Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

exDemMom has decoded the Democratic plot for a war with peaceful Russia:
Every time the Democrats are up to something, they always accuse the Republicans of doing or planning to do the exact same thing the Democrats have planned. 
A war with Russia looks to be one of these things. It looks like the Democrats are making a tactical mistake, however, in not waiting until after the election to precipitate a war. By trying to get one started before the election, it becomes that much more difficult to blame Republicans for it.
Mr. M.J.B. also defends poor little Russia:
U.S. weighs tougher response to Russia over Syria crisis

Rome is Rome is Rome is Rome, and right on schedule and at the correct location.

Starting Yet Another illegal war on a sovereign nation and when its defense ally is fully drawn in, we will kill them.

The entire world silent. Surreal.

This is on YOUR HEAD WH, CIA, State, and military. You can’t say you didn’t know.
IllumiNaughtyByNature has lost his taste for debates:
Team Trump should have a fundraiser for NOT participating in the debate. If we can raise $XX,XXX,XXX then he won’t do it. And Trump can match it. ?
barker is already blaming Hillary for cancelling future debates, using facts from a different reality:
It’s Clinton that doesn’t want another debate. She barely made it through this one.
Myrddin is pretty sure the latest black guy shot by police was a Muslim suiciding to deliver California to Hillary:
CA community outraged after officer kills unarmed black man 
If this gets Hillary elected, will the perp get 72 virgins?

Going down Main St in El Cajon, you are immediately struck by the number of businesses labeled in Arabic. Lots of Chaldean Christian businesses in the area. A much smaller number of muslims. The muslims hang out closer to the mosque near Balboa Ave and I-805. Most shop at the Target near Balboa and Genessee. I lived in the Clairemont area from June 2011 to Sept 2014.
CyberAnt - those BS Clinton books from the '90s are still paying dividends!
how about highlighting that Hillary DEMANDED that the Military assigned to the WH, NOT WEAR THEIR UNIFORMS.


The Clintons are despicable !!!, and should never be allowed anywhere near the WH again.
Defiant is one of many Freepers to pick up on the 'Hillary is ex-wife' meme that says more about the speaker's love life than about Hillary:
Can you imagine how bad the screech would be if she was ever given the power of the presidency over all of us? It would be like having an ex-wife who was also warden of a prison you were held in.

If Hillary were a contestant on Trump's show, she would get fired in the first episode. She has no talent, no intelligence and no leadership ability. How she got this far is a total construct, a product of the media/socialist complex.
Straight outta 1800, OlLine Rebel knows 'they' hate dogs:
That "thin blue line" that is supposed to be protecting law abiding citizens from the chaos is what is in actuality protecting the miscreants.

Officer German Shepherd is actually much, much better.

And they are scared of dogs. Run screaming.
Cowgirl of Justice is sure Bill Clinton is bedding whores, and that this disqualifies Hillary from being President:
who wants anyone in the White House who is actively sleeping with prostitutes and obviously doesn’t care who knows about it? I am sure she has a blue dress type of proof that they were together.

If Hil can’t keep her man in line then how can we expect her to stand up to a dictator, President or country?
piasa just adds in 'compulsory' to whatever Hillary says:
Hillary Clinton announced Friday that she wants to enlist 5 million new volunteers into a “national service reserve” aimed at 18- to 30-year-olds.

Compulsary volunteerism, nothing contradictory in that...
LeoWindhorse comes our for reeducation camps:
 F Kaepernick ....ass wad punk does not deserve a dime they pay him . Send him to a reeducation camp to get rid of his creepy attitudes
enumerated spends a lot of time explaining Trump can believe or say anything, so long as he's wins:
In politics, a principled constitutional conservative scholar is never going to get elected by explaining the truth of conservatism. We all know this. There simply aren’t enough intelligent conservative voters.

If you want Clinton to be defeated, you can’t force Trump to say only those things that will please the 5-10% of us who are conservative. You have to let him find creative ways to appeal to another 40 - 45% on some basis or another. There is simply no other choice.

Now, I happen to believe that we are so close to the cliff edge that conservatives always warn about, it is no longer necessary to argue about whether there is a cliff edge, how far away it is, what direction we should go to avoid the cliff edge. The cliff edge is now within view and everyone can see it. Now, you can simply say “Turn around, we have no choice”

That is Trump’s message. “We are at the cliff edge. We must turn around or fall off the cliff!”

It’s a good enough message for this conservative, especially when Clinton, the only other candidate is saying “Forward, full speed ahead!”

I think Trump is a pragmatist, a problem solver. I think conservative policies are the only solutions, and in order to solve our problems, we will have no choice but to employ conservative policies.

But there is nothing that says Trump or those who vote for him have to realize or acknowledge that they are being conservative. I doubt conservatives will ever enjoy that moment of vindication, where everyone says “The conservatives were right all along, we were stupid liberals heading for a cliff edge, now let’s be smart conservatives and go back the other direction”. Please conservatives, teach us more about this wonderful philosophy of yours”.

