Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

I didn't really see Freep much pre-Obama, so I don't know if this is a regular thing, but VideoDoctor is still chasing the black vote despite all numbers
The Blacks voting are voting for Trump.

I've talked with well over a dozen who have and most say the Hillary supporters in the Black community have become lukewarm since the 2nd debate.
GrandJediMasterYoda has certainly settled into an entirely spite-based reality where electoral outcomes are judged mostly for the misery they cause to the people he hates
I doubt it would happen, but can you imagine if they recommended an indictment in the coming few days, a hairs breath from the election? Hitlery has been waiting her entire life for this and right when it is a thread within reach it is snatched away! BWA HA HA HA!!!! It would drive her absolutely straight jacket insane.

I could just see her picking up a knife and threatening to stab people or taking Huma as a hostage while screaming "I'M THE PRESIDENT! I'M THE PRESIDENT! IT WAS MY TIIIIME!!!!" Then they taser her as she goes into a seizure and they take her away wearing Hannibal Lecter mask and a straight jacket.
hinckley buzzard remembers how the FBI used to be corrupted by Bill, but now it's anti-corrupted by...Bill...
It is useful to recall, when Billyboy Clinton was president he compromised and politicized the FBI to do his partisan bidding, as if the FBI was his private goon squad. Those agents who were used and humiliated then have long memories, and they have not forgiven. This is a big payback time as Clintons' sins are coming back to haunt them.
luvbach1 don't know much about history:
Blackface is patently offensive.

I seriously wonder why. For several years in the 1940s, as a kid, my homemade Halloween costume was as Aunt Jemima, complete with burnt-cork blackface. No offense was intended and, as far as I know, none was taken. In those days there were modest-income neighborhoods in Chicago with few blacks . I don't remember ever encountering a black household during my Trick or Treat rounds.
jsanders2001 has sympathy for the strawmen he built.
It must be hell knowing that the only way you can succeed in life is by cheating, stealing, and lying because you aren’t good enough to be able to do it the honest way. What a POS waste of human DNA the Dems / lefties have turned out to be eh? Losers who are too lazy to get up off their butts and earn anything on their own. How can you respect them and not look at them in revulsion?
By Friday, Freepers had reached such a fever pitch only fevered delusions that Hillary worshiped Satan and was a pedophile could contain their hatred. jsanders2001 was all in.
Well the WH being taken over by Satanists the last 8 years WOULD explain a LOT. The Rosemary’s Baby upbringing of Obama would make sense in that context...
politicianslie is already getting his goldbug wishes ready for a Trump Presidency.
President Trump will soon have to introduce a new currency in the US.

And there will be no Federal Reserve.

America's FIRST Muslim President thought he could screw the US for decades with his mass spending and anti-American policies. Trump has made the Muslim TRAITORS look like idiots as the Clintons and thousands of others watch from jail.

Just a prediction......
ho-hum tomkat wants to beat up Obama. How classy!
Five minutes w/o bodyguards, that's all I ask .. and I'd be spottin' the jugeared traitor bastard six years and a dodgy ticker.

Just five minutes.
MeganC is turning her anxiety into a paranoia about all who thinks Trump doesn't walk on water.
FR is STINKING with trolls.

Agreed. Some of them are pretty good at it, too. You have to go to their posting history to start to see the subtly negative and anti-conservative trends and themes they promote.

Like I almost don’t mind the overt Trump haters. It’s the ones who offer ‘sage advice’ about Trump who to me are the more pernicious of the trolls.

I’ve also observed that you’ll note that troll accounts almost all show as joining FR in the two years leading up to a Presidential election. Is it a fact? No, but it is my personal observation because I can’t recall the last time I saw a troll who signed up in the year after a Presidential election.
Haha arrogantsob posts on the day Freepers speculate cheese pizza is a secret pedophile slang.
Forget this nonsense. This board is for sensible discussion not whackjobbery. There will be no election cancelation or third term.
Sequoyah101 isn't into evidence. Or moderating his language.
Evidence!? Evidence hell!

They already are! Have you not been reading all the shit being pulled in Broward County alone?

Wake up! Look around a little!
Bigg Red doesn't care about the cheering of death, but don't say asshole!
"The gunman, identified as Manuel Rosales, was killed in the exchange."

Good, one less asshole in the state prison system, and one less vote for Hillary. He's having dirt nap dreams now. Hope the two Sergeants are okay and recover quickly.

Mind your language, please; there are ladies present.
thehopster saw a black lady in an article!
Broward County Florida Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes

she reminds me of loretta lynch. in this country we have not asked blacks to take any responsibility, and they are used to doing what they want without consequences. i’m not saying whites don’t cheat, but they will calculate risk vs reward.

this woman reminds me of a lot of black women i see at walmart, just no control of themselves or emotions.
DoughtyOne is pretty stoked about all the revenge that will soon happen:
They’re going down and they know it.

The high life is just about over.

Now they’ll be stuck with each other, or no one.

No more perks. No more hot women for either of them.

They’ll probably wind up in prison, with their assets seized.
T-Bone Texan calls for mass executions of the imaginary voting fraudsters after the imaginary fraud fails:
When this thing is over, it will not be enough to simply let the leftist traitors wallow in their defeat.

They must be prosecuted and punished for their crimes.

Treason is a capital offense, and I consider voter fraud via illegal alien voting as treason. See how easy it is to just make up the rules as you go along?

Invest in rope.
Delta 21 is also fantasizing about jailings.
The perp walks after the Trump landslide are going to be absolutely deplorable. 


  1. This is alright, but pace yourself tomorrow

    Nice job putting "This board is for sensible discussion not whackjobbery" right before "Evidence!? Evidence hell!"

    Under socialism, use of the interrobang will be FORBIDDEN outside of comic books

  2. I love the MeganC style "witch hunting" going on at FR ...
    I predict another major purge after Hillary's win tomorrow, with all hysteria it will generate.

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  4. Because, yeah, I'm SURE blacks in the 40s would have felt totally safe to scold a white child about being offensuve. The reason any blackface is offensive is obvious to anyone with an ounce of empathy is their veins, but just for fun I looked up the history of Aunt Jemima and wow was it worse than I thought:

    Aunt Jemima originally came from a minstrel show as one of their pantheon of stereotypical black characters. The character appears to have been a Reconstruction era addition to that cast. ("Slave in a Box: The Strange Career of Aunt Jemima")

  5. For several years in the 1940s, as a kid, my homemade Halloween costume was as Aunt Jemima, complete with burnt-cork blackface. No offense was intended and, as far as I know, none was taken.
    If luvbach still has a job, or ever had one, I encourage them to show up at the office Halloween party or, heck, a job interview as Aunt Jemima, and explain why no offense was taken.

  6. @ozy per your first question, in a sense, yes, every election there is, but usually as part of the larger trope of the "hidden/unskewed" voter )or whatever term they were using in that election). The CRUCIAL part of the argument is the anecdotal evidence, which after years of freep reading here, and right wing base discourse (used to be email chain and forum comments now on FB/Twitter) seems to be the most important hinge in how they gold up their pure fantasy. Its the phallus in Lacanian terms, the pin of their ideology....I saw xxx thus we win; I talked to a black person thus WIN...the mexican who cleaned my hotel room said XXX thus we WIN...anecdotal evidence: lawn signs, rally sizes, number of hats, talked to (black/mexican/liberal relative) who is doing X thus WIN, snowball proves no climate change

    U think its a real part of the reason trump won the primaries this year, not just the hate, but the rhetorical structure of his lies is the anecdote...people are saying etc etc etc
    sorry for the rant