Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Better late than never!

Mad_as_heck has already thrown in the towel and declared fraud:
By all accounts, this is not a proper election in a free republic.

therefore she shouldn’t be recognized as president if she wins.

Trump should NOT concede under any circumstances, IMHO

Media collusion of this level makes it nearly impossible for the foe to win.

Would expect this in Russia, not in the US.

I agree. The elections for Putin and Chevez, while tainted in many ways, were much more fair and above board than this travesty of an “election.”

This election is rigged. The rigged Democrat primary, the super delegates, the Soros orchestrated violence in the streets and in Trump’s rallies, the staggering media bias, the D+15 polls, the GOP sabotage, everything in this nightmare is without precedent and absolutely unacceptable.

If Hillary “wins” this election the outcome is a fraud and I reject it. In a free and fair election Trump would be up 25 points against this crook. He may be, in truth, for all I know. If he wins he must clean house immediately.

This election is shaping up to be the greatest political disaster in American history. And all because a man who was not part of “the club” wanted to Make America Great Again!
In a super non-obvious clever twist, Cats Pajamas declares journalists critical of Trump's position on pussy-grabbing to be pussies themselves!
At risk of getting flamed, I will say I wish Trump would grab Chris by his p****. I am a female and not offended by what Trump said. I hear worse at my husband’s hunting lease. Women need to get over their fake outrage. Real men talk like that. Sometimes we girls are around to hear it. In an impassioned moment I have said words I need not have said.

Don Henley said its about forgiveness. Trump said he was sorry. MOVE ON TO WIKILEAKS AND THE CORRUPT CLINTONS.
HarleyLady27 is one of many Freepers moving from dreams of a Trump victory to dreams of Hillary feelign sad.
OH WHAT IS THE MATTER Ms. Clinton...are you finally being brought out for the POS you are, were born, raised and lived by??? That's to bad, and then you MARRIED a man whore who couldn't keep it zipped up, fathered a son, couldn't bother fathering Chelsea, so you found Webb Hubble to do that for poor little thing, you can certainly make everyone else’s life a total misery, but you can't take it when we dish it back???

ROFL...well get used to it because we are going to be dishing this back and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!
Wow, she's on board with the Bill's secret black son conspiracy! Stupendous!

But even HarleyLady27 is getting worried about Trump's prospects:
I think when I read that the next 30 days are going to be nail biting, and to fasten your seat belts, I think Trump is going to show the World just how tough he can be...

He started the other night in the debate when he told Hillary she was a liar, and he would lock her up, you haven’t seen anything yet...

I’m ready...and I’m marching lock step with Trump...

On a website that bans those who report bad polls for Trump, bkopto explains that Obama is the one who denies all bad news:
Bath House ignores bad news. He’s just not that into it.

Bad news is for other people, not for the magic negro.

“I’m off the Hawaii in a few months, with golfing and ESPN, so whatever. Let someone else deal with it. I don’t live in eastern europe anyway. Screw it,” says Bath House.
Speaking of ignoring bad news...enumerated:
my assumption in all this is that Trump wins.

I can’t think about the alternative - I’m in complete denial!
Also CincyRichieRich is ignoring bad news:
This is not a poll.

Trump rallies are polls.

Clinton rallies are polls.

Who will turnout?
And you can't discuss unreal Trump optimisim without goldstategop:
If Hillary was winning the election, she and her media lapdogs would be talking about all the wonderful things Hillary is going to do for America.

Instead, she’s screeching about scorched earth tactics and Trump turning the heat up on her.

That’s how I know she’s goin’ down for the count. Too sad, too bad for Hillary.

Trump owns YOU.
"If Hillary isn't secretly way behind, why is she still campaigning about Trump being a dumpster fire?"

Gaffer explains HIS trolling is driven by patriotism:
nobody PAYS us to do it; we do it out of love for our country. You should know that by now. DEMS have to pay Trolls.
As some Freepers do when they feel impotent, NIKK is really throwing himself into some trivial research:
I was having some trouble here last night while in the middle of investigating the picture that's out of the Hillary Ohio event yesterday. I strongly suspect she's using a particular man to photo shop her rally pictures. I first started suspecting something wasn't quite right when 10 of her pool reporters were not at her event yesterday. None were reporting from the event. I could only find one posting a picture. Another picture surfaced and it looked like a picture of another event and while looking more into the pictures to have more comparison my freerepublic went down.

