Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FBI reopens Freepers' hopes.

I'm not quite sure to make of Comey's weird announcement that he's reopening the Hillary e-mails investigation. We'll see how it effects the polls in a few days, but this doesn't feel like a death blow to me.

And I daresay Freepers agree, because they've moved quickly from trying to reverse their calls on Comey to be hanged as a traitor to speculating about how the e-mails will prove all their fantasies about the Clinton's evil, from Benghazi to creating ISIS to pedophilia.

AmericanMade is pretty excited about the FBI's clever plan to prove Hillary's treason:
A plan so well executed to date. They got her. Huma the spy, Hillary committing Treason, The Clinton Foundation selling out America. Great strategy by the FBI, they got her. She fell for all of it. She thought it was closed. Lol. The FBI knew exactly where those emails were and how to get them. The wall is closing in and Mexico will proably pay for this one too!
captmar-vell is sure Huma was working closely with scary Muslims:
Huma by merely forwarding the email, made sure the Intel made it to the Muslim Brotherhood, the political wing of the terrorists,

Anyone at all doubt she was ignorant of who all had access to read those same classified emails.

Huma is Hillary’s MB handler and has been since day one,
RitaOK doesn't have a coherent narrative other than crowing that Hillary is sad:
Look, Comey was in a box and has himself opened the flood gate for rampant speculation that is UNSTOPPABLE.

Already, electronic media is rabid with it and in the absence of FBI leaks, it will only continue.

With FBI leaks to come, speculation will escalate even more.

The Clinton Campaign is in a melt-down, already frustrated before this bombshell, because of what they did not know of Hillary’s actions. That frustration has already surfaced by way of Wiki Leaks.

Podesta, Fallon, and Mookie initially looked as if they were suffering a near death experience. They know.

The Campaign itself may suffer defections as Huma is banished and the case against Hillary in full explosion.

Just enjoy it. Still more coming from Wiki Leaks and then there is Anonymous hanging around out there, and Veritas dropping live bombs every few days. Trump may be president, by God. Literally.

HRC -> I M P L O S I O N..
dsc lusts for death:
There must be a capital crime in here somewhere.
Attention Surplus Disorder doesn't need evidence to prove Hillary killed lots of unknown spies:
We will NEVER KNOW how many covert operatives were killed or exposed and rendered useless by her sloppy, lackadasical, and greedy email practices. Revealing the list of those compromised or killed would in itself be a betrayal of top secret information. She had first and last names and addresses of such people. There should be no doubt that some, several, have been killed.

Waaah, waaah, waaah, there’s no proof.
laplata hopes for the future:
I think you are exactly right. Next week will be devastating for her because the FBI will release some details.
advertising guy feels validated:
Hitlery is a murderer PING!!!!!!!!!!

an folk thought I was crazy
ArtDodger's Benghazi fan-fiction is that it was pro-Obama theater gone wrong:
Obama was getting negative polling in his foreign policy running up to the 2012 election. I think the plan was an arrangement to have Stevens kidnapped and roughed up a bit. Obama would do some barking and the ‘bad guys’ would let him free. It was a win/win situation. Obama would look good at home for being ‘strong’, the State Dept would have made connections with the group, probably giving them under-the-table arms for Stevens.

But something unforeseen happened. Two ex-seals stepped into the breach and gave all. After holding off the terrorists for hours, the bad guys just ended up killing everyone. Then Hillary and Obama had to scramble with some made up story about a video igniting things.
generally's Benghazi fan-fiction is that it was gun-running and maybe assassination?
I don’t know if ISIS was intentionally being set up. What I think was happening was that Hitlery was gun-running and making a lot of money by doing it. I suspect that she cares far more about money than about politics and statesmanship. I think she would sell anything to anyone if there was enough money in it. I don’t know if 0vomit was in on it. Possibly. Possibly Stevens was also. As far as Stevens death, I don’t know if Hitlery wanted that to happen (to keep his cut of the money for herself) or if it was just, for her, a “happy” accident, or an inconvenience to be explained, or a loose end who now could not blab.

I’m on the fence as to whether she had Stevens killed or not. I’m leaning toward not, because of the “blame it on the video” cover up. I think if the deaths had been planned, there would have been a better alibi prepared in advance.
Psalm 144's Benghazi fan-fiction is all about how the US created ISIS for reasons:
I think it was to cover the United States’ midwifing of what would become ISIS.
Ugh. When folks like Churchillspirit eulogize those who died in Benghazi, what they really mean is nothing other than 'Fuck Liberals.'
Those brave patriots in Benghazi are heroes.....

May God rest their souls and give peace to their families.
arthurus recalls all the good conspiracy theories involved Valerie Jarrett:
Where is ValJar? Did she take an extended vaycay to some tropical island so when barack pulls out a suitcase nuke as a distraction, she'll be safe and sound out of the continental US? These people are pathologically pathological!

VJ is still the one actually pushing the buttons and pulling the levers. She probably doesn’t give the orders but she gets it done. She would be Hussein’s “handler.” She would be Soros’s eyes and ears and the dagger, too.
taterjay's fan fiction is cloak and dagger antics between all the Democrats:
What about Obama having access to Hill’s hacked computer. I think there are 3 criminals each outdoing the other. Hill, Huma, and Obama. Hillary going illegal with the foundation and computer, Huma spying, and Obama always desiring to finish the Clinton’s off at some point. The next stop would be to tie Obama in all this and then we finish every one of them off. Especially since he has set up his own foundation and is going to be an agitator every day after he leaves the WhiteHouse.
GrandJediMasterYoda doesn't even bother with a narrative; his paranoia is too pure for facts.
I really believe when it comes to Hillary, what we are seeing is merely one atom on the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to her criminal activity. It is so huge it is incomprehesible.

