Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Pix pt. II

Welp, Trump's gonna die.
I'm surprised Freepers didn't tie voting to manliness way sooner.
The raising up of true-believer-moron Hannity will bear hilarious fruit post-election.
Some Freepers are beginning to crack.
...And thank you for this...
No one tell the shoggoth their human form needs some work.
The bling is back!!


  1. Long time freeper NathanBedford gets the Zot.

    1. It really is astonishing how narrow the beam is that freepers are required to walk -- and it wobbles all the time as RimJob & Co. are instructed what today's truth is, and which of yesterday's conservative champions are today's vile statist traitors. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia...

    2. It's going to be interesting to see which Freepers come back after the election.

    3. from the same thread: "who you talkin' bout, willis?"

      catnipman: "... A President Hillary would bend the already corrupted DoJ and FBI into a personal tool of reprisal and vindication. A President Hillary’s DoJ and FBI would find her squeaky clean and manufacture false “evidence” against her enemies. Therefore, Congress would have less than zero grounds to impeach her. Also, A President Hillary will unleash the already corrupted FCC, FEC, and IRS on her enemies like jackals devouring a wounded Wildebeest. ..."

    4. As a prominent member of the bourgeois intelligentsia he was on borrowed time for months. The foundation of Trumpism is Class Struggle and I can't remember a single: "GO RIM!" or "FUBO" from this guy! Sometimes he even seemed to question the status of the Chairman as supreme political theorist!! The dictatorship of the trumpetariat cannot and will not tolerate kulak dissidents.

    5. He's been zotted before; we'll see if this one sticks.

    6. An oddly muted response. Besides one upvote, everyone else just walked on by like it wasn't happening. What happened to the cheering crowds of gif posters? A ZOT used to be an audience participation lynching! Are the rivers of (virtual) blood finally starting to register with even Freeper consciences [1]?

      [1] Using the word in it's loosest possible sense, obviously.

    7. Well technically the election cycle is over in two weeks so it's more of a temp ban then a ban. I'm just curios as to who is going to come back out of the large number who was given a "time out" by Jim Rob.

    8. It amazes me they'd even want to come back after a zot. Talk about an abusive relationship.

  2. Free Republic's members used to pride themselves on being "true conservatives". What are they now that they have given up their principles to follow the TV host Donald Trump? Trump is not a conservative, he is barely even a Republican.

    I guess the lesson here is that Free Republic never really stood for anything. It's just a money making machine for it's founder.

    1. Free Republic members have always been required to swear allegiance to whatever position Chairman Rim happens to adopt on any given day. Enforcement of the anti-sedition statutes may have varied over time, but they were always there.

      That being the case, Free Republic always stood for bombast, hyperbole, bigotry, fear, racism and vindictiveness, all wrapped up in incoherent, repetitive, rabble rousing ranting.

      Trumpism is just a projection of "The Thoughts of Chairman Rim" with more money, a hotter wife and less convincing hair. FR is therefore remaining true to the "principles" it always had: mindless sycophancy towards the feudal lord. Taxing the peasants is a major issue of course, but if it were the central consideration there wouldn't have been such a huge purge.

      FR like North Korea, is and always has been about perpetuating a sycophantic personality cult around a laughable, but also thoroughly despicable, excuse for a man.

  3. Freepers get very upset about an African-American being cast as Lando Calrissian:

    1. Oh my God they selected another black guy to be in a Star Wars movie?? This whole damn country is going to hell in a handbasket! No doubt we are truly living in the End Times.
      (major sarcasm alert)

      I love how most Freepers don't realize that Lando Calrissian was formerly played by Billy Dee Williams, who was black, and the very few that do realize it still hate that he was black.

      And oh look, wardaddy stepped away from his KKK meeting to offer us this gem:

      Just look at commercials past six months

      All families are mixed race

      I’ts brainwashing

      16 posted on October 23, 2016 at 1:50:20 PM EDT by wardaddy (the traitorous GOPe deserves Third of May 1808 if ever a party did....)
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    2. Let me translate for wardaddy ...
      "I saw one commercial one time that had a mixed race couple and I crapped my pants!"