Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Pix

UN hate is back in style, for some reason.
I was hoping this would break into the news more. Maybe in the debate!
Good lord, Freepers cannot let go.
My favorite is how they worked to make Michelle's facial structure uglier. They know she's the hotness.
Yeah, that's the bling I like.
Old Freepers insist hotties all love Trump.
Way to play the expectation game, guys...
Erm, this is a new level of blatant...thank you alt-right!
So Freep is back in Stormfront mode, it seems. So much for their excitement about Trump's black outreach!
I like how you can tell the Trump voter because he's Wearing the Cap. Also don't know what's up with the fence hurdle; that's just parkour.


  1. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! - The name
    "NEGRO" is a perfectly honorable one.
    This "black" thing is demeaning and not
    truly descriptive.

    Oh. . and I'm gonna keep my Smith &
    Wesson revolver. FANG and I are ready to
    defend ya'll even if YOU don't like it!!
    FANG, the squirrel killing fanatic, is a
    better shot than I am; but the buzzards
    are thankful.

    He used to skin 'em and cook 'em; but in
    the spring, they aren't really good for
    us to use for food as it's better to eat
    them in the fall and winter.

    CATTBUTT eats whole squirrels and leaves
    nothing but the tails! She prefers to do
    her own killing but tries to please us by
    hauling in mice & voles through her
    little kitty-kat window - dead or alive.

    Well -

    President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States of America

    HITLER-Y going DOWN unless ya'll get real
    bizzy with VOTER FRAUD out the WAZOO!!

    Also, I don't pray to gods.
    I pray to YAHWEH, Father of YESHUA
    HA MASCHIACH, (Jesus the Messiah)



  2. What will become of Free Republic after Trump loses? They seem to have thrown away everything they ever believed in to follow him to certain defeat.

    1. Oh, the Republic has enough hate for Hillary to sustain them for a long time

  3. If you can believe this, you can believe anything.

    "I believe more and more that Trump is divinely driven, a flawed sinner yet coming under greater and greater control by the Holy Spirit."

  4. BREAKING: Trump the FIRST Republican EVER to win early votes in FL!;page=1

    ...except it's not early voting...and it's not absentee voting. It's absentee ballot requests! Oh, and Republicans always win in Florida when it comes to absentee ballot requests and absentee voting, but the last time Republicans won the presidency and won Florida was in 2004.

    Republicans win absentee voting and Democrats win early voting (and guess what Republicans want to get rid of).

    The title is false, the premise is false- basically everything that's been said in that post was a lie.

  5. If the evil black people who are evil have cars for their evil drive by shootings, why would they bother to steal bikes? Just for evil fun?