I'll get back with my findings.
Sadly, beelzepug has tainted even her love for her granddaughters with Hillary loathing:
I’ve got two grand-daughters, one ten months and another not quite three months. Both have soft, squishy cankles. I love to squeeze them! Neither one of them has Hillary’s fat arse, though. Thank God for that!
SirLurkedalot is coming around to InfoWars:
I’m no info wars fan but he’s been giving Matt Bracken a forum lately and for that I’m glad.
The mainstreaming of InfoWars is one of the more amazing legacies this campaign will leave, IMO. At this point, I'd wager they're much bigger than Freep.

txrefugee - kids these days are so weak they're gonna bring back the Dark Ages!
We wonder how the people in the Dark Ages lost much of the civilization that had preceded them. When the next two generations depart this vale of tears, the ones left will sit by the side of the road and wonder what to do with a flat tire. That’s what ineffective parenting has left us with.
bkopto is not a fan of liberal women:
Commie harpy right out of central casting

They’d look better in burkas. Wow, what clueless dolts.

Destroying white western civilization, with virtue signalling, pathological altruism, and designer water.
One, two, three, four, Talisker declares Civil War!
If we were actually in a true civil war, then yes, you would want me on your side.

We are, actually, in a true civil war.
Leo Carpathian yells about 60 years of darkness and gulags for Republicans!
Don’t they recognize that if Hitlery wins now, that is the END of US!!!

There will be no more Republicans, it will be at least 60 years of darkness, just like Communism was - TOTALITARIAN regime and all those NeverTrumps will be rotting in GULAGS!!!!
ground_fog is nihilistic and 4chany:
Just go vote and dont be a cuck. The GOP is dead
So the question is, silentknight, are you afraid of yourself?
If America doesn’t revolt then that is what is scary. People don’t care. It’s over if this doesn’t end in arrests.
Wneighbor wants a revolution with only old people:
If Trump doesn’t win, I am game. I am old and not worried about myself. My children and grandchildren are my concerns.

My sentiment exactly. I can't see an America for my grandchildren and great grandchildren if HRC wins this election. Would that we could have revolution with only us old ones who really know what America should be.
Luircin declares war on election day buses:
One additional thing: Volunteer with the Trump campaign. The more time you volunteer, the more resources they have to fight voter fraud.

As for voter fraud not being prosecutable, it may well be STOPPABLE. Just get the fraud busses off the road until the polls close.

Every fraudulent vote prevented is a vote won for Trump.
Dems better be prepping for election day shenanigans.

Deek incorporates False Flag Assange into the ever-growing anti-Trump conspiracy:
So far Assange has delivered

Has he? If we are honest, nothing in those dumps is objectively damming. If I were a conspiracy guy I would point out that 1) Assange has said he thinks Hillary will win; 2) He has completely distracted us; 3) Historically his politics are liberal; 4) He stands to gain from helping Hillary
MMaschin has found some joker on twitter boasting of hacking all the Democrats:
I havn't read this entire thread, so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but there IS A LOT more claimed by 0HOUR1 than Podesta's email!

They claim that a backup of Hillary's email server was created, BEFORE the techies deleted the emails! They claim that they have passed the emails from Hillary's server to WIKILEAKS.

Besides that, just today they have claimed that they have hacked Cheryl Mills gmail account.

They claimed to have hacked Podesta's apple account - copied his backups from his apple devices, and then remote wiped his devices!! LOL!!

They also claimed to have gotten access to Jake Sullivan, and Robby Mook's gmail accounts.

Follow 0HOUR1 on Twitter.
Fresh Wind knows why liberals don't believe the chucklehead kid claiming to be Bill Clinton's son:

Racist DemocRats assume the kid and his mom are liars because they are black.
hecticskeptic adds False Flag Ken Starr to the Conspiracy:
I am highly skeptical of the Starr investigation results actually being Clinton's.... they could have used the actual results in their investigation and some other DNA was substituted after the fact for the reports etc and this may have been allowed on some privacy grounds.
Betty Jane has a great plan for the debate:
I think it would be great if Trump's team came in at the last minute with some budding college journalists from Hillsdale. Knowing that Hillary has previously received questions in advance, Trump will only debate with these moderators who have had no contact with either candidate.
Hillsdale. LOL.

