Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Freepers think 'Between Two Ferns' is real!

Freepers are pretty out of touch. And if they like something, they enthusiastically avoid checking on it's veracity.

But I was pretty surprised at how many Freepers thought Hillary's game performance on Zach Galifianakis' awkwardness phenomenon.
I'm not a fan of discomfort-based humor, but Freepers' reaction makes me love it.

Helicondelta might be kinda in on it, but he doesn't seem to realize it's scripted:
Hillary did the interview because Obama did it and she needs his millenial supporters. But the interview illustrates why she aint getting them.

Obama took control of the interview and I have to admit he was funny as hell. He mocked Zach on his movie roles, etc. Hillary just sat there and got humilliated.
Nope. Helicondelta thinks it was real!
When he interrupted her midsentence to play a Trump ad that really seemed to throw her off. She was keeping it together until then.
utahagen thinks the uncomfortableness of the interview was super telling:
How did she not burst out laughing when ZG asked, “What happens if you get pregnant? Are we stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months? How does that work?”

Any 68 year old woman who can’t laugh when someone asks her what happens if she gets pregnant has ZERO sense of humor. 68 is long enough past menopause that not being able to get pregnant anymore would not be remotely a sensitive subject. HRC has no sense of humor.
AZLiberty thinks this was a disaster and Hillary's gonna murder all her staff:
I blame her staff, because she probably wouldn’t have a clue about who this “interviewer” is. That this interview took place suggests that her own staff is trying to sabotage her campaign.

How many Arkancides will this interview necessitate?
Bubba Gump Shrimp thinks Galifianakis is gonna get assasinated now:
poor guy doesn’t know suicide is contagious

just wait until the unleaked footage of this gets out, if THIS was approved by the Clinton camp.. good God, she’s surrounded by morons
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch is also all in. Also, God was involved in the production somehow as well:
‘I really do regret doing this”......This Hillary is not the political foil she once was.....

Who put her into such a vulnerable position? True, it was an absolute degradation of the Presidency for Obama to appear on late night comedy,...and Hillary wants some of that popularity, but SHE IS NO COMEDIAN.....very flat personality,

.....Nurse Ratchet, the nemesis of her ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ isn't funny... And, the show host's jokes were every bit as transparently venomous as her heart, ironic, on the threshold of her lifelong, amoral quest for the Presidency, the God that she has spurned is closing the door....
wastoute really liked it, and thinks Trump should go on!
All I saw was that end clip they showed on the news but looking at the other questions I bet it was funny as hell. “What if you get pregnant?”. I might have to actually get on a computer to see the look on her face (my IPad 1 only does FreeRepublic.). I bet she was not ready for that? Not just ( no way you menopausal old hag, LOL) but “Have sex with a man?”. ROTFLMAO. Priceless. What if you get pregnant?

What was the other one? Does Obama like his coffee weak? LOL. SLAMMED both of them in one breath. 
Obviously I ain’t Trump but if I were I would get on there with this guy TOMORROW. And laugh along with everyone watching. It would not only put the final nails in Hillary’s coffin but immunize him a bit against the arrows to come. How is the MSM gonna mock him for orange hair or whatever when he is on video laughing at it himself? Pure upside.
NYC-RepublicanCT is going to use this as evidence Hillary wants to confiscate all guns:
One of the most telling interactions was when Zack said "backstage before the show, you said you were gonna take away everyone's guns". No response from her and no denial

My favorite parts- when she barks "don't tell me what to say"... and after playing Trump's ad, she whines "why would you play Ttump's ad in the middle of this? Her face is priceless
Titus-Maximus goes with 'fake but real.'
Even though scripted it was the most real she ever acted.

She has a cynical regard of things which is why they must keep her personality under a heavy toxic leak-proof tarp.

He should have asked her if he could feel the catheter strapped to her leg - would have brought down the house.


  1. I like all that stuff, Between Two Ferns, Jiminy Glick, Dame Edna Everidge ...

    Freepers have permanent sticks up their asses, incapable of finding humor in anything more sophisticated than fart jokes.

  2. Zach Galifianakis won't have Trump on "Between Two Ferns": “No. That doesn’t interest me. Doing it the other way doesn’t interest me,” he said. “He’s the kind of guy who likes attention — bad attention or good attention. So you’re dealing with a psychosis there that’s a little weird. I wouldn’t have somebody on that’s so mentally challenged. I feel like I’d be taking advantage of him. And you can print that.”

