Sunday, September 25, 2016

Charlotte Riots

Things have calmed down by now in Charlotte. I was almost tempted to skip this whole thing, since Freepers joyfully racist reaction to black people rioting is well documented here, and rarely changes.

But I didn't count on how this election has supercharged Freeper conspiracists. So this time it's not 'kill those ferals,' it's 'kill those SOROS-controlled ferals.'

nickedknack shoulda added Alinsky - then it'd be perfect!
Feral Riots — the new normal brought to you by the Soros-Obama-ValJar-Clinton Consortium
To Hell With Poverty does the usual Freeper 'maybe this will wake up white people!' riot reaction:
Let white America watch them bite the hand that feeds them. People in non-black parts of the country have been blissfully ignorant of exactly how hateful the majority of blacks are to non-blacks. I think a heaping dose of the ugly truth might go a long way towards a re-evaluation of the welfare system.
HarleyLady27 seems to have found herself a sliver of empathy, and works hard to tamp it down with paranoia and delusion:
I don't like violence, I don't think it solves anything, but having said that, sometimes that is the only way to get the attention to a problem:

The Black Community has been left behind, taken from the ‘southern plantations’ and set in the ‘inter city plantations’ for the Democrat control, to use when needed, to sit in whatever condition the Democrats want them in...

This Black Lives Matter group are being paid by George Soros, they don't even know what they are protesting, they are just doing it for the money...

Are they frustrated, oh yes they are, but hey some money coming from somewhere, heck why not they decide...what have we got to lose, we are nothing anyway...
stocksthatgoup knows who did this!
Brought to you by the letter S.
Today’s program sponsored
by the G. Soros Group
and viewers like you. /s
RoosterRedux looks forwards to Trump's leadership allowing police to crack down like they should:
Once Trump is elected and we have leadership at the top, the situation will change.

Knowing they have support at the very top, the police can clamp down hard and if it spreads or gains intensity, the police and NG will just clamp down harder.

This is all Obama's doing. He's still agitating.
polymuser recalls how well violent crackdowns worked in the Civil Rights era:
Tear gas, water cannons, dogs, high db sound, rubber bullets, paddywagons, arrests by the dozens. Fast and furiously.

Make it sting badly.
originalbuckeye hates how he imagines Obama calls all white people racist. Plus all non-Tea Party unrest is Democratic manipulation:
I believe that there is a certain percentage of Blacks that already consider ALL WHITES racist. Obama and Hillary always refer to ‘WHITES’ as racist, not separating out the overwhelming number of Whites who are NOT RACIST. 
But these BLM thugs. Just like the OWS thugs, are just doing the bidding of their Masters in the Dem Party. And those Masters are both Black and White.
redfreedom loves how riots plus Freep give him the freedom to be as racist as he wants to be:
If these throw-backs hadn’t learned the f-word, they’d have to grunt.

Volumes of truth to each word in your statement. I’m serious.
Nateman isn't sure what the endgame is, only that it's a Conspiracy!
ONE plan is to Federalize local police forces, at least in cities.

I think the other part is to make the streets unsafe for people who might not vote “D” in November.

It could be something deeper and more repugnant. Clearly allowing riots to start is what the rulers want.

It keeps black voters angry and motivated to vote for the very party that is exploiting their ignorance and hate. The same party that fought to keep them slaves a century ago and now spoils them with free stuff. The same party of slavery seeking to enslave all of us by paying its army of two legged parasites to reproduce without fathers so the parasites stay feral. The party of evil has not changed it’s goals, only expanded it’s mission. Rather than merely wanting to enslave blacks it now desires to steal it all.
Doctor Freeze is pretty sure Obama and voting for him is why black people are unhappy:
We are witnessing the tragic legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Everyone who voted for him is partially responsible for the shameful state of the our country. We need change. We need a new direction. We need to make America great again.
Prospero explains that the black bourgeoisie is rioting:
This is no 'riot.' It is a Community-Organizer "spectacle" fast becoming desperate piece of interactive theater, complete with thousands of walk-on roles for simple-minded and bored young people.

For most of these children of the black bourgeoisie, their participation amounts to a fashion statement, simulated high-risk virtue signaling.

For the media, it's eyeballs for sale to their advertisers. For the imbecile Soros-paid organizers, it's heroin to a junkie.

All desperate to toss North Carolina like a salad, too late in the game.
Toss like a salad? Dude, phrasing.

DaveA37 brings out the martial law fantasy:
Martial Law is on the horizon should the riots, ‘er.... “protest” continue. Odumbo’s plan is still working.

Recently odumbo wrote another “EO” that allows our military to shoot American citizens if need be, perhaps he forgot about the black population being included as “citizens”.
Logical me lusts for negro death, mostly by vigilantes. Also ISIS:
Out of control because police are useless. Shoot these bastards is the only way we will start to weed out the criminals. Put a price on who is financing them and put a bounty on them. America is lost to ISIS and the American criminals. What the hell is going on with Government that they cannot see they must attack force with force and the force must be lethal.

Trump for President.
Gaffer wants media beatings:
"Reporters forced to flee Charlotte as rioters attack media"

In every dark cloud, a silver lining

I’d have much rather seen one of them stripped and beaten in a parking structure, frankly. Actually, I’d have enjoyed it.
Rome2000 remains as excited for the violent purge as he always is:
That the only news we can rely on is from the UK speaks volumes about the “press” in the USA.


No mercy for them when the hard right comes to power.
And on the same thread, mikelets456 wonders where people got the idea that Tea Partiers were violent?
remember how these same reporters and “media” outlets labeled the Tea party “dangerous, terroristic, bigoted dangerous haters”? Wow-—I can’t remember anything negative about the Tea party-—all I remember were waving flags, grandparents with grand kids and keeping it cleaner than we found it. Oh the horror-—Yet Americans STILL equate Tea partiers as angry, dangerous racists! I’m beginning to hate what this country has turned into-—


  1. Its fun to see the different ways that Freepers melt down and get the zot - but this one is a mystery. Why did "Huck" get the zot?

    1. Looks like some subtle low level trolling in that alt right thread.

    2. I believe it was Huck's contention is that the "alt-right" is, indeed, racist ...
      and that racism is OK.

      On FR, the open racism is never to be called "open racism". It's supposed to be "wink wink nudge nudge, just the facts".

  2. Tear gas, water cannons, dogs, high db sound, rubber bullets, paddywagons, arrests by the dozens. Fast and furiously. Make it sting badly.

    I’d have much rather seen one of them stripped and beaten in a parking structure, frankly. Actually, I’d have enjoyed it.

    Yet Americans STILL equate Tea partiers as angry, dangerous racists! What's up with that, guys?

  3. Theyre suspiciously silent now that CMPD has released the incident video. If I hadnt gotten myself blacklisted last night I'd be talking about it on the forum. Worst luck, my drunk self decided to say what I really thought about Trump at the wrong moment.

    1. Cool story bro

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    5. Cool story bro.

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  4. Freeper "generally" tells a totally true story about his stint as a Poll Volunteer in the 2012 election.

    1. Couldn't we all just go back to voting, like ordinary, peaceful, sane citizens, and quit with all the cloak-and-dagger paranoia?

    2. Nope.FR is the premier conservative tin foil website

  5. Hey - where can I get some of these Soros paychecks? Is there a site or something?