It will be more like “We have to turn around and go the other way. We have no choice.”

And that sounds a lot like what Trump has been saying.
RitaOK is telling her children to learn Morse Code:
We’re going to be back to ham radios. Better brush up on my Morse Code.

I have encouraged that very recommendation to my kids. The code is so neglected it is obsolete now, but for the aware?
SaveFerris's death list wanders between Hillary and Obama. Needs focus, man!
Hey it’s just like Scalia dropping dead. A coincidence.

Loretta Fuddy dropping dead after certifying O’s “birth certificate”. A coincidence.

Guy set to testify about Hillary to U.N. Drops dead. A coincidence.

Seth Rich. Works on DNC emails. Drops dead. A coincidence.

Guy delivers subpoena to DNC. Drops dead a few days later. A coincidence.

Obama’s grandmother, has his birth certificate in her apartment (his own book) lives 86 years. Drops dead 2 days before the election. A coincidence.
Clutch Martin yells that the Democrats are at war:
Until the jackass party rules, it is a war. They are at war. Plain and simple. Yet the RINOs & GOP continue to reach out and seek to find commonality when and where they will never be any. It is WAR.
PghBaldy - everyone was in on the Clinton e-mail thing!
Everyone was aware of and using the Clinton server for classified communication. Obama, CIA, and others. That’s why the FBI and DOJ passed. The fix was in from the git-go.

You are right. Probably members of Congress too, perhaps GOP members too.
I love Freepers like Lurkinanloomin who think the entire GOP is one big conspiracy to elect Democrats:
Yeb! was supposd to be the Designated Loser.
He would have run like McCain and Romney, respectfully apologetic.
He already had his gracious concession speech memorized.
Rubio helped him with the memorization.

Trump has turned over many applecarts.
madison10 is trolling her niece:
Hmmmm...think I’ll post this to my dem, never worked a day in her life, niece’s facebook page.
Wow, MIA_eccl1212!
Our troops fight to protect from whack-jobs like Colin Kaepernick who are just one micro aggression trigger away from transmogrifying into radicalized belt bombers and serial mass killers, after constantly campaigning for #NobodyButBlackThugLivesMatter.... or #IslamIsForPieces... or any one of the social justice warrior snowflake groups. 


  1. Remember, kids! Free speech means the right to say and believe anything, as long as it doesn't upset anybody else!



    STAND in front of your full-length mirror.
    Let your stomach flop and slouch. - Ask the

    "Reflection, just WHO is going to GIVE that
    ANYTHING today for free?"

    SILENCE and more SILENCE.

    THEN, go and GIT BIZZY like I told you time
    and again!!

    Forty years ago, FANG was making a six
    figure income equivalent to $250,000.00 in
    today's economy. He had a company car and
    was recently hired by a company that went
    into bankruptcy less than a month after he
    started there. (They were high rollers.)

    The BK Trustee who took it over kept FANG on
    to help him settle up the mess. - The guy
    was an absolute terror and FANG ended up
    with a miserable situation. The Trustee
    treated people like dirt. Finally, true to
    form, FANG walked out in the middle of the
    Trustee's tantrum and kept walking. Went out
    and took any sort of job just to make a bit
    of money. Then another BK Trustee took him
    on and let FANG alone to do his job. FANG
    was with him for YEARS. - We made a lot of
    money; but money has a way of getting on out
    of here.

    FANG made a living being his own boss and
    not being stuck in an office - a good living.
    He had been raised to WORK, though, starting
    in his father's photography studio.

    Everyone knew FANG as a photographer, and he
    was a good one; though didn't want to be in
    a studio.

    FANG chose my graduation picture on the wall
    for his future wife. I didn't know that as
    if I had, I'd have probably heaved. It is
    too vain.

    Like ya'll. I know ya'll will try that thing
    about talking to yourselves in a full-length
    mirror while nekkid, and, while a good idea
    in theory and keeps you humble, it's nutty.

    President Donald John Trump, POTUS


    1. Cool story bro.....

    2. Thanks. Now try it. It does wonders
      for any sense of entitlement you
      might still have.


    3. Contrary to what you and the other wrinkle bags @ FR think about us millennials, I put in over 50 hours a week in a factory.

      Everything I own I've worked for and it fills me with delight that one day your going to be dead and I'll still be here.

  3. Keys to success: self-loathing, fear of others

  4. "Team Trump should have a fundraiser for NOT participating in the debate. If we can raise $XX,XXX,XXX then he won’t do it. And Trump can match it. ?"
    I really do like the question mark at the end there. Suggests a limit, however far, to this freeper's insanity. No, sweetie, Trump is not going to match your fundraiser - unless it's with other people's money, and that ship has sailed with Farendholt's work at the WP.