Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

I can't tell what grey_whiskers is defending so urgently - the comment got deleted :-(
It is fake. At least Monmouth denied it last month.

And Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

I've never heard of you before. You're defending the left.

Therefore, I consider you a lying troll.

The left lies openly through their foul teeth constantly because

a) nobody calls them on it

b) they shout down anyone who tries to.

The only way to handle this is to assume anyone speaking for, or defending the left, is lying, as a given.

With just the same smug air of intellectual superiority they have towards the right.

We need to find the original source, or get a mole within Monmouth: the left has already shown they literally hide and destroy evidence even when faced with a court order, and they have corrupted the highest levels of law enforcement.

Nice try, troll-bot.
cowboyusa has decided everyone reporting the polls are children of satan:
CNN just claimed that the beast is up in both AZ and GA..Lies are one thing, but these are stupid lies!

They are of their father the devil.
SkyPilot thinks anything freaky-looking must be demonic.
These are demonic objects. There is no question.
RoosterRedux doesn't care about proving that Scalia was murdered, only throwing a bit of mud:
Would these traitors stoop to murder? Hell yes. Is this proof? Hell no.

This is about the Court of Public Opinion. Jury out until November 8th.
More and more Freepers like Red Boots are turning away from a reality without much hope for Trump to the supernatural, where you can make up whatever you want.
I decided to spend the period of the second debate in prayer for the country. I cried out that we didn't deserve it in the slightest, but that God might have mercy on our country. I then had a long period of silence, then a firm impression that I should read Psalm 89:19. I looked it up and it says,"

Once You spoke in a vision, To Your faithful people you said: I have bestowed strength on a warrior; I have exalted a young man from among the people.

I have found David my servant; With my scared oil I have anointed him.

My hand will sustain him; Surely my arm will strengthen him.

No enemy will subject him to tribute; No wicked man will oppress him.

I will crush his foes before him, And strike down his adversaries.

My faithful love will be with him, And through my name his horn will be exalted.

i sometimes get messages through Scripture this way and I don't have the bible memorized, so I don't know beforehand what verse they are referring to, or what that verse is going to say. But this one really rang true and I thought I'd just throw it out there in support of your last sentence. I do believe he is anointed.
Speaking of the supernatural. stars & stripes forever has this analysis:

Recently numerous news websites have published articles on the pre-immigration spelling of Donald Trump's surname, Drumpf. They correctly point out that the English translation of this German word is trump card; ironic given the man's heavy involvement with gambling enterprises. But the real origin of Trump's name is less bombastic.

Donald: Trump's forename is Scottish. His mother, born Mary Anne MacLeod, immigrated to the United States from Stornoway, a large, sparsely-populated island off the coast of Scotland. Mary had an older brother, Donald MacLeod, and grandfather, Donald Smith. Donald is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name, Domhanll, which means world-ruler.

John: Trump's middle name is the English derivative of the Hebrew name, Yohanan, which means Graced by Yahweh. Yahweh was a god in the pantheon of the ancient Canaanite religion and later the monotheistic god of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Trump: Donald Trump's father was a German immigrant. When he arrived in the United States, he spelled his surname, Drumpf, but Anglicized it to Trump. His earliest known ancestor was a lawyer, Hans Drumpf. This shifting of d to t in German has been common, e.g. vader (English: father). Drumpf is a corruption of Trumpf, which is derived from the German word, trumme, meaning drummer. It is likely that one of Trump's paternal ancestors was a military drummer, used set marching pace and communicate other orders.

Thus Donald Trump's full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.
HarleyLady27 has also returned from last week's funk thanks to leaning heavily on God speaking to her:
For a while now, I have felt a calm peace, I have listened to what people are saying about Trump, the media tearing him apart, or so they think...

And lately, I look back to when he brought up immigration and see people laugh at him, and the media thinking they were the righteous writers of the times, failed so badly...

I see arrows pointed at him and then they are flung and the people that throw them, the arrows come right back to the group or person that flung them...a good example is what the Clintons and media have tried to do to Trump this week...didn't work, but we now know more about Clinton and the media...

The government, the corruption, it's all been opened up for all of us believers to see, and see we have...our House, Senate, government from the White House to the Janitor's closet is corrupted, and we are now looking in and seeing just how bad it really is...

God has chosen Trump to be our mouthpiece and he is doing what God wants him to do, Trump has talked to people in our Country, and in the world on their level, he has gathered the flock that have prayed so hard to bring someone we could follow and trust, God not only brought Trump, but He has brought Pence also...

Trump will be our next President, and I have felt this for a while now...we prayed and God is answering our prayers...Thank You Lord for hearing us...
"all of us believers." Believers in...Trump, I guess?

usafa92 heard from some little pollster that Trump is unifying Republicans:
I follow Rich Baris on Twitter, who runs this poll. He said the Johnson voters are starting to break for Trump. They have always been Never Trumpers now coming home.
Attacks on Chelsea are up. Jolla rocks some of the purer guilt by association I've seen:
Chelsea, your mother is the most evil woman to ever walk the halls of Washington, she helped send your father to prison, your “dad” is a serial rapist and has had sex with underage girls.

You have one of the best apts in New York City and you never earned a days wages in your pathetic life.

