Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Spotlight: goldstategop

Used to be a conservative in Southern California. Now he's moved to Colorado.

Most Cali Conservatives I know are really bitter, but goldstategop is one of the less bitter Freepers. Because he lives in a world of cherry picked polls where Trump is winning every swing state and rocking the black vote too!

More than that, he wants to assure that all Freepers will live in this world, and posts incessantly about how Hillary is doomed. As you will see, it's become more like a mantra than a statement.

No one cares about Bernie anymore. Hillary is doomed!
After I saw how many turned to hear Bernie pitch for Hillary in Akron OH, I feel better already.

Liberals don’t like Hillary, period. Especially millenials.
Trump is the strong horse
I’m reminded again of the old adage: “Victory has a thousand fathers. Defeat is an orphan.”

Trump is the strong horse and he has the mo’. Hillary is in the rear view mirror.

Care to guess who is the orphan?
Trump is sure to win if liberals all stay home!
They say Hillary still has a 60% chance of winning.

They hedging their bets - they have a tab showing Trump would win if liberal voters stay home - its 95% chance for The Donald.
Hillary is done.
Just what we need in a CinC. Someone who looks half-dead.

Bad optics make voters feel afraid. Hillary is done.
This election is over
Hillary can’t seem to catch a break.

You know, this is going to be an indelible weekend image, just like her 9/11 fall was.

The election is over.
Did I mention Hillary is done?
For Barry, its all about him.

Hillary is an afterthought. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah, he’s insulted he has to share the limelight with HER.

Hillary is done.
It's a coverup! Hillary is done!
Trump will win.

When the MSM calls the race a tie, its MSMspeak for our candidate is losing.

They’ll never admit Trump is winning.

If Hillary was winning, they’d already be calling the election over.

So they’ll portray it as a horse race just to try to drag Hillary over the finish line.

The bottom line ain’t great. Hillary is done.
The Washington Post secretly knows Hillary is done.
Washington Post is in meltdown mode today.

Love it! Trump is rising in the polls, so the WaPost’s Hillary Concern Trolls are coming out of the woodwork.

Hillary is done.
The way to tell a winner is that they stop campaigning.
If Hillary is really leading in PA, why does she need her surrogates to go campaign there for her? Doesn’t she have the Keystone State locked up?

There’s your tell. Hillary is done.
As he said...
Trump’s surge is resuming.... like I said, Hillary is done.
...Or is is AMERICA that is done?????????
We’re a dying country.

I’m the last of my generation to be brought up with respect for authority, to fear the police and to do the right thing.

The values that defined America are breaking down and we’re regressing to a feral society.

Not the kind of sight I expected to see in my lifetime.
Also with blacks - Hillary is done.
Trump is winning over more black voters than any recent GOP candidate... a record.

Democrats dimly realize this, which why they’re playing the race card early. It isn’t working.

Hillary is done.
More funny numbers on Hillary and blacks and done
Trump is grabbing almost 20% of the black vote in PA??

Mitt got only 8%! There’s your tell. A Democrat can’t win with 68% of the black vote.

Hillary is done.
In 2012, same delusion:
Americans like someone who doesn’t take himself seriously. That’s why Mitt Romney will be our next and 45th President Of These United States!
Rhode Island, Massachusetts are in play
CT, RI and MA are in play.

Hillary’s support there is in the single digits.

She has to run ads in a Blue State 50 days out from the election?

Hillary is done.
More on Massachusetts going for Trump
I wouldn’t rule out MA.

Last time a Republican carried it was Reagan in 1984.

Trump won the GOP primary there by a landslide earlier this year.
Trump's gonna win NY
NY is winnable - Trump has big leads upstate and in the downstate collar counties.

NYC is always the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Hillary needs to be held down to 60-65% out of NYC for him to win the state.

Tough but doable. Hillary’s support is so soft there an upset is quite possible.

Why? Her national numbers are underwater.
Trump's gonna win Vermont
Liberal VT?

If Trump wins there, NY is also gonna go Trump. Ditto for CT and NJ.

It would be a short night, indeed.
Trump's gonna win PA
Trump has a good chance of winning PA.

I’d trust Reuters/Ipsos before I trust Morning Call/Muhlenberg.

Funny party ID math.
New Mexico
Poor Hillary - she can’t get liberal voters enthused about her.

Every one else is going Trump.

Heck, NM is going Trump! And Trump has jumped out to a big lead in UT!
Any place Hillary isn’t up by 10+, should be considered a toss-up.

Yup, you’re looking at Blue State MN.
Obama only appeals to racist thugs who hate Hillary!
What progress?

