Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

LeoWindhorse should stop creeping out Jesus with his detailed prayers to kill Hillary:
frankly ; I pray to the Lord God Almighty , that He dispatch His archangel of mortal passage , to require from HRC her mortal soul . While she sleeps , that no one may save and that no one be blamed . It’s time Lord . Deal with this modern day Jezebel as You dealt with the Jezebel of old . It’s time ....
Shadow44 with another call for an American coup, complete with purges:
All 3 branches, and the alphabets of tyranny need to be purged.

We really need a military style coup. Arrest them all, summary trials, and executions. Not just the elected offalshis, but their families as well. Seize their assets, and pay off the debt/slavery they sold us into.

Pinochet, where are you?
Windflier is black, but I suspect he'd even excuse the N-word from Trump's camp as a blow against PC
“Taco Bowl”? What a stupid name.

Oh, lighten up. They’re pumped up and having fun. Trump is leading the way on ending political correctness.
Arthur McGowan fondly recalls when Reagan pushed the asshole boundary:
Lefties always sound like such whiny pantywaists when they read real Americans’ hilarious stuff, and act shocked, SHOCKED!

I remember Walter Mondale in 1980, reading off a collection of the horrible, horrible things Ronald Reagan had said.

“He called the League of Women Voters, ‘The Rhine Maidens.’”

“That kind of cynicism and negativism was never heard in my father’s country church!”
fortes fortuna juvat is proud of his bigotry:
The other day I went in a local McDonald’s with my wife. The clerk behind the counter was a Muzzy wearing a headscarf. We immediately did an about face and drove to the local Burger King. Prejudiced? You bet your a*s we are, and we will NEVER stand face-to-face with any of those savages, young, old, male, female or whatever.
ho-hum, Pontiac argues all Muslims are terrorists who deserve no rights:
I really don’t care if you want to wear a burkha, as long as you are not trying to blow me up or chop my head off.

You might have noticed that female Muslims are occasionally blowing up people and shooting people these days.

Not with the same frequency as the men but it does happen fairly regularly.
GraceG is torturing current events into a shape to fit some kind of dimly remembered soap-opera history:

Huma Abedin is Hillary’s “chief eunuch”, if history has taught us anything it is that sexually frustrated eunuchs (Huma may have had her parts clipped by her sharia FGM supporting mother) tend to control old infirm of mind political leaders into their own bidding....
CyberAnt seriously argues that Trump should keep is policies secret, lest liberals be able to react to them:
Are you seriously saying candidates should not tell you what their policies or beliefs are so we can make an educated decision on who to support? Come on man, put the emotions aside and think about what you are saying.

STRATEGY IS THE WHOLE BALLGAME. Why would you want to tell your opponent what you’re planning to do ..?? That doesn’t make any sense.
CyberAnt is oscillating between delusional hope and delusional paranoia:
I predict .. this time away from the campaign .. while her staff is filling her head with all this information she must be able to answer during the debate .. could very well overwhelm her and she will freeze up during the debate.

I know it might be a long shot .. but we do know that an overflow of info does tend to cause her to panic and freeze.

I guess time will tell.

I hate debates .. but maybe I’ll watch this one.

I’m still very concerned about the moderators .. THEY SHOULD NOT BE PEOPLE FROM THE MEDIA.
w1andsodidwe seems to be in love with Trump:
You know I realized while he was there that I had a perpetual smile on my face. And I don’t smile. He was amazing and I just loved it. I flew to Iowa from California for the event. I made my plans before Trump was announced as keynote speaker because I was hoping he would be there. I was not disappointed. It was wonderful.
SoFloFreeper hopes America's allies abandon her - Obama's America deserves nothing but failure:
Obama’s signed documents are worthless.

I hope the leaders of India realize that fact. He is the singularly most UNtrustworthy “leader” on the world stage today.
HiTech RedNeck does not believe colonialism or slavery ever helped Europe or America:
These are the zero sum game zombies. To them, because “white society” (which happens also to be largely Christian society) did well, they had to have raped somebody else.

Instead of, through insight, ingenuity, and hard work, having made more of what was there in the first place. The very internet on which he complains was not bequeathed ex nihilo by God; those narsty white folks dug it out piece by piece over centuries of science. Because scripture said, and they believed, that the wildness of nature should be tamed to good uses.
Maceman epitomizes the fear oppression inflicts on the oppressors:
“You’re about to be ruled by a black man.”

The New Black Bastards in Philadelphia were right.

Like they say: "The slave dreams not of freedom, but of being the master."
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America continues to rant about MUZZIES in all caps, yet no one listens!
MUZZIE Huma having classified information is much more of a concern than Anthony being told about it.

For that matter, HILLARY is an even more careless and traitorous threat to America.

Hillary's #1 advisor is Muslim (Huma)

0dunga's #1 advisor is Muslim (Valerie Jarrett)

8 years later, WAKE UP AMERICA.
Ray76 proves his accusations against Obama weren't racism, just partisan idiocy:
Clinton is Al Qaeda’s candidate
onona's attempt to gin up questions about Hillary's past has a long way to go:
She failed the bar exam twice, while taking it "publicly".

But back in Arkansas, when she took it solo, and behind closed doors, she passed.

Color me suspicious.
rickmichaels managed to imply Obama's calous evilness is so trasnscendent it puts him beyond personal danger:
If King Putt the Fagnificent had been golfing in Italy when this happened, he’d simply play around the rubble and dead bodies
bjorn14 found yet another sekret Muslim!
Lest we forget that Comey is a recent convert to Islam. He has got that taqqiya thing down. Me thinks he just wanted to be part of the ‘cool kid’s club’.


  1. Leo is the boss of God, 'cause he totally knows better. Or God only does stuff requested of him since publishing the Bible.

    I don't know, I wasn't raised in a judeo-Christian faith (thanks hippie parents) so I don't know the rules. ;D

  2. Joke's on fortes fortuna juvat, Burger King packages and sells disappointment.

  3. "King Putt the Fagnificent." That's a new one.