Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Talisker sees a lot of Jesus in Ayn Rand's writings:
Ayn Rand was right about a lot when it came to people.

That's why I like her work, she starts from fundamentals. Christians say everyone is a sinner and needs Christ. Ayn Rand agreed - and then observed that most people do NOT receive Christ in their hearts. So she simply asked, okay, how would such people, who refuse Christ, act? What WOULD govern their behavior? How would they justify it? What would they actually do?

Simple, but brilliant.
Dilbert San Diego heard Trump won all the debates from 'liberals.' So how can Trump be so far down in the polls?!
What the heck??

Hillary up by double digits, in a poll conducted entirely after the 2nd debate?

After the 2nd debate in which even liberal media talking heads said that Trump performed very well, and arguably “won” the debate??? That debate?????

But Hillary is up by double digits nationally, but Trump is ahead or within single digits in many of the battleground states??

Can all of these statements be true???
wastoute on the resurrection of the Tea Party after Democrats thought they'd killed it!!
So, the Rats have succeeded in two of the LONG range goals they have had for years in this cycle. They destroyed Fox which is now just another bad version of MSNBC. They destroyed the GOP. The thing they failed to accomplish and this was not even on their “to do” list was destroy the Tea Party because they thought they had done this already.

So they risked everything, allowed the mask to come off in regard to their collusion with the Brown Shirt Media. The BSM was already into single digit territory. Even they note that cockroaches poll better than journalists. The Rats were willing to sacrifice the strongest weapon they had.

Because they realized too late the ghost of the Tea Party has come back to life and is bigger and stronger and more pissed off than ever they are facing a battle for their very survival and LOSING.

You know it's not a cheer if you're yelling it through clenched teeth, right?

MichaelCorleone has been totally fooling young women that he's a Stein supporter:
I’ve actually been trying to move the feminazi vote from Hillary to Stein.

As I identify those brainwashed, shallow thinking 20 somethings, I ask them who they are voting for (knowing the answer is Hillary), and I tell them I’m trying to get votes for Jill Stein (they incorrectly interpret that as working for the Stein campaign). Now I go right into the flight plan.

This opens them up to hear me out on why NOT Hillary. They already emotionally wedded to the ‘I hate Trump’s misogyny’ meme, so there’s no point of even mentioning Trump.

Unclear if it will work at all, but the fact we’re discussing only women candidates makes them listen with an open mind. Who knows - maybe they’ll see the light on what we’ll face with a Clinton as CIC?
HWGruene knows who resents losing the Civil War.
It’s terrifying. The demokkkrats are still pissed about losing the civil war, and have yet to surrender.
The alternative is a blood bath again but this time it will be in the tens of millions and not hundreds of thousands like the last time.
A GOP HQ got bombed. Freepers went from hating the GOP to briefly loving it, if that'd be an excuse for digger48 to fantasize about violence:
They burn one of ours, we burn ten of theirs.

Don’t bring a match to a gunfight.
Joe Marine 76 is one of many, many Freepers to make this parallel:
“Nazi Republicans leave town or else, “ said the Kristallnacht re-enactors.

“Kristallnacht.” Damn, I thought the exact thing, no lie.
I'd never have guessed Jews would be so envied for the Holocaust as they are bu Freepers.

Sarah Barracuda explains why liberals love abortion and Muslims...mostly Muslims..
Because with liberals, Muslims and Abortion are their holy grail..they adore Muslims because Muslims despise America as much as they do..its why they want so many of them here..#1 to change the demographic forever..and secondly if they kill a bunch of Americans who cares, as long as those Americans are from Republican states it wont affect them one bit
JudyinCanada hopes maybe Hillary will be caught having lots of affairs:
A pile of affairs, both hetero and homo, would certainly take her out of “poor victim” status. They always say that her husband’s affairs are nothing to do with her, and she’s been portrayed as the long-suffering, loyal wife. This would certainly change that narrative to them being a couple of low-lifes, with a sham marriage.

Could expose her as the phony, ambitious, liar that she is.
ProtectOurFreedom can't believe how many Republicans are hoaxed as cheaters and gropers by Democrats!
Gin up patently false charges about Trump’s behavior toward women at the last minute in the campaign; ignore all the women who say his is a great guy and a gentleman; be not the slightest bit curious about why nobody made these claims in the past 30 years; totally ignore the women her husband brutally raped; totally ignore the fact that Clinton did the real dirty work by sliming the raped women and discrediting them...then have the chutzpah to claim his campaign is “stumbling.”

It’s the same damned Democrat playbook used in every election.

The problem is it seems to work.
Roger stone's frantic story never came true, of course. lavaroise still sticks to the conclusion he's already drawn, though:
Roger Stone Says Kerry Threatened Ecuadorian President Over Assange: Brits Storm Embassy Tonight

Demoncrap Ayatollahs
Speaking of Ayatollahs, Flavious_Maximus wants Free Speech to give way to Christian Freedom.
The New York Times is ground zero for the persecution of Christians.

Those NYT officials need to be put on death row.
Also into an American version of the Iranian Revolution, wakibeach has lots of plans to kick out all the wrongthinkers:
Clean out all the sewers and the people who live in them.

Start with the Judiciary, Legislative and left over bureaucrats in the Executive branch from all prior occupants of the White House. Fire all the Department Heads in every government office or Agency.