Like I always said: When it comes to the government, there is what they allow you to know and what they don’t allow you to know, and I think this woman is involved in everything that you could possibly imagine, from espionage for profit, arming terrorists for profit, murder for profit, she’s an absolute psychopath and she is a hairs breath away from the Presidency.

That’s why the FBI is taking this measure, the agents were furious and mutinous, hellbent on preventing this psychopath from taking office and destroying the country and Comey finally woke up to the danger, not only to this country but the rest of the world as well. I think what comes out this week is going to blow peoples minds, they are going to make damn sure she does not win this election.
Haha, SoFloFreeper, it's Freeptown, where all the crazy is on the table because nothing matters:
Let’s be careful folks. 9 days to potential victory. Let’s not fall for a hoax or needless exaggeration.


  1. It will be interesting to see how this play out against Reid's allegations (and possible backup with real FBI intelligence) of Trump havin more than Putin's support, but real damming ties that indicate he's been tied to their interests for quite some time.

    GOD this election cycle is crazy. I am far too ready for it to be over.

  2. The problem isn't that Hillary is a corrupt,
    lying criminal.

    Everyone knows this.

    The PROBLEM is that her supporters
    do not care!

    Twinkie King

    1. I don't know it. Has anybody been able to find proof that hasn't been debunked?

    2. I don't know it either.

      I see a lot of people on the Right doing their best to make an issue out of something where none REALLY exists.

    3. HRH won't be elected by 'supporters', her disapproval ratings are way too high. She'll be elected by people who would vote for vote for Nixon's corpse to stop an unstable, idiotic tin pot mussolini with a sun tan more credible than his policies.

    4. Twinks, just because you believe something very strongly doesn't mean everyone secretly agrees with you.

      I have my issues with Hillary's character, but I don't think she is criminal at all. Do you think I'm lying?

    5. Parody characters don't think. I was willing to humor the idea that "she" was really before her mother in law turned out to either be a zombie, ghost, or second personality.

      Twinkie does serve a decent purpose as a jumping off point for real conversations sometimes, so let's see how long this can go on!

  3. Crazy, impotent Freepers:

    To: Jim Robinson

    With what's left of my health? Buddy, when I go, I'm pulling the pin and may Heaven help who's within the blast radius. I told my wife - who was just in here doing ordnance inventory - they'll build monuments to me. I'm not pissed anymore. Just..............calm.

    19 posted on 10/26/2016, 8:32:13 PM by Viking2002 (My attitude in your rear view mirror may be bigger than it appears......)

  4. What are Freepers going to say and do when Donnie goes down? They have been pumping each other up like fluffers are a porn convention for months now. How will they handle the disappointment of failure?

    The one person who doesn't really care about that is RimJob. He's going to get paid no matter what. In the long run he will make more money off a Hillary win than a Hillary loss. Freepers don't seem to give that much consideration. No matter what happens, that money keeps rolling in. Jim always wins.

    1. It's like when Picard was assimilated by the Borg, except we've waited the 6+ months and it's only a week to go!

      What will everyone do? Are we lost forever? Surely not. But the payoff after the defeat may not be as good as we're hoping.It will, hiwever, set the stage for later conflicts which will be horrifing, yet entertaining.

  5. Half the country (Dhimmicrats) have fallen
    on their faces into piles of dog shit and
    don't get up simply because they like the
    STINK of their shit-uation.

    Twinkie King

    1. You could have called them Dhimocraps

      Your argument is much less rationally persuasive than it could be

    2. Thus sayeth the Queen of the Poopy Moo-moo.
      Wash that thing for once in your life!

    3. Ya'll are "Dhimmis". Willing for
      Hitler-y and her crew to bring
      thousands more Jihadists than even
      Hussein Obama has done. The photos
      I've seen of the "migrants" are
      MOSTLY long lines of MILITARY AGE
      MUSLIM MALES; and Frau Merkel has
      lost knowledge of the whereabouts
      of a large number.

      VOTES, you know. Hillary lives
      behind a high wall in Chappaqua with
      ARMED bodyguards to guard that fat
      body of hers. She wants to take our
      guns! Ain't gonna happen! IF her
      armed guards desert her to go home
      and defend their own families; she
      better learn to defend herself from
      the Jihadists! A paltry wall won't
      stop them.

      I'm not wearing a MUU-MUU right now.
      I'm wearing a long sleeveless gown
      with a cotton tunic over top of it.
      I WASH my MUU-MUU's! I'm just not a
      fanatic about having to be

      You must agree that SHIT-UATION is
      creative!! (The anal correctomatic
      on my computer wouldn't let me type
      that word without the hyphen.)

      Ya'll eat a good meal or two with
      some meat so ya'll will quit being

      It is ugly of ya'll to act like

      I quit. Get to Shoney's and also
      have a nice dessert with your dinner!

      NO AVAIL!!

      Twinkie King

    4. Because you used "anal" to mean "anal-retentive" in the same paragraph as that in which you explained the existence of the "shituation" pun, and shit is also excreted from the anus, I am now convinced that I must vote for Donald Trump for President