Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton: sekret Muslim?

The foolish healthers have chosen something too easily disprovable by time (though I have no doubt that when Hillary dies at age 103 or so, they'll say 'See! I knew she was sick!!).

Now Freeper Chickensoup is trying to return to the classics, and wonders if Hillary's outfit during the debates is a Muslim signal.

It's been done, and Hillary is a bit white for it to catch on quite as well as it did with Obama, but Freepers are always looking for new Clinton conspiracies...will it stick?

Chickensoup lays out the case:
What is wrong with Hillary Clinton's outfits? I have noticed that she seems to go for the pants under dress and pants under long skirt look favored by the local modern Moslims (I use the word Moslims deliberately, it is the old spelling).

At first I thought the outfits were designed to hide figure flaws or medical equipment, but the more I look at them the more I wonder whether there may be a religious component or a signaling to her Moslim Saud owners by wearing what no Western woman would ever wear in public.

Your thoughts?
Chickensoup becomes somewhat less measured as the thread goes on:
Traditional nun garb is medieval and unusual, as is modern Moslim garb.

She wears these odd and unusual outfits more fitting for Saudis or observant Turkey and not a modern western garment.

Also the MSM says nothing about it.

IMHO she dresses bizarrely given the location here in the states.
Lest you doubt Chickensoup's thesis, it's not quite that Hillary is a Muslim, it's even crazier:
I wondered whether she was telling Moslims that she is owned ...by them.
seastay knows all who don't loath Muslims are sekret Muslims:
Hillarys embrace of mulims , her aid huma and she dresses like one .. if it walks like a duck.... .

Consider in the debate she said that Muslims have been a part of the united states since the beginning , a total fat lie. She also said that we should not be at war with the Muslim faith , in total contradiction to the majority of US Christians who reject all faiths based upon works and are in a spiritual war to maintain their faith.

I don't know why Trump just doesn't flatly come out and ask Hillary if her love of the faith and Muslim migrants has anything to do do with her middle east donors ..also on energy , she favors shutting down coal and fracking and keystone , why? Anything to do with her musilm l connections who oppose US energy Independence . And why does she take money from radical Muslims if she truly stands for women's rights and lbgt .... her Muslim connections needs to be hammered
Talisker may not be giving this the gravity it deserves, and just wants to get a dig in at Hill:
Muslim signalling. She’s not Muslim, though - it’s not violent enough for her.
bushwon takes Talisker's comment seriously though:
I have read something about this elsewhere...I agree with Talisker that it is signaling...
Terry Mross sees Muslims everywhere:
My thoughts are that many, many, many politicians from both parties are closet muslims.
ifinnegan makes the connection that I suspect Freep will go with:
The Muslim Huma is dressing her. Literally and figuratively.
Jeff Chandler can't get off the health thing, and is spiraling:
It's to hide the external pacemaker.
FlingWingFlyer proves Chickensoup isn't the only one who can speculate wildly:
LOL. Penguin was my first thought also. Probably a silent “shout out” to the Green Weenies.
Yaelle is playing 'find the pee bag:'
I think her pee bag is worn in front now. Her legs don’t have it any more. But she looked 6 mo pregnant now.
jocon307 doesn't think Hillary is a Muslim - she's something just as evil!
I do not think Hillary is any kind of Muslim, she’s a Methodist the same as George “W” Bush and my Methodist neighbors at the Church across the street from me.

Not all bad people are Muslims. Some, clearly, are Methodists.

Also, I must say, I thought she looked OK tonight, good actually. Slender, in fact, compared to some other recent outings.

But Trump won, for shizzle.
"Not all bad people are Muslims. Some, clearly, are Methodists."

You couldn't make stuff like this up.


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  2. Chickensoup is right! Why else would a 70 year old woman wear an outfit like that?

    If Hitlery doesn't show up to the next debate wearing a tube top and some daisy dukes she must be a moslim!

    1. Decision 2016: Tits or GTFO

    2. LOL! No seriously, you turned my epic facepalm at those comments into a smile.

    3. Tits or GTFO that got an earnest lol out of me.

  3. "Statespoll has Trump winning most polls
    http://statespoll.com ^
    Posted on 10/11/2016, 7:34:26 AM by Viper652

    Which is nice to see for anyone who is down seeing the MSM crap"



    1. Romney guy here...

      I've really liked how far they will go to find a poll favoring Trump.

      On 'Breaking News,' they've got the LA Times/Dornslife poll which is really out there- it includes some strange 'ranking system' to weigh how likely voters are to vote for their candidate- and a Google Consumer Survey!

      I've always liked RCP average because it's been the closest representation, at least going back a few cycles.

      LA Times has a "area of uncertainty" of about 40%...so they even admit that their results have a 60% likelihood of mirroring the results of Election Day.


    2. Even the LA Times poll, which really is a daily tracking of the same people to see how their opinions are changing, can be seen as a "relative" poll.

      While it has been consistently running as a +4 to +6 for Trump, is now down to +2 for Trump.

      This shows that Trump's support is eroding.