Ask all the University and College Heads to resign if they are unable or unwilling to teach about America the Beautiful, Home of the Brave, and unabashedly Patriotic Flag Wavers.

Tell the United Nations to take a hike to Belgium, no more slush funds for these tyrants.

Cut all ties with Saudi Arabia, the most evil of all empires.

Media will have a code of conduct that is befitting a Benjamin Franklin ethics review, OR be shut down until they are able to comply.
No more free money from taxpayers.

ALL Planned Parenthood’s be defunded.
As soon as possible overturn Roe v Wade.
Take America back to its Godly roots or shut the whole failure down.
My two favorites were History being revised to be only hagiographic, and the idea of a 'Ben Franklin ethics review.' Mandatory French whores for everyone!

Someone else's list of post-Trump purges lead backwoods-engineer to show why Freepers can't have awful things"
Pass the Federal ID act.
I will not comply, and if Trump does it, I will oppose him as much as I oppose Obama.
jimjohn has a whole list of people soon to be assassinated, right before they shut down electricity.
we are at a stage of high alert, between O’Keefe and Assange. God protect them both. 
I think the establishment has spent most of their false ammo. They only have war with russia and a grid attack left, besides the unspeakable which i won’t mention. Pray for our land, pray for Mr T

Might as well through in Rush, Drudge, and a few others to that list.
sockhead reveals an insufficiently majestic moving van scandal!
Hillary is brazen. If it isn’t nailed down, she takes it.

I’ll never forget Bill’s first inauguration. Before the ceremony, before the Clintons arrived at the White House for the traditional meeting with the outgoing president, their moving vans were outside the gate.

One was a standard large white semi, and the other was an embarrassing small, local mover’s type beat up truck. The scene was beyond tacky. White House staff were appalled.
tbw2 tried to argue to some STEM-types that ditch-diggers love it, and free time is bad.
I had an argument with several research post-docs regarding their utopian vision of what people will do when we get rid of all the jobs.

* Just because you find such work boring and demeaning doesn’t mean those with an average or below average IQ do. In fact, it gives them social status, purpose and interaction. Your biases are clouding your decision on what is best for these people.
* You imagine a paradise when many jobs are eliminated. Want a real life precursor? The inner cities already relying heavily on welfare with drugs, crime, broken families, despair. And by driving automation on purpose regardless of the human cost, you’re creating more of said crime.
* The idea that people will suddenly volunteer more is disproved by the same worldwide phenomena. It is the people who already have jobs who volunteer, the janitor who then works an afternoon picking up trash at the park. Instead, we have welfare recipients and able bodied people on social security with ADD unwilling to pick up trash where they live.
* You are assuming that shifting to AI to make decisions is unbiased. No, it will have the biases of the programmers - and those are currently people who programmed the decision making algorithms that denied a woman in Oregon cancer treatment and sent her info on assisted suicide, or HMOs that denied care due to cost but now the doctor will be even more limited by the all-powerful computer that puts little value on human life.

I don’t know if I actually got through any of their heads. They’d never even HEARD pro-human arguments like this. If I hadn’t been a female engineer talking about the future of STEM and technology, thus a novelty, they’d likely have ignored me.
Searching for empowerment of his dying worldview, dp0622 is spamming Freeper crap with every trending hashtag he sees.
I’m all over it. Sent to 2 reporters at Breitbart and to ANY trending hashtag, as well as the networks.
Like many Freepers, TheConservativeParty is pretty sure rallies are election polls, and Hillary can only win with fraud. And terrorism. And abortion. And going to Hell...his mind wanders a bit.
I watch all the Trump rallies I can. He can get 10,000 inside the event and has nearly that many outside.

HildaBeast had a book store event this year where there were about 20 people.

I estimate her top crowd to be 500.

We all have seen this. Trump is clearly the actual winner of this election and the only way for him not to be elected is massive demoncrat dirty tricks and crimes.

The 2 fire bombings for instance....crimes.

The dems are terrorists. Bombers. Congrats Dems, you are actual terrorists.

The pics of the fire bombed Trump offices were horrible, complete destruction.

The Dems are more evil than we can imagine.

What else can we expect from the party of baby-killers?

Nothing is beneath them,,,except Hell, which they will all spend eternity in.

Look at how those at the 9-11 event, surrounded HildaBeast to keep The People from seeing how ill she is. All those people that shielded her from our view are traitors, part of the machine pushing to get her in power regardless of the truth, her criminality, her pure evil. Same for Comey, Lynch, and all the rest, the media, etc,,,,

If she steals this, they will have the taken from us the last chance to keep up from becoming a muslim take-over hell hole like Germany, France or Sweden.

end of rant


  1. It occurs to me that if the situation were reversed and it was Hillary with the massive rallies, the Freeper talking point would be "Republicans can't go to rallies because they have jobs! Silent majority!"

  2. Tony Stark:fake 20th c.::Benjamin Franklin:actual 18th c.


  3. "Pass the Federal ID [for THOSE people (wink wink)] act"

    all fixed. i guess it wasn't completely clear.

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  5. "Pray for our land, pray for Mr T"

    Well. He *does* believe in the gold (chain) standard, so I guess that makes sense.