Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hating Miley Cyrus

I don't get the impression many people actually cared that Miley Cyrus was canvasing door-to-door for Hillary in Virginia. But Breitbart did, and so did Freepers. Well played, Miley!

Let the Flukening begin!

awelliott wants some upclose action with a liberal:
It’s tempting to move to Virginia - this nasty tramp would never forget knocking on my door....
Old Grumpy is also itching to fight this girl:
Please come to Florida and knock on my door, PLEASE!! I would love to confront you at MY front door on MY property . . .
lee martell does not like kids' slang these days:
She says Trump ‘makes her ‘vom’.
So articulate! Is that who Hillary appeals to?
Thank You Rush - O tempore, O mores!
And I thought the sixties were bad. Was it possible for the country to sink any lower than it was then? We found out, didn’t we? Those same creeps went on to rule over us and now look at what we have....Are our grandkids going to have to be ruled over the likes of this tramp? What on earth is wrong with her parents or doesn’t she have any? I suppose the money she makes is more important! 
Shame on all of them and the people who support her lewdness...Hey - if Chelsea Clinton can make up words, then so can I! But I guess lewdness is really a word.
Califreak is trying to double down on 'nasty woman.'
She might be even nastier than Madonna.

Those nasty women really stick together don’t they?
Celtic Conservative has totally seen her tits! I haven't; I presume he was searching for them.
What’s she gonna do, flash her t*ts door to door? I’ve got news for ya Miley- due to your lax standards we’ve all seen them. Twice.
july4thfreedomfoundation outsources violence even in his fantasies:
I hope someone punches Miley the slut in her obnoxious creepy face.
DarthVader has the sickest of burns:
Smelly Virus!!
she and the hildabeast, the two most popular ISIS swine.
american_ranger focuses on the important thing:
She sure is flat chested.
EDINVA brings in some serious quantitative scientific analysis of her attractiveness:
Leaving aside the clown/tramp look, she’s not at all physically attractive facially. She falls just short of ugly when at her best.
Col Frank Slade...?
She will open your front door with her anus.
Was that a twerking reference?

Let's Roll sees Satan!
Even her hairdo mimics horns.
Nevadan sees sluts, sluts everywhere!
I had assumed that Hillary had the slut vote tied up, but Cyrus and Madonna confirm it.


  1. can't decide if 'door to door political campaigning' is worse as a premise for a porno or a horror movie.

  2. I knocked on doors in 2004. The surly guy on my street who didn't want to answer my survey but asked me to sit down to chat with him so he could show me who's in charge still creeps me out in my memories.

  3. I'd like to read about Miley Cyrus beating the holy hell out of some wrinklebag freeper who tried to start a fight with her for coming to their door ... in self defense, of course.