Shut up.
Tilted Irish Kilt just re-purposes old Chelsea hatred from the '90s:
Chelsea Clinton is still a spoiled SNOT !
Older .. yes !
Married .. yes !
but still a spoiled SNOT !
Being older does NOT include maturity !!
Catmom loves Freud:
This certainly explains Hillary.

She went full on Marxist because her Republican daddy didn’t love her enough.
BRL likes to keep the genders electorally separate:
When women got the right to vote it would have worked better for men to elect one senator, women elect the other senator, women vote for pres every 8 years and same with men and men/women alternate voting for congress.
So I guess doping has become the new go-to for why the GOP loses debates. o-n-money is already retconning:
In the 2012 VP debate, Biden’s urine would have glowed in the dark.
Kudsman is feeling that old Soviet fear and loathing:
Purge us before we purge you. High stakes game of political chicken. Whomever blinks first loses. Go!
Perhaps not feeling too manly these days, Ethan Clive Osgoode wants to murder him some drug dealers:
Probably the best way to get shot is to stick one’s nose is others’ business where it don’t belong.

Like, for example, when one sells drugs to someone's friends or family.
I can't tell whether lee martell's Clinton drug raving is a new conspiracy theory or an old one:
Hillary is not going submit to such a test. People used to ask about Bill too. I recall a tale of a White House doctor who was given a filled syringe and told to ‘inject the President immediately”. Like any real doctor, he refused to inject the president without being told what medication was in that needle. The next day, he was FIRED from his position,

for failing to perform all necessary duties to benefit the president. They are both very secretive about their medical needs.
Wallace T. knows the problem with America is not enough Christian nationality, like we had in the 600s.
Islam is only the terminal disease that enters the Western democracies after a century or more of leftist infection destroying the immune system of the Christian faith and rationality. 
Had leftism existed at the time of Charles Martel, Islam would be the only religion from Ireland to Russia and from Norway to Italy.
kiltie65 compares Hillary's America to the blasted husk of post-WW2 England. Hide your money now!
After WW11 we left Britain and emigrated to California in 1952. Britain, wanting to ensure the populace didn’t leave in droves, enacted a law that each adult leaving could only take the equivalent of $100 with them. I was under 12, so my parents, brother and myself, after selling their home and all belongings, came to this country with only $350 in their hands, and could only withdraw $400 every 5 years thereafter. 
The U.S. may consider something similar if people wanted to leave in droves so be warned and maybe figure out a lnvestment now in some way you can take your wealth with you.
ShivaFan agrees Russia is behind all the hacks, but his fear and loathing of Hillary has overtaken his nationalism:
My sense is they are gettubg bigger, and next coming will be more from Guccifer, and then from Russia.

My sense is, and rightfully so, Russia believes Hillary is mentally unstable and fixated to go to war with Russia.

So there is a good chance, since Hillary is a computer illiterate, that Russia has some damaging information on Hillary and if so, they will also dump that by next week.
Similarly plain talk has gotten over the Cold war. He doesn't believe Putin, except about everything:
He comes at his points through logic. Of course being a former KGB guy and you can’t believe anything he says. But at least his public statements make sense. They make more sense than anything Hillary Clinton is saying. It is quite a contrast listening to Putin vs listening to Hillary and the junior varsity league people we have in the WH.
Genoa also doesn't much care about foreign interference in our elections if it helps his side to win:
Honestly, I don’t care if Putin was behind the whole thing. Drain the swamp.
Arthur Wildfire! March calls out Hillary's self-hypnosis during the debates:
No way the real Hillary would have been able to laugh off Trump’s attacks like she did. She was probably feeling way too good to get upset.

The Clintons use Tony Robbins’ techniques. It gives you hynpotic-level self control. A powerful system everyone should implement.

But she is hiding something — blood test out of the question.
txrefugee has a plan for a few hateful yahoos to yell at Hillary during inauguration. It wouldn't do anything, but might piss of liberals, which is all Freepers have left.
Having hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters at the Inauguration of Clinton shouting, “Illegitimate!” and “Bastard President!” would put a chill on the festivities. But hey, we’d see how much the Left really believes in the First Amendment’s free political speech for ALL Americans, not just for the Left.


  1. For me it was always vitally important that my presidents are descendants of musicians.

    1. What do you call a guy who likes to hang around with musicians?
      . . .

      A drummer.

  2. So, HardlyALady and grey_whisky sit muttering to themselves for a while and get mystic intuitions. Fine. Trump can't lose because: God.

    What happens if (when) he loses?:

    a) God hates you and yanked your chain.

    b) You deluded yourself he was listening and made it all up.

    c) He/She/It doesn't exist in the first place.

    d) God exists. He spoke to me. God never lies ergo Trump won!! errr ... so ... the fact that no-one else admits that means that a higher power (Soros) confounded ... God ...errr ... but... Emergency logic abridgement! Reality distortion field and cognitive dissonance dampners to maximum!! NAH, NAH, NAH I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!

    I wonder which one Freepers will go for.

  3. Thus Donald Trump's full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.

    So...Donald is a globalist?

    1. That whole sentence is lolwat, but descendant of a drummer... am I missing something?

    2. He can perform the dreaded hexi-kicks


  4. I have found David my servant; With my scared oil I have anointed him.

    Yup, they sure are anointed with scared oil, all right.