Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Jim Robinson urges a Freeper on to violence:
Speak for yourself. I'm declaring personal sovereignty and going down swinging against these bastards. At least I'll die a free man.

Best go down all the way then or they’ll hang you by the gonads in a meat locker with piano wire.
The Sons of Liberty doesn't seem to much like Haiti.
New Clinton Foundation emails reveal that Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky wanted to get a plane down to Haiti

They've already got an island full of witch doctors and VooDoo priestesses down in Haiti. They don't need more.
chris37 has now become a sociopath - thanks Hillary!
I just don’t care anymore.

The Clintons can do anything they want, break any law they want, and they are just great.

But everyone else lives under a microscope.


Anything goes for everyone now.

Anyone can do anything they want.

If some woman gets groped, too damn bad.

Put some ice on it.
plushaye tells us all about Hillary's latest bender.
Jack Porosbiec (Citizens4Trump special projects director, former navy intel guy, former DC political operative) said yesterday in his Periscope (online update) that it’s been an open secret in DC that SHE has a drinking problem. He says whenever her rallies are disrupted by a Bill-is-a-rapist protestor, it sets off her drinking and meltdowns. I had heard earlier this year from somewhere else about the drinking issue and I rememeber being shocked.
Cletus.D.Yokel is so racist it's more ridiculous than awful:
Hillary had 2 person closed door meeting today with Head of Elections of Broward County [Brenda Snipes]

Response of Snipes (any relation to Wesley???):

Don’t you crackahs see that I gots me a Doctorate Degree?
Who is smarter, y’all rednecks or me?
Who is more protected by the US electorial process than me?
Y’all honkies should just go away.
crz sums it all up for us:
So to sum it up. 
IMO, OL BJ Clinton had this set up and then when Hilliary got into the state dept the pay for play started. She ran guns from Libya to Syria, and a problem happened, 4 guys got killed. That’s why she denied them any request for additional security. They had to be eliminated to keep the play for pay project gun runner going-running arms from Libya to Syria and then collecting the money and putting it into their pockets. 
Once they got the Syrian government collapsed, they then could let the Saudis go ahead with that pipeline the Saudis wanted to run up through Syria. That is why the Saudis, and other oil cartel countries, gave TONS of money to the Clinton foundation. Get it now?
Don Corleone jumps on the Obama will pardon everyone train, while trying to pivot his paranoia to Hillary:
Its not beyond belief that he would one day commute all prisoners sentences in a blanket amnesty. He hates America and “whitey” that much. And...Hillary makes him look like a choir boy by comparison.
Jack Hammer says buy gold:
If hillary is elected, it won’t be long before a pay telephone call costs a thousand bucks.

Bet the farm on it.
Viking2002 is brave enough that he's gonna build a wall hisself!
Okay, I’ll bite. Tell us some of these specific brave deeds you are willing to do.

Sure, I'll start. Help build a buffer wall around Arizona with my bare hands of necessary because the residency can't keep illegals, McCain, or Harry Reid from poisoning us from within. You?
Everything Roman_War_Criminal knows abut New York he learned from the Death Wish movies:
NYC is 3rd world in most parts
Brilliant knows every hint of disaster anywhere is from Hillary's plots:
Pence plane slides off runway at NYC's LaGuardia Airport

Attempted Arkancide.
montag813 keeps the tent small:
S.E. Cupp is the so-called “conservative” who literally weeped with joy on the air on CNN when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of “gay marriage.” She has blasted the GOP as racist. She is as “Republican” as David Brooks. No wonder she ran to the NYTimes for this tripe.
Chickensoup thinks this whole Comey reopening the Hillary e-mail investigation is a False Flag
I thought Weiner would be the fall guy for a long time, didn’t know how but the optics are compelling to leftist.

Poor Moslim woman who is right hand of the Woman of Women.

married to shlep Jew who cannot keep his schlepper in his pants who happens to be the only person looked at or brought to bear for security breaching documents.

