmly in their mouths, crapped their pants, and sat in it, screaming. That’s America today - in virtually every family. How many Freepers are about to have to deal with Thanksgiving and a load of these creatures in their own family?

We’ve tried loving kindness. It doesn’t work. These people need loving aggression, in their faces. IMHO, they need to see the rage THEIR subhuman narcissistic insulting contempt has generated. They need to be personally challenged as to how many teeth they are willing to lose for the cause.

This is a war by other means. These idiots serve masters who intend them and us dead. Being harsh to them, therefore, saves lives. It’s better they go to bed without cocoa and their blanky, crying their eyes out at age thirty, then be put up against a wall and shot someday by their masters who finally have no more need for their pathetic excuse for a human life.


  1. "Pizzagate" bears some watching, if just to see how far freepers are going to go down the crazy hole with more and more outlandish "discoveries".

    Keep an eye on savagesusie ... she's eating this shit up with two spoons. Turns out that she is a total "Satanic Panic!" believer from way back.

  2. Talisker got the zot yesterday

    1. Huh.

      From his post history (;brevity=full;options=no-change) it looks like he got into a fight about whether women being raped in Saudi Arabia deserved it for traveling to a Muslim country.

      He thought they didn't, and accused some other Freepers of being unchristian for saying they women were asking for it...

    2. Yep. Though he had some replies deleted in another thread about the moron with the Rape Melania sign that expanded on it.

      That place gets worse every day.