  3. Am I the only one who is horrified that this many people didn't realize this was a bit????

    Jesus fucking Christ, these people vote, and they haven't figured out satire? Do I really have to share the country with people who don't know a Zack Galifianakis spoof isn't a real interview?

    1. This is the same people that thought Stephen Colbert was a conservative.

    2. They were born without funny bones, thus unable to detect irony. These are the same people who fall for Onion articles.

    3. Quit using the "F" word or else!!!
      And blaspheming Christ is NOT a good
      thing!! WONKER!!!

      Some people don't know who ya'll are
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      So, I have one salt lamp in the
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      Yes. "Freepers" vote. Some of them
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      President Donald J. Trump


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    4. Sorry Twinkahontas -- I should have said "Yeesh Ha'macher Schlemmer" instead.

    5. Thanks Twinkie for reminding us about what Freepers think is funny.

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    7. Still not funny Twinkie.

      Apparently what is funny over at FR isn't considered funny anywhere else.

    8. For a moment I'm going to pretebd this is the real Twinkie. So, Twinks, I have a quesion for you.

      Why all the capslock words? It makes anyone who uses them look unhinged.

      Second, you do realize you're scolding people on a blog about Freepers for talking about Freepers, right? No one is forcing you here. I think you may just enjoy the attebtion, because you certainly aren't here to actually discuss anything posted on FP.

  4. Speaking of morons who believe anything, here's a poll done by Breitbart/Gravis showing Trump ahead +5.

    So the guy advising the Trump campaign's website commissions a poll showing Trump ahead by 5?

    These knuckleheads'll beleive anything!

    1. They fail to see BreitBart for what it is. Bannon was basically running Trump's media op since day one. This has been planned all along for Trump's purchase of BreitBart as a turn key Trump Media inc once the election ends, and he has no NBC contract, his company is toxic and his name is shit.

  5. If YA'LL weren't the KNUCKLEHEADS then ya'll
    wound send those ARKANSAS GRIFTERS (The
    CLINTOONS) packing like that Arkansas
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    Hitler-y & Bill & now Chelsea are all about
    SQUEEZE out of Saudi oil.

    The American people are SICK of the Clintons.

    President Donald J. Trump


    1. You know what would make a great comedy reality show?

      If TWINKIE got together with that fat little beauty pageant girl ...
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    HITLER-Y is going DOWN!!!!!! DOWN !!!!!!!!!

    It's just gonna tear her a new one; but she
    is GOING DOWN!!!!

    President Donald J. Trump

    People are sick of those DAMNED CLINTONS!!


    1. Here's a meditative incantation you can say aloud to protect you from evil spells and forces. You can speak it aloud to FANG, and say it a few times in a row to be safe:

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      How many times has TWINKIE been to Sonic this week?
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  7. You can pretty much tell how Trump's doing by the number and volume of Twinkie posts. If Trump's doing okay, the posts become less frequent. When things are bad Twinkie can't shut up. She's our canary in the coal mine. Based upon recent Twinkie, that Monday night Trump debacle might even be far worse than originally thought.

    1. TRUMP is doing FINE. HITLER-Y is going
      DOWN . . HARD! Maybe it'll shut her &
      Billious up for good!

      Looks like Billious's STD's have
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      those women he's dallied with aren't
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      YOU BUNCH also KNOW that TRUMP did OK
      and that HITLER-Y & the moderator were
      not kosher. HE was on TRUMP'S case
      from the git-go.

      I just had a little more time to post
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      The AMERICAN PEOPLE are sick & tired
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      HITLER-Y is going D-O-W-N - DOWN!!

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      Sigh. Ya'll won't even be able to
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      HITLER-Y is the GIANT DEBACLE!!!


    2. Trump just did "OK"? What a ringing endorsement.

      Look, almost no one is Rah-rah! about Hillary. But at least we don't pretend to think she's the next coming. You may believe Trump is better than Clinton, but perhaps be a little more honest about it and admit he's not your ideal? Maybe? Possibly?

    3. Tuesday morning ingredients Trump and the freeped online polls said he, it was 'rigged', and that's why he lost

  8. Donnie is dying over at PredictIt, the site where you can bet real money. I'm calling it, Hillary wins. Trump did not help himself at the debate. It's over.

  9. If Twinkie turns out to be the sme person as re_nortex I might just die

    1. I am NOT re_nortex. NO. You would
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      President Donald John Trump, POTUS

      Learn it. Love it. Live it.