There is something set up about this. All the other things that have happened and this guy gets it?

perfect leftist scenario.
gaijin is pretty sure Trump's not shooting his mouth off - he's Prophesying!

“Weiner is a SECURITY RISK to Huma and she’s better off WITHOUT HIM...”

Very prescient.

Same for Brussels Massacre:

“Belgium is nothing like it was and it’s sinking into a hole”

A week later..?


NEVER BEFORE has America’s choice been SO CRYSTAL CLEAR.
piytar is sure Comey is gonna get murdered by Hillary whatever he does:
Comey has two choices: Be prosecuted for malfeasance under a Trump administration or be Arkanasided.

Given that he’s probably going to be Arkanasided anyways (he knows too much), he may as well try to prevent the former.

PS If Comey “commits suicide” or is “mugged” (with nothing stolen), will any thinking person have any doubts about what happened? This of course does not include snowflakes and other demscum...


  1. when your cartoon villains start running out of cartoon heroes:

    Husker8877: "Goddam it Jeanine, isn’t there anyone whom I formerly admired that’s willing to beat the shit out of the Clintons for final and for-frigging-EVER!?! Wreck them once and for all while they’re wreckable??!!

    The Clintons are proven evil, vicious, corrupt criminals, and if it takes some Major League hardball to destroy them, then DO IT! The entire MSM will be protecting Hillary in the next few days beyond anything this country’s ever experienced—we sure as BLEEP don’t need our great allies like Jeanine Pirro to air what she seems to think isn’t cricket! Screw the goddam Clintons, destroy them politically now!

    We all know that the goddam Clintons would eat the @ss out of a rat if it gave them one extra vote!!! Do we want them near the White House ever again? I’ve studied those pigs for nearly 25 years—so many of us, especially on this site have—and they are a horror and scourge upon this nation.

    C’mon Jeanine...

    F**k! Now I can’t even trust Jeanine Pirro!"

    1. Comment removed. I can only guess because of the F**k?

    2. I knew they'd turn on her when I saw her video on Mediaite bashing Comey for re-opening the closed e-mail conspiracy.

    3. probably pulled for insufficent vitriol. no worries, though; husker's a real trouper:

      "It is historically known and completely accurate that there are only two types of Clinton friends—those who have already been ratf**ked and destroyed by the Clintons and those that will be. And those willing minions deserve every misery that befalls them as a result of their voluntary association with the evil Clintons. After the Clintons use them, it’s no longer voluntary. They are owned by the evil pair—lock, stock, and soul and will suffer every consequence.

      Hillary and Bill are demonstrably the most corrupt, evil, criminal politicians this country has ever had to face. The old standard for the avoidance of corruption (the appearance of impropriety) has been trampled by every single one of the almost endless Clinton crimes. Crimes, not scandals."

      "That would be the best! Because if the Hildabeast excoriates a suckophant in a forest and no one sees or hears it, did it really happen?

      Well at least we got to see the timber fall at the 9/11 ceremony when the Beast ceased to be vertical and got dragged and then shoved into the Hillary Ambulance by the dudes who’d obviously seen it many times before! I think that was my favorite Hildabeast moment so far. Looking for even more similarly enjoyable moments after she is banished from politics forever—hey I can hope!"

      "Hillary is not human—I believe she and her so-called husband are truly just pure evil."

    4. "Hillary and Bill are demonstrably the most corrupt, evil, criminal politicians this country has ever had to face."

      Now if they could just demonstrate it...

    5. Sadly, they truly believe they have and that everyone who doesn't see it their way is evil, corrupt, and yet also uninformed morons who are gullible enough to believe the lies.

      Projection, thy name is Freeper.

    6. These people talk about witches, demons and beardy celestial dictators as if they actually exist. Do you seriously think concepts like "facts" and "proof" have any meaning for them?

  2. Jew-S-A guy is apparently a plant....though the anti-Semitic alt-right is undeniably a part of the Trump campaign if you've ever spent more than 20 seconds on Twitter.

    Apparently it's a conspiracy to Freepers:

    1. freepers can always tell a "plant" when he spews their own talking points ...