Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Caipirabob slyly boasts about his wife being Hispanic. It's so subtle!
I stepped away and could hear my wife screaming at Hillary. I won’t be translating from the original Spanish and ask they people use their imagination...
canuck_conservative cannot believe Hillary's wide-ranging expertise, so he decides the debate was rigged:
Just curious ... was Hillary fed the questions before the debate??

The whole “cyberwarfare” question was too suspicious ... who would have expected that question in this debate?

Yet there Hillary was, with her detailed and lengthy 2-minute answer, obviously NOT thought up on-the-spot ... how did she know THAT question would be asked??

really .... fishy
goldstategop's confident cheerleading continues - Trump  totally won the debate, guys!
Trump knows exactly what he is up against and he has a good feel for his opponent.

He won, which sets him up well going into the final rounds.

And he is a far stronger position than Mitt was in 2012 since Mitt arrived as a challenger while Trump is the front-runner.
HWGruene apropos of nothing, posts about hating the local restaurateur:
I knew a Greek guy who began a philly sandwich shop in Anchorage who treated his customers worse than $hit, he had lines around the block. The food was nothing special and when the order was wrong he gave them he would tell them “take it or leave it you stupid malaka!”while smoking a cigarette while he was cooking up cheese-steaks on the flat top grill.

Evidently they like that sort of abuse as his entire family drove Escalades and he had tons of cash. Go figure.
Electric Graffiti had a great idea for the debate!
“We need ambassador Stevens masks in the crowd.”

OMG. What a great idea!!! That would surly be the end of the bobble headed b1tch
LouieFisk posts Michael Savage's paranoid twitterings:
DesertRhino is sure the reason the Air Force is having trouble getting pilots has nothing to do with budget cuts - it's because ladies are flying now!
Something is wrong... and it isn’t just the wars, or the commercial market, etc. The USAF and the other branches have stripped everything macho, cool, and ballsy out of the “flight station”. (the term cockpit has even been banned)

Women who have never flown a plane run the Air Force in the entire pacific. Trannys and lesbos and homos and atheists wield immense power.

That’s the biggest reason.
thefixisin signed up on Sept 13 to reject Trumps words and substitute his own:
What Trump really wanted to say...

"The birth certificate is fake"

Anyone else? I cringed when he had to feign respect for the Kenyan usurper. He did refer to him as "your" president once which i liked.
FreedomPoster must operate on certain assumptions:
I’ve been saying since the beginning that we must operate under the assumption that any country with a state intelligence operation worthy of the name has the complete contents of that server. Say, at least a dozen countries, some of them allies.
Iron Munro explains that Hillary voters are tribal fools, unlike Freepers:
Hillary’s supporters won’t care how many terrorist groups she armed or how many uranium mines she sold to Russia.

They are voting for her for one of two reasons:

1 - They are liberals and would vote for a dead snake if it was the democrat nominee

2 - They are voting for her because she is a female and they think it would be neat to have a female president
That's not even a theory, MNDude, it's just a complaint.
Signaled and Triggered #RiggedDebate

A lot of crazy theories out there, but this one seems to be true.
NorthMountain has odd fantasies:
Trump is a better man than I am.

I could NOT have resisted the temptation to shove a corncob into that gaping maw ...
Why a corncob?

jonrick46 has an extended rocked metaphor to explain how Trump is gonna WikiLeaks Hillary in the next debate:
This was the booster stage of the Trump rocket. Everyone said that Trump won the debate and he has barely got off the pad. Wait until stage two. The next debate will have have the mission to the White House well under way.

I expect Mr. Assange to have secretly given an advance copy of his latest WikiLeaks to the Trump Team—well in advance of the next debate. The latest incriminating information will be thrown out across the debate stage like raw meat. It will be bloody. The second stage will be lit in a sequence that will have der Hildebeast so stunned her head will flap back and forth like a bobble head on a roller coaster. YOU ARE FIRED, HILLARY!!!

The Third Stage, debate or no debate, will be Mission Accomplished—Trump to the White House!
hawaiianninja even thinks Hillary was scripted by NBC:
Considering that she memorized the script given to her by NBC and Lester Holt, yeah, she put on a very good performance! Lying for years have done her well. I bet she’ll get an Emmy for it.
One of the crazier Freepers, Democrat_media, loved Trump's debate performance:
Again I’ve learned more from Trump’s debate than from decades of government schools, gov funded colleges and mainstream media brainwashing called “news” . These institutions are controlled by communists/democrats and they brainwashed most Americans including me for a long time until I became aware of what the media was doing .

Trump is really 1 in a trillion.
Dude's been posting his 'Trump is really 1 in a trillion' line a lot. Weird thing to get excited by.

Another fawning Democrat_media post.
Re-watch the first 45 minutes of the debate. It's Trump lecturing Hillary and everyone on how the world works and how the bought AND paid for politicians are selling out America and companies are leaving, the FED being political and keeping interest rates near zero creating this bubble in the stock market and economy , what politicians like Hillary really are (corrupt bought and paid for you know what)etc.

What did Hillary have a pornstar’s word that he called her miss piggy . That's why we should elect a lying corrupt politician who is really a communist called Hillary Clinton? Hell no. That's winning a debate?

Trump is one in a Trillion. He knows more than anyone about how the world works

Trump destroyed the communist Hillary in the debate

Hillary Clinton is a communist from the 1960’s. If Trump can win he'll save America from communism.
Wow. I mean, HarleyLady27 and, goldstategop declare Trump the debate winner (nopardons didn't btw), but they didn't bother to pretend his content was amazing!

Democrat_media also adds in an invitation for the Cruz supporters to come back now that Cruz bent knee. Not many left to do so, though:
You might hate Cruz. I don't hate Cruz . It was just a battle to me which Trump had to win and he did. I'm a Trump supporter.

I just want to reach out to fellow freepers here who were Cruz fans, All Conservatives and All Americans must unite to defeat the communist evil that threatens America , named Hillary.

I hope you change your mind and Do it for America and for freedom itself
xzins is continuing to write the story of Benghazi:
That is mind-boggling.

She really was using Benghazi as a coordination point for arms shipments.

This woman wants war.

I wouldn’t let her anywhere near the commander in chief chair
IC Ken does not trust any sources of information except one. Whatever Trump says is the new truth!
My problem with all this is I do not trust the media, FBI, DOJ or any of the corrupted government agencies.

Example: What is the REAL unemployment rate?


  1. I have a strange feeling Philly sandwich guy doesn't exist and somebody was just watching a rerun of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld.

    1. I wonder if he shrieks "ESCALADES!!!" the way that one guy on Fairly Odd Parents shrieks "FAIRIES!!!" It's always Escalades...

  2. Agreed, Thought the same thing. However, it seems like he/she probably viewed the episode through a different lens than the rest of the Seinfeld viewers.

  3. I can't imagine freepers watching Seinfeld, which was an urban, intelligent show - that type of wittiness would go straight over a freeper's head.

    They would watch DWTS, or Nascar only? I could envision freeper women watching a lot of soap operas as well.

  4. Thefixisin joined on Sept. 13th? I'm amazed anyone is allowed to join Freep so close to the election. Don't they assume all the newbies are sinister lib trolls working for Hitler-y? Do the veteran Freepers with a few years under their belts at least treat the noobs as losers for not joining the greatest forum of all time sooner?

    1. Probably just a retread that got caught up in the purge.