Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Mostly on the Trump groping allegations, which Freepers have decided are all false.

Trump_vs_Evil_Witch - 'if you knew Hillary like Freepers knew Hillary...'
How many 'open minded' liberals are aware that they are voting for a monster, a criminal master-mind?
oprahstheantichrist plays some guilt by association:
If Hillary is Alinsky’s “daughter,” and Capone mentored Alinsky, then that means Hillary is the political granddaughter of Al Capone.
Catmom plays the Hillary lesbian card I've been waiting for Giuliani to whip out:
Hillary has still grabbed more p**** than Trump ever has so she should just cut this out.
Ozark Tom knows who else was totally innocent of groping:
They have brought out of retirement the Herman Cain play.
grey_whiskers is so committed to the idea that all the Trump grope accusers are Democratic plants, he wants to weaponize it...
Someone ought to whisper to the Democrats that they hold a press conference with a woman who claims Paul Ryan raped/groped her 12 years ago.

Then let all the other GOP House members withdraw their support for him as speaker.

Do I really need the /sarc>  tag?
freedom6178 explains that Trump is as pure was driven snow - it's all lies!!
Was it a mistake for Trump’s Republican primary opponents not to have dug for dirt on his personal life?

How does one dig up dirt that is made up?
Varsity Flight wants you to know that every bad thing about Bill Clinton is totally true, though...


They want to control the narrative away from Bill Clinton’s CONFIRMED facts....Impeachment, losing law license, victims present at second debate......
Intolerant in NJ is only unhappy about things that exactly like things Bill Clinton is alleged to have done:
I’m going to get upset about Trump’s behavior when a girl half his age comes forward and claims he penetrated her with a cigar - I’ll be convinced it’s all true when someone comes forward with a semen stained blue dress (or any color dress for that matter).....
Terry Mross seriously goes with the 'too ugly to grope' plan.
These ugly women have no credibility simply due to their looks. Trump himself said he had a weakness for PRETTY women. He said if you’re a star they’ll let you grab their p...y. If that’s true, why would he waste his time on skanks?
kearnyirish2 isn't lazy and unprofessional, her half-assing is making an anti-feminist statement!
Too many women benefit financially by playing victim, and it guides their votes. 
Just as they push this “lean in” line to get women more involved in higher functions at their jobs, I’ve “leaned back” and worked like a girl for the past 5 years - and will continue to do so until my compensation matches the less qualified token females promoted at my job solely to fend off lawsuits.

They don’t enjoy having someone expect them to work more than an 8-hour workday; I’m enjoying having no such expectations of me anymore.
Michelle Obama gave an amaaazing speech. Too bad she's too smart to get into politics. Ancesthntr illustrates why:
seriously, she’s “shaken” by this? Really? After knowing that she is a beard for a gay, Moslem, Kenyan who despises the country he is nominally in charge of? I’d think that pretty much nothing would shake her after that.

Ugliest f’ing Wookie I’ve ever seen, inside or out.
Trump tried to use a known hoaxter as a witness. It was mostly ignored. HiTech RedNeck, though, saw God:
God provided that Englishman.

This is NOT normal at all folks. This is supernatural.
miss marmelstein has been in rare form all this week, explaining that it's all true, but fuck you:
You watch Oprah? You should be banned from FR just for admitting to that.

I don’t give a damn that he’s a male chauvinist pig; he’s my male chauvinist big, you douche bag.
Does Beautiful_Gracious_Skies realize the target of this satire is Freepers' distorted worldview? Is it even satire?!
I once sat rode in the elevator in Trump Tower next to ***Donald J. Trump. ***

We were alone, two complete strangers when the elevator malfunctioned on the 25th floor. I will always remember what a great coincidence this was since it happened to be my 25th birthday. There we were in NYC in Trump Tower.

He was a strikingly handsome man. He was very well groomed and had an undeniable air of confidence. I was hoping that he would want to know me on a more personal level. I sighed dreamingly. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I own this building and an a maintenance crew has already been summoned.” I thanked Donald and blew a kiss to him in appreciation. We both laughed and the elevator began to move instantly, just like magic.

Then, the worst possible thing happened. All of the sudden, the elevator door opened. In walked a shrill brash blond with an obnoxious twang that I’ll never forget. She was dressed in an frumpy plaid skirt wearing a matching headband. As we rode down to the lobby she dropped an armful of papers. Mr. Trump politely said, “here, let me help you with those.” However, Instead of being grateful, the arrogant woman refused his help and proceeded to scoop the papers up by herself. All the while, I noticed she was peering up my dress!! As the elevator came to a bumpy stop, I adjusted my feet and my foot slipped. The pointy toe of my shoe coincidently met with her upper lip.

When I noticed that she had a swollen lip and it was actually bleeding, I told her, “Hey, you better put some ice on it.”
ldish hits all the highlights - Hillary's a lesbian, Obama AND Michelle are transsexual, and pussy everywhere!
lets see, Trump says the word pussy, bill c rapes pussy, bill c says hill c eats more pussy than he does (most likely muzzie pussy), moochell is a man who dresses like a woman and visa versa muzzie bama...and who is the bad actor of the bunch...the potty mouth New Yorker? i think not moochell! 


  1. What happened to part 2?

    1. twinkie's non-sensical postings can form a separate section of "potpourri" by themselves.

      Except "potpourri" generally smells nice, whereas we all know what STINKIE smells like.

  2. Donnie the Perpetual Victim has wasted his entire campaign by complaining. Boo hoo hoo! Why is Donnie always the victim?

    While he is standing there with his thumb up his butt complaining (as always) that he is not being treated right, Hillary is on the move. She is running a real campaign for President, that is why she will win. Donnie will continue to be the victim forever, I guess. Poor Donnie.