Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump no longer a Birther?

In advance of the debates, the Trump campaign has been trying to clean up Trump's kooky birther past. As usual, they're being confused about it, releasing statements Trump contradicts before Trump goes back and agrees with the old statement. And, as usual, Freepers fasten onto whichever version of Trump they like the best, and ignore all the rest

But this birther thing...Freepers are confused about it themselves, but always enthusiastic. So you have birthers reahashing all the weak evidence Freepers have picked up, going over all the theories about where Obama was born, who his parents really are, and whatnot. At the same time, you have posts about how this is super bad news for Hillary because she's about to die. And you have the more and more common spectacle of Freepers explaining away Trump's latest move as a strategic masterstroke of lying to the voters to hide his secret Freepness.

BlackFemaleArmyCaptain knows principled stands are for rationalizing after the election, not before!
Can't fight every battle. This isn't a battle Trump should pursue. Good decision. Keep the momentum going!
mrsmith is sad, but will maintain her personal crazy and soldier on:
Yeah, gotta pick ‘em.

Shame, seen reports Hawaii wasn’t all that careful about their BCs back then.
faucetman is also ready to abandon all in order to win:
The birther hill is NOT the one to die on.
(said by an original and proud to be, Birther)

They have fanned the flames by even addressing it.

REFUSE to talk about it PERIOD! Katrina had it right, it’s not an issue in this campaign.
BlueStateRightist is pretty sure this birther morass is great news for Trump:
My guess is that they see the black vote trending positively and they don’t want to interrupt that trend.
Carl Vehse shows up to do his one trick: calling everyone traitors!
After Trump is elected President the question that can be asked in a trial is whether CNN’s actions over the years have given aid and comfort to the enemy.
Aaron0617 knows who the real birthers are!
Once again this drama started due to questions from the Washington post.
Wilderness Conservative would like to advertise his preferred crazy theory:
The birth cert issue is not about where it’s about who. Who’s the daddy? Frank Marshal Davis.
profit_guy worries birther-esque tricks will soon be used on Trump:
Yes, they most certainly are desperate. Today I read that Trump had previously said that he had an appendectomy when he was 10 yrs old, but in his medical filing it said he was 11 yrs old. The corrupt so-called ‘reporters’ in the media thought they discovered plutonium.
Whenever Rome2000 feels confused, he just blames the media:
SamAdams76 agrees that this birther thing Trump is going on about is a media conspiracy:
What silliness. Shows the desperation of the media to try and tar Trump with anything at all. They have nothing and Trump gets stronger and stronger every day.
dowcaet knows who looks foolish is the press:
The media is grasping for anything because their beloved Hillary is sinking fast! Love seeing the left in total panic making themselves look truly desperate and not hiding their bias.
Cololeo has the best of all worlds - if Trump keeps his birtherism under the radar, soon he can roll back time to 2008!
He should lay low on this. As President, Trump will be able to have a good look at ALL of Obama’s past. The evidence is overwhelming that he is not even a US Citizen.

Once proven, every action of the usurper becomes null and void, including any pardons he issues. That my FRiends, is where the true swamp draining begins. Eight years of complete and massive corruption laid out in the sun to shrivel and die a proper death.


  1. If Hillary Clinton is the original birther, then Donald Trump is the original Klansman.

  2. I'm so sorry they got rid of "Natural Born Citizen" on their site. They quietly moved that away, out of embarrassment, when they were kissing Ted Cruz's ass for a while. Now, they want to quietly disavow the 10 million words they wasted on birtherism, spectacularly impractical conspiracy theories, and ninja frogmen trying to cover it all up. Oh, if only these people would spend 1% of the time they spend wanking away at their hate theories, they might actually improve the world, if only accidentally. What a colossal waste of energy.