Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Sci-fi fan Talisker thinks Hillary is some kinda borg or something:
Subdermal implant. Either to release chemicals or to emit some sort of radiated signal to her brain, which is why it’s in her face - ultra low power.

Any way you look at it, it’s creepy stuff.
On the other hand, pro-Borg MUDDOG has one word for NASA - Cyborgs:
Nothing on Muslim outreach, the stated mission of NASA under Obama.

As to post-Obama, I wonder if a spacecraft can even be built that protects humans from prolonged exposure to cosmic rays.

First build cyborgs. They’d be better space travelers than humans.
It's interesting how Trump's angry railing at nonwhites becomes reassurance to folks like freepertoo
Best speech I’ve ever heard, filled with hope.
flaglady47's explains 'choosing which side you are on includes which facts you believe:
that low level civilian is a Porn Star and a slut. And she as a low level civilian is attempting to inflict great harm on a Presidential candidate. You choose whose side you are on. I’m 100 percent on Trump’s side, with no equivocations for a paid off by the Dems whore.
Thanks to Freepers' conviction that Hillary's a killer, Pilgrim's Progress can call any anti-Hillary muckraking an act of heroism:
James O’Keefe is placing his life on the line to reveal the sordid side of Hillary Clinton. Rather than ‘not caring about it’ at least pray for his safety.
ConservaTeen is one of many Freepers still angry about Vietnam protesters:
Tom Hayden, famed anti-Vietnam war activist, dies aged 76

Bye you anti American jackass!!! Say hello to Satan for me...
Pope olezip lays down the one Catholic doctrine that counts:
Only a heretic would believe that indirectly supporting abortion is okay. Many, many Catholics practice heresy. They really believe that they are doing the right thing, because the Democrat (agent of Satan) brings jobs into their community.
AndyTheBear knows some news is too good to check:
On Twitter, Jill Stein has encouraged her followers to vote for Trump.

That is pretty fricken amazing news. Wonder if it will be on any "news" channel.
Pelham has gotten on board one of the more impotent Freeper memes.
‘Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.’
"See, it's like impotent rage, but it's more...potent!'

right way right's Cold Anger has truly made him an electoral force.
Cold anger makes me hang up and block pollsters numbers.
Pollsters really don't ever call my cell.
I don't believe the polls. So many are just are Shillariating. (I made a word)
Fear Luircin' incredible sulk!
If the election is stolen from us, the nightmare is only beginning.

And it’s YOUR nightmare, liberals.

When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable, as the saying goes.

And it’s not going to be burning down our own neighborhoods. It’s not going to be protests. It’s not going to be demonstrations that you can just ignore.

And I admit that I don’t want it to happen. But we are growing ever closer to the snapping point. And when it snaps, all the tension uncoils at once.
fhayek hates how he imagines Democrats never want honest debate:
I fear Democrats much more than I fear Russians. Evil people. The founders sought to foster debate. I think that any Freeper here would welcome honest debate with ANY Democrat. Democrats do not want debate. The want subservience. Their ideas do not win, anywhere. They want us neutralized.
Black Agnes urges Freepers to get more...proactive than merely poll watching.
Poll watching is very 20th century. Very anachronistic.

There’s no way to change evoting fraud by ‘watching’.

That’s what we’re up against unfortunately.
W. is still really hopeful:
Not long now, hillary disappears, President Trump takes the reigns, and we can all relax for a bit—but still remain ever vigilant...
In another example of the rise of 'Chistian' as a tribal totem over Republican, Bullish wishes Hillary's evil only on Secular America:a
I never really thought that much of Trump until all the Rs and Ds and MSMs lined up to destroy him. Now I see him as a good man up against impossible odds. Well, guess what? God makes the impossible seem like child’s play.

Secular Americans in a way kinda deserve Hillary. They’ve validated their tickets to this basket of evil so to speak.

The rest of us don’t deserve her at all.
DarthVader has his thumb on the pulse of America's military and spies:
She has lots to fear from intel/military communities. We want her hide!!
a fool in paradise has a great suggestion:
If HrottenC “wins” the “lameduck” Congress should start the impeachment process of her crook arse.


  1. You know, there's nothing illegal about being a cyborg

    It's not like it's _cheating_ or something

    The benefit of cybernetically augmented memory and processing power are a legitimate advantage to a head of state as well as in a debate

    1. One glance at Trump's hair tells you that "artificial implants and enhancements" is a can of worms he doesn't want opened.


  2. If treasonous dogs like Luircin' think they stand a chance in a "violent revolution," I've got a couple surprises for them. Just give me an excuse, guys! I'm waiting!

    1. Really ... I'd love a few thousand "Luircin"s to "snap" at the same time and try something ...
      it will be so much easier to neutralize them all at the same time.

      It's so inefficient when they snap one at a time like they have been for the last few decades.

  3. Ya'll have "jumped the shark".

    Go to Shoney's or somewhere and order ya'll's
    selves a steak, baked potato, the salad bar
    and eat a good meal or two. Quit that dieting
    and vegetarian nonsense.

    Take a nap EVERY afternoon. Quit letting
    ya'll's imaginations run away with ya'll.

    Ken S., I don't know who this Luircin is;
    but I assume you're threatening to shoot
    Luircin with your BB gun. Play nice, kids!

    (Me & FANG live out in the sticks where we
    must have our shotgun, rifles and Smith &
    Wesson and crossbow, knives and other stuff.
    We live on the river where the venomous
    snakes are rampant. Sorry, but I have to live
    in REALVILLE where traitors like the CLINTOONS do not thrive.

    President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States of America

    Vice-President Mike Pence
    Vice-President of the United States of


    1. You should really read the articles instead of just skipping to the comments and vomiting out another dispatch from Toontown.

    2. CELTIC SEA SALT production is a competitive business. "Cut throat" competition one might say! I'm not surprised you keep guns around, but be careful!! It only takes one spark at the wrong moment and it's goodbye roof, hello Trump sun tan.

    3. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think, Twinkie.