And do racist black voters give a rip about an old white woman?

I have the feeling Barry’s appeal leaves them cold.
More analysis of racist black America:
Racist Black America will never vote for Carson because he’s the house ni***h. Quite simply, a black Republican is an Uncle Tom.

He will never be President.
Trust only the comforting polls!
Another poll oversampling Democrats.

They must have polled Philly & Pittsburgh to obtain the spread.

Toss this one in the wastebasket.
And of course he trusts Russia's polling about Putin's popularity:
Merkel wishes she had Putin’s popularity.
This in the bag election is the most important ever.
Our country is headed for despotic totalitarianism if they’re not stopped.

Two centuries of American freedoms are on the line.
Hillary will get no convention bounce
Hillary will get no convention bounce.

I don’t think any sane person is watching the freak show.

If they had held a Democratic convention and no one cared, what about the rest of the race?

Hillary is gonna leave Philadelphia weighed down by baggage and more damaging email dumps yet to come.

Plus, we’re entering the dead zone of August when people are looking to the Olympics and she’s gonna struggle to be seen.

Love it!
Those 2016 riots are good news for Trump
Good news for Trump.

If it looks like a long hot summer of riots, mayhem and Get Whitey, Democrats are going to have to defend it.

And Trump like Nixon, is moving to present himself as a Law And Order candidate.

If the racist BLMers want to sabotage Hillary, they’re doing a bang-up job of it.

I hope she goes on the White Guilt tour.
October 2012
I agree with Dick Morris.

Its not based on anything scientific - just a feeling we’re looking at a landslide.

The polls are all converging now and state polls - always lagging indicators, appear to be following suit.

And folks on Intrade are dumping once sure fire Obama stocks as fast as they can.
I take it that was not a learning moment.

How could Scotland vote against freedom and stay in the UK?

You’d expect the vote for independence to be overwhelming.

Don’t people want freedom? But that’s a rare thing in the history of mankind.
Except for every state in America, it seems.

Only suckers pay for health insurance.
Only suckers pay for health insurance.

I’m happy on Medicaid. Why on earth would I want to pay exorbitant premiums for health insurance?

The perverse consequence of ObamaCare is single payer is in our future - whether by accident or design.

We’ll see it in place before the end of the decade.


  1. RomneyGuyHere...sorry, on my work computer but I needed to post this for posterity.

    So remember when the Linthicum guy was murdered by police after the Bundy standoff? There's still articles being posted by FR about how he was murdered by cops.

    Now we have a cop that shoots an unarmed black REALLY Tulsa, OK and, I don't want to alarm you, but many of them are saying it was a clean shoot!


    1. Reminds me of how gun control after the 14th Amendment simply created arbitrary subjective standards for when having a gun was a criminal act. Whites were presumed to be carrying guns out of a genuine need for self defense while non-whites were presumed to be carrying for no good reason and prosecuted. Looks like some things haven't changed.

    2. I think you meant LaVoy Finicum, RomneyGuy, but yeah, I get your point. White gun nuts are still not ready to admit that they don't think gun rights are for everyone across the board -- they're worried about only their own, as with most things in life.

  2. Trump proposes stop, frisk, seizure of guns

    Surely FR will howl over this? :)

    1. They won't because the Donald will only take guns from non whites.

  3. Hillary is done.

    I'm sensing a theme...

  4. Replies
    1. "Only suckers pay for health insurance. . . I’m happy on Medicaid."

      But Single Payer -- Oh, noooooooooo!

      Medicaid is only for individuals with very low income (i.e., "losers," to Freepers). How come he's a loser?

  5. Like I tell everybody who thinks Donnie is a WINNER, bet on it!

    You can get close to 3 to 1 if you bet today. Why wait? Max out those credit cards!

  6. I don't envy Bill's life IF Hillary is NOT
    elected. - He BETTER produce the White
    House for her. %o)

    HER LITTLE "FIRST LADDIE" during his Monica
    Blue Dress Sperm Speckled Fiasco. He OWES
    Hitler-y; so now he gotta pay up!


    Let me see here . . .

    President Donald J. Trump
    President of the United States of America

    I don't bet on stuff. Gambling ain't right.
    It's trying to get something for nothing.
    That ain't right.


    1. If you think Bill Clinton's life would be bad if Hillary doesn't get elected, wait until you see the rest of America under a President Trump. You'd better pray to every god you believe in and some you don't that Trump doesn't get elected. We'll be pining for the days of George W. Bush.

    2. The twinkie-flakes of FR are too fat and wrinkled to have opinions.

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