We did some punative bombing of Yemen. blueunicorn6 goes full peacenick:
Hey everybody!

We’re at war with Yemen now!

Obama can put another notch on his peace prize!
blueunicorn6 is arguing Obama's foreign policy has been too muscular:
Hey Barack!

Some kid in Kenya threw a rock at one of our ships!

Let’s bomb Kenya!


Good thing we didn’t elect a cowboy to be our President.

Obama is way too sophisticated to just be bombing people.

Stayfree has a...different position on Middle East adventurism:
Mods? MODS?!

Speaking of salty language, MadMax, the Grinning Reaper mixes inside baseball on American-Israel politics with a lot of swearing, and no one cares:
If Trump wins, so does Israel and Amona. Washington DC will soon be out of Toner, or run Toner out of DC. He’s a disgrace along with the other Good Germans in the State Dept’s Press Office (Hanf?, Psaki (aka Sak of Shit) (and we will throw in, or out, those Soviet-style lying bastards in the White House spokesman office, Ernest, Carney (retired) and even Gibbs, along with Susan Rice just for kicks.

As a former card-carrying journalist, I’m beyond disgusted with these lying little shits who pervert the position of Government spokesmen/shemen.
Meanwhile Bigg Red is scandalized by liberals' bad language:
Clinton Spokesman To Trump: ‘Go Bleep Yourself’

Typical foul-mouth Democrat female.


  1. My favorite part of Mad_As_Heck's rant is that his "illegal election rigging" amounts to people not liking Trump and saying so.

  2. lol on Harley complaining that someone can dish it out but can't take it when it comes to being insulted

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  4. I've seen "cunt" used about half a dozen times over there during the past couple of months. Robinson is past caring.

  5. HITLER-Y is going DOWN . . DOWN . .
    DOWN and soon.

    "FREEPER MADNESS" is sad . . . sad . . sad .

    TWINKIE is past caring. Just a few days now
    and we will be shed of MICHELLE'S endless
    lavish vacationing and HUSSEIN'S endless

    Remember JIMMY CARTER? Nope. We don't hear
    a thing about him any more. Hint: He is
    still topside. SAME will soon be true of

    I'll try one more time to clear your

    I will type -

    President Donald J. Trump, POTUS

    If HITLER-Y somehow manages to CROOK her
    way into that office -
    FLUSH!! - However, Us "Deplorables" are
    coming to the polls like you have NEVER seen

    P.S. Quit bashing Mr. Robinson WONKERS!!

    1. Mr.Robinson is the ultimate anti-freeper, coming up on two decades of fleecing the wrinklebags out of their social security.

      Lets talk about ex-presidents.
      Mmm-mmm-mmm, those Bushes sure love Trump, don't they ............ NOT !!!!!!!!

    2. Even someone as delusional as Twinkie has to understand that this race is pretty much over.

      When Alaska is arguably 'in-play,' there's not going to be any redemption for Donald Trump.

  6. Wow. Conservatives are throwing everything at Hillary but the kitchen sink, but nothing is working.

    That's how you know you've got a deeply flawed candidate: when a situation like Clinton's could be real trouble, but the alternative is SO terrible that voters are willing to forego a little bit of questionable activity so long as it keeps Trump out of the Oval Office!

  7. "pathological altruism"

    hm, methinks bkopto's use of "pathological" serves as a beard to cover freepers' genuinely pathological abhorrence for social welfare, esp. the sort that helps brown people. assigning it to liberals is typical wingnut projection.

    1. I wonder what they'd make of a *genuine* fiscal conservative who explained that social security was always a pyramid scam and you never saved a cent for your retirement that way, you just bankrolled the retirees who were alive when you were working.

      Therefore, in order to "drain the swamp", all publically funded pensions are being discontinued with immediate effect. Anyone who didn't realize they were falling for a pyramid scam is just culpably stupid and deserves what they (don't) get.

      I'm confident Freepers would turn Marxist so fast it would wake up Lenin.

    2. They'd throw a fit, but since they're impotent, they'd fire off a few angry emails but spend more time on FR bitching about how black people and Mexicans are ruining their lives.

  8. I thought all references to Infowars were banned at FR? Has RimJob changed the policy?

    1. I imagine when Trump started citing Alex Jones in his tweets, the ban was lifted.