Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Internet Takeover

Too many Freepers work with computers for the right-wing attempts to scare up paranoia about America ending it's contract with ICANN over Internet domain names. But right wing media keeps trying to rile up the rubes, so what you get is lots of little, paranoid threads that soon die for lack of critical mass.

And while perhaps not representative of Freep, the paranoia is amusing.

Voluntaryist spares no drama:
1984 begins at 12:01 AM
visualops knows this is a meaningless policy, but then falls into inchoate paranoia:
ICANN does control the naming. they do not control the physical internet. But we always say “oh well they would never do that”. and we know how that ends up.
visualops then cancels anything that look informed above:
it’s just unconscionable.
what we need now, is Trumpnet.
Voluntaryist also thinks Trump will save us from this crisis he's made up:
This will be addressed by Trump very soon. We blast one trunk line and this is over!!We invented it— it is ours!!

I actually have a feeling Trump will propose a decentralized internet, which is something we should’ve had a very long time ago. The reason we don’t have this now, in my opinion, is because high taxes, wasteful government spending, and less incentive for venture capitalists to invest in new ideas with this terrible economy.
RoseofTexas is sure the antichrist is behind this, controlling Congress:
And our representative just rolled over!! Bastards! Truly the antichrist is alive and well!!
Electric Graffiti just wallows in despair:
“The Internet Takeover Is Happening”

Meanwhile the takeover of the United States is almost complete.

The rule of law is dead. The federal gubbermint is corrupt, compromised and illegitimate. The executive branch is being run by the muslim brotherhood.
montag813 predicts the Internet is gonna be like Youtube:

Your website "FREEREPUBLIC.COM | IP"

has received a "Offensive Speech" complaint from: "MICRONESIA (anonymous)" and has been taken offline

Your inquiry is very important to us. Please expect a response within 6 to 8 weeks.
Fitzy_888 has a different bureaucratic hate-fantasy, one which dredges up another bit of paranoid musing:
I suspect it will operate much like the IRS...

Domain name approval or database correction times.... 28 months 4 hours 1 minute 17 seconds
Arthur Wildfire! March - "we are now reduced to lawsuits," which is truly what comes right before civil war:
We are now reduced to lawsuits. We should have done a better job of informing ourselves in advance, then informing the public, then leading a call to impeach Obama for this High Crime.
ought-six declares evil has won:
The lights are going off all over the world.


  1. Arthur Wildfire has been the loudest Freeper on the subject and, typical in the world of Freepers, the loudest is the one who knows the least about the ICANN "handover".

    These are the same people who were worried about Earth's demise during Y2K!

    The internet was handed over on October 1st and things haven't fallen apart. Free Republic is still free to post inane garbage from strange, obscure blogs and hold the garbage as fact.

    Maybe that's the especially- devious plan: to make everyone think that everything is the same way it is before!

    The illuminati is really good!

  2. "1984 begins at 12:01 AM"

    It apparently takes an extra minute for the world to be changed back into 1984.

  3. Michelle Obama's Prolateriate Garden would be a fun band name.

  4. I like the blackwhite here...the Internet must be free from the evil liberal Muslim Marxist Kenyan Obama, which means that the evil liberal Muslim Marxist Kenyan Obama administration must be in charge of IANA. ??????

    1. Oh, and Trump might propose a decentralized Internet? Gee, what a concept! I'm amazed we've never tried it before! All this time, I guess we've just been keeping the Internet in a shoebox in the basement of the Pentagon!

    2. Pardon me, that's doublethink, not blackwhite. For some reason I was thinking of a person believing a color is both black and white at the same time.

    3. The color gray IS both black & white
      at the same time. Gray.


    4. So black and white are the same color?