Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Will President Trump's First Act In Office Be?

Commenter Anon posted this, with the quite apropos comment: "Turns out what a lot of freepers most want from their dream fascist candidate is interior decorating change?"

Freepers put a lot of stock in symbolism, as mere reality cannot contain the focus on their rage and hate. So in Freepers' realm of pure fantasy, you get calls for kicking out all the illegals and purging and jailing of liberals along side have fumigating the White House and putting the Churchill bust back.

Windflier is a case in point:
I think he's going to call the British Ambassador and ask them to return the Churchill bust.

How about you? What do you think his very first act in office will be?
stars & stripes forever wants everything to be tastefully bright red white and blue:
I hope TRUMP’S first act will be to take down those ugly gold curtains OBAMA uses for his new conferences and replace with patriotic colors!

I hope the Post Office will print patriotic postcard stamps too.
stars & stripes forever also has more substantive hopes for Trump's magic wand:
TRUMP said he was going to fix the VA.
Speaking of Magic Trump, Zathras:
Hopefully, fire Ryan and McConnel
Remember when Rush made fun of Obama voters for thinking Obama was the lightbringer? If you had any doubts that was projection...

TheCipher hits immigration:
Probably rescinding Obamas executive orders relating to immigration.
Windflier explains that Trump WILL be magic, because private sector experience is magic:
One thing about Trump that will greatly help him in taming the federal leviathon, is that he has decades of experience at the top of a large organization. He’s already got finely honed instincts where it comes to rooting out trouble makers and misfits down the chain of command.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that he’s done it for so long, that it’s just standard operating procedure for him. A successful exec like Trump demands compliance and performance from his immediate juniors, and insists that they ruthlessly root out the non-compliant dead weights directly below them, and so on.

He’s an expert at that sort of thing.
2ndDivisionVet is one of a number of Freepers to target North Korea:
Telling the DPRK to give up their nuclear fuel and rockets or else.
Suuure, Jonty30, 'just to annoy liberals.'
Hiding his tax records to annoy Liberals.
blueplum enthusiastically mixes immigration BS with very expensive VA BS:
My guess: He will sign an executive order authorizing local PDs and INS to arrest and deport every single illegal gang member (of any nationality) within 30 days.

And within minutes he will sign an executive order that members of the military will be given access to urgent care centers and/or hospitals of their choice.

The rest of the day will be even more fun.

Trump Train comin’ thru!
Of course DiogenesLamp is the first to bring in a purge:
I don't know what it will be, but i'm thinking one of the things he needs to do is to order the Federal agencies to recalculate all of the inflation and unemployment numbers by the methods in place prior to 2009.

We need to correct the historical record so that it will not lend succor to Liberal claims in the future.

And then he needs to order investigations of various personnel in the Federal agencies that conspired against Conservatives during the Obama administration.

Lois Lerner and her rotten crew of IRS people immediately come to mind.
DiogenesLamp looks forward to a world terrified of us:
I told my daughter tonight that the tone of foreign heads of government are going to change as soon as he’s sworn in.I think they are going to perceive him as "Reaganesque", but with more crazy. :)
TauntedTiger wants Trump to make a whole new Internet, just for America!
If we can’t retain ownership of Internet 1.0, I suggest Trump order the creation of Internet 2.0 just for the USA. Allowing Obama to go micromanage Internet 1.0 into the ground from Brussels, Kenya or wherever.
alisasny doesn't care what Trump does, the point is the bad guys lose!
President Trump is going to escort Obama and Michelle out of the Capital after the Inauguration and all of America is going to be shedding tears of happiness. I can not wait to see Trump wave to them as they pull away LOL
jamaksin is clearly a Thinker:
Freeze all Federal spending.
Electric Graffiti wants political trials:
In order to save the Republic, Trump needs to deport 60 million illegal aliens and hold Nuremberg style trials for all the traitors and anti-Americans infesting the federal gubbermint.
Sgt_Schultze has birther wishes:
He’ll order and release an official copy of obama’s birth certificate. Sheriff Joe can take it from there.
political1 keeps it simple:
Prosecute Hillary Clinton
Among other crazy ideas, Fai Mao wants Trump to legalize the hunting and killing of Hillary Clinton:
I’d use the acceptance speech to Fire James Comey, require Lois Learner to surrender to US Marshall’s and have the IRS shuttered pending an investigation. I’d then call or an audit of the Federal Reserve. I’d then announce that every lawyer hired by the previous administration was laid off at 1/2 pay until I could figure out which ones of them were going to be fired.

Lastly, if Obama had pardoned PIAPS I’d announce a preemptive pardon to anyone that could kill her unless she wanted to waive the pardon and confess to her crimes.

But Trump is more moderate than I am


  1. "Hopefully, fire Ryan and McConnel."

    Umm...they can't be "fired".

    They can not be re-elected, but they can't be "fired."

    1. Neither Trump nor freepers comprehend the concepts of Constitutional law, separation of powers, or federalism. It's really cute, in a way. These are people who genuinely believe the President can legislate from the White House, unilaterally eject legislators from Congress, write and adopt his own budget, give marching orders to state and local agencies, and pardon state crimes.

    2. That's because they don't want a president, they want a dictator (as long as the dictator agrees completely with them)

    3. "they want a dictator"

      Horrifyingly true. Every administration seems to open another Pandora's box for the next administration.

  2. I wonder if Freepers know that Churchill was a supporter of policy that eventually became the NHS.

  3. So basically a "benign" (depending on your point of view) dictatorship with an ad hoc constitution.

    I think they should consider taking the words "Free" and "Republic" off the name of the site.