Monday, September 19, 2016

Explosion in NY

As I write this, all we know about the explosion in New York is that it was a pressure-cooker bomb, and that it targeted an area that was not calculated to maximize casualties. And even those facts are shaky

Freepers don't care. All they ask is how can they slot this into their preferred narratives?

17th Miss Regt knows who to blame for all violence in America:
Thanks, Barack!
Oldeconomybuyer also pursues ratification of his own worldview over seeming sane:
Obama’s fault.
wubjo points out that Obama is no longer the target guys!
And don't forget thank Hitlery, lest she feel slighted about her excellent Sec O' State service advances in BenGhastly etc. and her future plans to open the MooseLimb floodgates, unvetted and unfettered.

Fai Mao calls it:
Muslims are making their case for immigration
As is often the case when there is insufficient carnage for Freepers, Red in Blue PA weaves an action-movie plot to up the body-count, if only in his mind:
IMO, not necessarily a false flag but more of a misdirection.

Resources are here while they hit us somewhere else.
Husker8877 knows this helps Hillary:
Hillary will be wheezing and hacking up a huge cough of relief with this coverage, hoping that the event gets worse. Takes the white-hot light off her for a while.

The Clintons need to be in dark, horrible places to survive, and they require many enablers in the media (human clintostomy bags that they attach and toss into the sewer when used), and they always take advantage of evil things in order to further their cause.
conservative_cyclist false flags it up:
Ordered and orchestrated by the left so they can come in with the heroics to try to win back votes that they no longer have. America Awakens! Go Trump!
eyeamok is deep into paranoia:
Don’t worry folks, it is just the beginning. You didn’t really believe we were going to have an election did you. There is too much at stake to allow an outsider to assume power.
Voluntaryist has multiple posts of this link he's sure FOX News is covering up:
On FoxNews now.

Yeah.... Finally... No idea why they weren’t covering this over an hour ago other than they wanted to make sure Obama’s “BARACK BEGS BLACKS: DON’T JUMP ON THE TRUMP TRAIN!” speech was live on TV -
gaijin goes on about some imaginary media coverup:
It really doesn’t matter if the USA has a media...


Everyone knows about Nazi Germany, but in Japan..?

During ALL of World War 2 the censorship was 100% VOLUNTARY.

NO *LAW* prevented the Japanese press from telling the truth.

I see that playing out here in the USA now.

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